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Strange yellow "x" markers at each end of well maintained runway. Accident w/172 four passengers, hot day, therefore airport determined to be "undafe". Short walk to town - the "x"s have more to due with liability then actual closure. Interesting town, be sure to visit the Court House / Jail !

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Landing at Goldfield

I landed here many years ago in a Cessna 172, solo and 1/2 tanks. No windsock so look for other clues. Use good soft field technique. Hard to turn around and I had to shut down and manually pivot the airplane from the tail. Taxi back was difficult due to soft runway dirt and transient parking was virtually non existent. But strip is only 400 meters from the edge of ghost town. Driving visitors to town shocked that someone could fly in. They had no idea there was a landing strip. Anyone know anything about summer 2008 conditions of runway?

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