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Refueled here before going to Mexico

Excellent FBO

Good fuel prices

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Very Nice FBO

I would use this airport for a stopover again

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Nice grass strip that's not used too much.

Took my brother and his wife out to get a tacoma that he had purchased. Chad was great and even cam out and marshaled me in to his back yard. The truck happed to be for sale at his next door neighbor.

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Picked up My first Lifeline pilot passengers.

Didn't see much of it as I was meeting another pilot from Rochester, MN to fly second leg to Lamar, Mo

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Future Chennault Field

This is the original 1970s crop dusting airport whose footprint would later be reused as the basis for 2020s Chennault Field.

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Active air force base...

... but inactive aviation facilities.

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Repurposed duplicate heading

Repurposed duplicate to cover a different aviation facility in central Texas.

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Heath canyon

I flew in here in about 1994 doing a CAP border recce. I have to say it was the scariest thing I'd ever been a part of in civil aviation. The PIC "Dave" had been there multiple times before. The brush along the sides of the runway was so high that a low wing plane would not have been able to land there. They said it was 30 feet wide,but it was more like 10-15 feet wide. We landed to the NW, uphill. After landing we taxied back and shut down. The treat about this place was that the owner had a one table "restaurant" at the bottom. He came out and fixed us lunch.The owner apparently used to work as a geologist right across the border.

The takeoff was rather interesting. It took almost full power to taxi up to the top of the hill. We prepped for a SE departure, Short Field flaps (C-172/180hp) held the brakes, full power. The upper portion of the runway (RY11 I think) was flat, with what seemed like a precipitous drop off after about 500'. The C172 basically just flew off the edge and kept flying. A sharp left to stay inside US airspace and we were off!

I never went back, but I will also never forget it. All the rest of the airports we landed at that trip were easy in comparison.

Im sorry to see it closed, now with 4000 more hours than I had then (150 hours then) I'd definitely try it again.The food was pretty good too.

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(no subject)

Built a home and hangar on the runway 12 years ago.

Active aviation community. Fun and friendly place to live

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kinda sketchy

this is the only airport I've been to where the runway was separated from the road with traffic cones

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A few of the runway lights are out. Reported to the airport manager on 10/6/23 and they will be working to fix them.

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Famous but not famous

Conejo Valley Airport, also known as Janss Airport,[1] was an airport in Thousand Oaks, California. It had a 2,600 foot runway and was located adjacent to Thousand Oaks Boulevard. The airport opened in 1926, but was relocated in the early 1960s. The new airport, known as Rancho Conejo Airport, was established on the north side of State Highway 101. Various movies were filmed at Conejo Valley Airport, including The Paleface (1948), Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949),[2] and Overland Stage Raiders (1938).[3] Rancho Conejo Airport appeared in the film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963).[4][5]

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(no subject)

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re: Education in very important

explain well because I personally didn't understand shit I'm Italian, and your phrases of philosophy have nothing to do with what you show us.

what is it? is it an airport or a university?

and if it is a university what kind of university is it? is it a study academy for those who want to start studying aeronatic sciences? and a pilot school? in short what the heck is it?

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Education in very important

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I flew in to MSO and drove out and there was no airport around, if my comment is a error please tell me.

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DFW is terrible, every time I go my bags either get lost or stuck at the airport. My flights always get delayed at least 2 hours 0/10

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An Empty Place.

I went from my home airport of DCA to DAY, it is amazing how it there are direct flights. We were on a CRJ-900 that was 3/4s Full but when we walked to the baggage claim it was long but nobody was there, like nobody. Even the people on our plane, the place was deserted but eventually we got to baggage claim.

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Mystery solved

Posted address on FAA and AirNav is incorrect, Western Surgery Center is adjacent to Cache Valley Hospital in North Logan.

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CGI - Great Airport

I've only visited by automobile so far so I can't speak on specifics like fuel and related services.

CGI is a small regional airport that's big on amenities. Great FBO for passengers and pilots alike. There's a good restaurant called The Pilot House that has a great view overlooking the flight line and runways. One carrier (Contour Airlines, as of August 2023) based here that has affordable flights to Nashville, TN.

Everyone I've encountered here has been friendly.

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The Red Baron was here.

We stopped to pick up a passenger on our way home from Indiana and the Red Baron landed just after we did.

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re: Better get it right

Reply to @Randallksparks: It is quite short and narrow. The trees were a bit unnerving but I got it right and stuck it down on my first flight as a PPL.y CFI was great.

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Looks vary nice

We had people waiting to pick us up and it was after hours so we didn’t go into the FBO. But it was vey clean and mowed up nice

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So baskino.me good airports

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Fact about SLK!

During the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics runway 05-23 was stretched to be able for a Boeing 747 to land!

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Mystery solved

The FAA and AirNav coordinates placed this incorrectly well to the north, but a chance spot of N7802K (private Cessna 180J Skywagon) observed taking off from there on 17 Feb 2023 finally solved this mystery

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Turns out this is the actual location of TA55 Del Valle, whose FAA coordinates were way too far north.

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(no subject)

It would be cool if San Miguel had an airport

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Busy military training field

Clean and nice FBO (Freeman) with a little restaurant and store. Getting an Uber is time consuming and the pattern is filled with Air Force trainees. The short base pattern to a parallel runway got me a little nervous when I saw a plane coming right at me before he turned to 8L. But overall a decent experience. Fuel cost is reasonable.

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Nice airport

FBO was open Operator was friendly and helpful. Inexpensive fuel.

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Nice Facility with Courtesy Car

Nice unmanned FBO with showers if needed and a Courtesy Car.

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9NC0 is in Charlotte, though, right?

I think the correct designation for Raleigh East is W17, at least per flightaware, airportguide, and airnav.

Those 3 sites also show 9NC0 as being in Charlotte.

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Once used for drug smuggling by the so-called "Columbus Air Force".

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Emergency use airfield.

While CGAS Casco Cove closed in 2010, runway 2/20 remains available for emergency use as of 2023 per AirNAV.

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Fuel price is still ok

5.34 in May 2023

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Former N/S farm airstrip ...

Now long since overshadowed by the massive Michael Heizer art installation, "City", which is many times larger than this airstrip ever was.

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @JitendraPS: Wrong Alexandria, that's Borg El Arab International Airport serving Alexandria, Egypt, and this is Alexandria Airport which is a small rural airport serving Alexandria, Indiana, USA. Please be aware there are many localities in the world with duplicated names.

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re: Location not correct

Reply to @phicong: Moved. Thanks for the report.

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Location not correct

The actual field is slightly to the northeast on the other side of the road.

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re: Pixelated -- military stuff

Reply to @david: No longer an issue now that we've moved to Leaflet and ESRI satellite imagery.

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Airline service

I notice that Hanscom has airline service now -- great alternative to (overcrowded) KBOS. I've updated the record.

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Amazing scenery

The views coming into this airport are incredible!

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re: Update, airport closed from Google maps view.

Reply to @mikeiaka: whoops, it’s the runway that seems to look like that’s it’s getting demolished.

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Update, airport closed from Google maps view.

Seems to look closed, so I settled it from open to closed.

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(no subject)

This airport is really clean and helpful for all of us..

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Sad little place that has been neglected

Stopped by for an hour to check out a potential job. Spray plane was buzy but the former FBO is now a water district office so there is no public bathroom available. Sad to see an airport get neglected.

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Nice little airport can sneak in under the Peoria Charlie.

Picked up a passenger on the way to Owensboro. Talked to FAA when on the way home.

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Nice place

Dropped in for a couple of hours. Ate at the Moonlite BBQ Place. I think it was as good as advertised.

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re: Closed

Reply to @ND8D: thanks, I aready made it closed.

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