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NDB HRD 524 to be dcommissioned

TEXAS NFDD 025 - 173 02/06/2020




LAT 30-20-10.767 N

LONG 094-15-37.287 W



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It's growing!

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(no subject)

Alexandria Airport is one of the busiest airport in the world. HBE is the airport code for Alexandria. There are too many airlines to fly daily like flydubai, emirates etc.

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VOR MEX location is offset in the image

I have coordinates 19.439339 -99.066803 for VOR MEX. But this lat & long place the VOR to the far north-east of the real VOR location shown on the image. Are the coordinates published correct or there is a problem with the coordinate system used?

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Friendly FBO

Kissimmee jet center was great!

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Friendly FBO

Cheap gas $3.95 and someone came from the FBO to pump for me!

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re: My Fathers Crash

Hello Sir,, I'm not sure if you were contacted but there is new information on your fathers crash, the plane was found earlier last week Dec. 2019 in a forested area not far from Budworm City.

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(no subject)

Mark Behnke, there is new information on your fathers crash. The plane was found earlier last week in a forested area not far from Budworm City

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Nice lunch spot

Good on airport restaurant

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YAT reception 260 KHz

11/26/2019 YAT 260 Kc 0115-0630 EDST 400 Hz offset ID-6 sec tone- ID loud signal, above any local DB. NO co-channel or adjacent channel interference. Minimal atmospherics. steady signal with very little fading. RECEIVER: Collins R390a with homebuilt VLF converter / preselector / bandpass filter. ANTENNA: Marconi "T" antenna 22m vertical, 121m horizontal

would like your postal mailing address to send a written report and pre-made confirmation card.


Mike KM1R

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re: No Southwest Airlines?

We've removed the routes, because we didn't have a good way to keep them up to date.

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new gas tanks

looked like some brand new fuel pumps were being installed on 11/2/19

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re: Location

Reply to @Bill35: Updated.

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(no subject)

Charles Lindbergh first solo was at this field.

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Second World War hangar

Photos of the British Commonwealth Air Training Programme hangar (and some WWII graffiti) here:

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Use the grass runways

The runway pavement surface is in bad shape, except for a small strip down the middle of 08/26. Use the grass surface beside each runway, which is well maintained (it was no problem for my nose-dragging PA-28).

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re: NDB URV Frequency Change to 390 kHz

Updated to 390 KHz:

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Varadero's original airport

This was once the main airport for Varadero, but MUVR (VRA) has largely supplanted it.

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Shared zone and frequency with Les Cèdres

This airport is only a few miles to the north of the busier Les Cèdres/Cedars (CSS3), and shares a common zone and ATF frequency of 123.5 MHz (also the frequency for Ottawa/Rockcliffe CYRO, so it gets busy).

Like Les Cèdres, it's under Montreal Terminal's class C shelf, so if you're VFR, you need to stay below 2,000 ft MSL unless you're talking to them. It's a flat area with lots of fields and no high towers, so low flight isn't a problem.

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The runway's not as bad as it looks

The runway looks like a patchwork quilt of different shades of asphalt when you're on approach, but the surface is actually fine.

If you're VFR, note that you need to stay below 2,000 ft MSL unless you talk to Montreal Terminal (and they're often too busy to talk much, though they try to accomodate). The land is flat, there are no high towers in the area, and there are fields for emergency landing in every direction, so it's not really a problem flying around at 1,500 ft until you're out from under the class C shelf.

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Use at your own risk. Grass is mowed.

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Mountain (sort-of)

The mountain (by eastern standards) is just behind the field, and looms large when you're crossing overhead from the south to join the downwind for 08. It's good to warn any passengers that you'll appear to be flying straight towards the trees.

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Prior permission required

Corporation AΓ©rodrome St-AndrΓ©-Avellin 819-983-8454

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @gabiLi: Thanks for letting us know! I've gone ahead and made the change.

In the future, if you notice airport info that needs updating, you're also welcome to make the change yourself, using the edit button at the top right of the map.

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(no subject)

It is now named Naujaat Airport:

"Naujaat Airport, formerly Repulse Bay Airport, (IATA: YUT, ICAO: CYUT) is located at Naujaat, Nunavut, Canada, and is operated by the government of Nunavut."

Source: wikipedia

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Airline service

Gatineau Airport has scheduled service by Air Liason:

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(no subject)

Tesla rental car

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This airport is near Esri, who are generously supplying the satellite imagery for OurAirports and other community web mapping applications:

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Brant Aero

I had a good experience getting an avionics upgrade for my Piper at Brant Aero in 2017:

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AIrcraft Spruce Canada

The Canadian location for the popular pilot-supply shop Aircraft Spruce is here:

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Flight schools operations?

Are there any fixed wing flight school or instructors operating out of this airport (namelyfor PPL)?

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Hunting Fishing Outfitter

Very nice folks run this place

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DC-3 (BT-67 conversion) landing at Rockcliffe

I took this video today:

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The lost villages

To the east of here, along the St Lawrence River, you can see the old Highway 2, several sideroads, and even some village street grids and lots under the water. They were submerged with the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, and flying over them is still an interesting (and creepy) experience.

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Procedures: summer glider ops for air cadets

[copied from Facebook]

The Air Cadets Gliding Operations have commenced for the Fall season at Smiths Falls flying Club on weekends.

When Air Cadet Glider Ops are in progress there is no inactive side of the circuit. Gliders and Tow Planes do right hand circuits and use both the main and grass Runway. The Glider β€œzone” extends up to 3,000 ft on the β€œinactive” side.

Joining the circuit from inactive side should be avoided, coordinate with Glider Ops on 122.7 if unsure. Joining the circuit straight into downwind is highly recommended.

Phillip Johnson

Smiths Falls Flying Club

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Gillam Aviation Fuel

Avgas and Jet fuel are both offered at YGX, better prices than Thompson or Churchill with 24/7 service. As for the comment above, I purchased the company October 1, 2018 and avgas does not require 24 hour notice, but any notice with an accurate time is always appreciated!

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Well maintained Friendly

Spent a few days in the area. No tiedown fee with fuel purchase

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(no subject)

Very friendly staff

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2019 - rapidly becoming unlandable

Surface is in good shape, trees are colonizing in from the edges. High wing planes may be ok for a while, low wing gliders are marginal.

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Long gone

What remains of strip has been dug up for gravel pit.

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Long gone

Not even possible to identify where the strip was. The coal mine likely went through here years ago.

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Totally unlandable

Strip is long gone in the trees

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Well maintained as of 2019

Kept mowed by local flying club.

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Much worse than it looks by satellite

Severely overgrown; anywhere that isn't pavement is growing tall trees.

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Well maintained

Kept up by the Red Deer Flying Club.

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Major construction project underway as of 2019. New terminal building going in at mid-field, north side of runway. Will be very nice when completed. Currently the activity has minimal impact on airfield operations.

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Just don't. They're throwing everyone out. It will probably close.

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