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Hurricane damage

From problem report 2021-03-07:

"The rwy lighting is inop. There are steel cable tie downs; bring your own ropes. No fuel, no services; MYAM is closest fuel source. Terminal and fire fighting equip destroyed by hurricane Dorian, however AP is open and customs operates out of a trailer."

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Makers Air

We fly to New Blight 4 times a week and return to Fort Lauderdale

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re: Per Disney...

Reply to @animebirder: Thanks for the update. I've tagged it as #private and #ppr

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Per Disney...

It *is* technically open, but only for emergency use.

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(no subject)

Very friendly staff

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Rwy 09-27

As of 17June19 Rwy 09-27 will be permanently closed per NOTAM.

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(no subject)

Nice airstrip. Would like to know length of runway?

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ZIN 376 kHz Great Inagua Off Air - Decommissioned?

Last heard 12/16. No NOTAM's seen.


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South Bimini Airport

Look for Condo rentals at Bimini Sands Resort, only 5 minutes fron the airport.

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There is no VAT in the Bahamas-----Yet!

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British Airways flights from London

Please can someone explain why the arrivals info NEVER shows when the BA flight is due? As far as your info is concerned it doesn't exist but it arrive here 5 times a week so why doesn't it show up????

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re: Cave Cay Air Strip

2800 ft, packed coral

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re: Wrong location?

Unfortunately this seaplane base doesn't show up on the aeronautical charts at,-79.23504639034341&chart=301&zoom=1 and according to Wikipedia the airline that used to service this base, Chalk's International Airline, lost its flying charter in 2007 so it's possible that it's closed.

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Wrong location?

I was trying to determine which hotel to choose based on it's proximity to the seaplane base. It appears that the marker for the base is in the midst of trees with no access roads. I expected the location to be near civilization at a marina.

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Cave Cay Air Strip

Dose any one know how long this airstrip it? Please e-mail me at,,,Thank you,,, Don

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Very rough. Only land here with complete understanding of cu

Use extreme caution. This strip is very rough and overgrown vegetation might exist.

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Nice paved airport of entry

Services are limited. They have fuel and customs. Bring ropes and chocks.

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Nice paved airport of entry.

Good FBO with full services, fuel and customs.

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Nice paved airport of entry

I have used this airport once. It had no tie down ropes or chocks. You need to bring ropes. Services are very limited. They have fuel and customs.

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Nice paved airport of entry.

This airport gets a steady flow of traffic every day. It is the gateway to the Abacos Islands. I have only used the Cherokee FBO which is very nice.

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I used Odyssey FBO it was expensive but most of the fees are

I used Odyssey FBO it was expensive but most of the fees are government fees.

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Nice Airport of Entry

There are two FBO's. I have only tried the newest which is Odyssey. It is top shelf.

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Nice little airport

There is nice pavement and a nice airport office building that is unattended. There are no services, no fuel and no tie downs or chocks.

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Closed, including WZY

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Ragged Island / Duncan Town airport

I landed at Duncan town on 2/26/2011 with a RV-6 aircraft. I was pleasantly surprised to see brand new pavement on the runway on its full length. Very nice people on the island. Check in with the Police station as you get there to stamp your Transire.

Silvertail restaurant is available on request. Accomodations can be arranged easily with Maxine Wallace 242-225-9641 or 242-344-1526.

Great place to free dive and relax.

Chris Rouleau

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P-3 strip

As VP-45 P-3 Aircrew I flew in several times. Last visit in a P-3 was interesting; #4 start valve would not open (even with a couple of whacks with a hammer) so the PPC did a runway high-speed run to spin-up start #4. As #4 started, he went to full beta thrust to stop before running out of pavement. Then taxi back with all four turning to pick up the rest of the crew for a ride back to Jax. Snorkeling there was great; it was just across the runway, and the fire department would give us a rinse off before getting back in pickle suits. Oh the days.

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The most expensive place I have ever landed at. Landing fees, Customs fees (although we cleared Bahamian Customs earlier in Eluthera), FBO parking fees, very expensive avgas, fuel delivery charges, service fees for the FBO, VAT on everything.

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Great Place for a Family Vacation

Flew here direct from Melbourne Florida. The airport is an old US Navy facility, now a civilian strip with customs and fuel by prior arrangement. Stayed at the Duck Inn - four bedroom cottage surrounded with orchids and fruit gardens. Rented an old (1960s) car from a local and toured Eluthera for six fabulous days. We will go back someday.

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