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Looks like it might well be private aka "personal" - always hard to tell from far away.

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(no subject)

The runways are actually 01-19.

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no after hours restrooms

doors lock at 5

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Immigration Escort Pls

Offloaded sa NAIA. Complete sa required na docs naman na po pero lipat ng airport since mas malapit at mura ticket. Contact me po pls: 09062976940

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VIDF - NNS Pithoragarh Airport India

Just a minor info concerning the information received by clicking the relevant symbol in the world map for the a.m. location. Not only is it miswritten > Pithorgarh < but more important it is not located in the State of Uttar Pradesh, but in the State of Uttarakhand. Correction shoudn't be a great deal, should it ?

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Nice little airport

Just dropped in to meet someone with tractor parts for me to take home for some friends.

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Nice Runways for a small place

Stopped in for Fuel after picking up some parts for a tractor across the lake.

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Scratch that

New heading coming up for Beijing Nanjiao.

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Reopened as military airport

This is evidently now known as Beijing Nanjiao Airport, and has reopened but strictly for military use as of 2021.

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Currently known as Moonbow...

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Airnav and FAA now list this as CLOSED INDEFINITELY so there we go.

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new website -

airport got new website, as mention in iata codes database here

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New airport website

See the new airport website here

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Peterson Space Force Aero Club

Peterson Space Force Aero Club is on the North end of the field. Website is

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Looking for escrt

Recently Offloaded twice bound to dubai. Tourist visa, first time and solo traveler. Need legit escrt to help me exit the airport. Please contact me

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airport info update

RWY15/33, 1199 x 30 m, PCL, Jet A1 and 100LL 24hr VISA/ Mastercard.

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Got offloaded from my flight to dubai last February 13, 2021.

I have a job waiting for me

Work visa on hold in sharjah because priority is managerial position.

Can anyone for me to get there fast with escort?

Please need help ASAP.

Contact no. 09052574341

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(no subject)

Düsseldorf Airport arrivals and departures including delays and cancellations:üsseldorfüsseldorf

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(no subject)

Funk: 123.425 MHZ

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Well hello fellow Ham Radio operator!!

I am just learning to fly and checking out this website to learn all the airports and airfields in the south of Alberta.

Last time I was in to Drumheller was to meet aviation friends, but we drove in. Loved the airport and the staff hanging around , had a lovely lunch...rats can't remember the place in town, then went through The Royal Tyrell Museum....very interesting indeed!! Keep the Shiny Side Up!!! Caroline

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What a great old airport!!! She was built in the 1940's as a British Commonwealth Air Training Plan airport for the boys to learn how to fly those big bombers!! It is sad to see most of those old gals in Alberta have disappeared........they must have been something to see all across Canada!!! Too bad that most of them have not been maintained!! CEN4 - High River has been plowed under, but Google earth still shows her triangle!!! Want to do some history search?? Go slowly over each Province and look for that tell tale triangle!!! Safe flying out there!!!! Caroline

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Hurricane Ida!

Great airport. My first visit was to drop supplies for victims of Hurricane Ida. The place looked like a war zone, in part because an army search/rescue unit was staging from there. Hope to be back when they've built back!

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August 2021 evacuations

This airport was the site of desperate evacuations from Kabul in August 2021:

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AGREE with others - BETTER places to go.....

Small facility, poor airstrip, local area boring, no ground transportation. NOTL (CYSN) has much more to offer by a wide margin.

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Nice Older Airport

3 runways 2 grass 1 cement look to be in good shape. Went down to work on an irrigation engine. Was a sign on nice big hanger “for sale or rent” I would love to have it at home.

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Nice Airport, Clean newer FBO

Always fun to add a new airport. Flew in for a family reunion. Was met by family but do have curtesy car.

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Did you got your problem solved i have the same inquiry maybe u can help po

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Nice facility

Went to the annual BBQ lunch Aug. 27, 2021. Great terminal and runway. Very nice local folks. Great to have the self serve fuel as well.

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Vols à Carriacou /Flights to Carriacou

Carriacou est une île magnifique avec une piste courte et étroite de 800m de long.

Je vous conseille de ne pas y atterrir trop chargé (ne pas atteindre la MTOW) car au décollage vous devrez éviter les arbres qui entourent la piste et une colline dans l'axe de piste en faisant un virage à gauche dès que possible.

A l'atterrissage faites attention dans la baie où vous serez en finale, il peut y avoir des bateaux qui mouillent dans l'axe.

Ils n'ont pas d'AVGAS 100LL donc prévoyez assez de fuel pour revenir à l'aérodrome de départ.

Sinon vous avez TVSA qui a du 100LL si besoin.

Prenez soin de vous et bons vols !


Carriacou is a beautiful island with a short and narrow 800m long runway.

I advise you not to land there too loaded (do not reach the MTOW) because on take-off you will have to avoid the trees that surround the runway and a hill in the axis of the runway by making a left turn as soon as possible.

When landing, be careful in the bay where you will be on final, there may be boats anchoring in the axis.

They do not have AVGAS 100LL so take enough fuel to return to the departure aerodrome.

Otherwise you have TVSA (St Vincent) which has 100LL if necessary.

Take care of yourself and safe flights

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My Home Field

Earned all my ratings here...from PVT up through CFI-IA. Great facilities, 2 flight schools on the field, maintenance is top-notch, Garmin dealer, and plenty of hangar space (not cheap, but not overly out of line for the area). AIrport has been in operation since the 1920s, and has a good working relationship with the town after many years of issues during the 1980s...could stand as an example of how to go along to get along in the most densely populated state in the US.

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During COVID time

As a pilot, during COVID time, it's not harder to go to this airport. You just need to find a nice Handler (HARRIS) that will take care of everything when you arrive there (even with a C172). The West Coast of the Island can be turbulent in the afternoon. When I go to Hewanorra coming from the north of the caribbean, I generally pass on the East Coast to make that flight comfortable for passengers.


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Repurposed duplicate

No longer a duplicate, carry on!

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Grass strip restricted to stop types,

Fingland is a short strip, suitable for stop types and all welcome. should be ready by oct 21,,,,

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Possible reactivation

The provincial governor had promised reconstruction of this airport at least as far back as 2018 and progress is being made on reopening it despite COVID related delays.

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Campo Volo Operativo

Base Reparto Volo Emergenze - Nucleo Ostuni Brindisi - Protezione Civile Puglia

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Amazing approach

Incredible views coming and out of this airport. Very tight canyon

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Great gas stop

Nice airport with reasonable Alaskan gas prices

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(no subject)

Since April 2019, it replaced Istanbul Ataturk Airport as Turkey's largest airport. Check out arrivals and departures time tables from İstanbul Airport (IST, LTFM):

İstanbul Airport (IST, LTFM) - Arrivals

İstanbul Airport (IST, LTFM) - Departures

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER, EDDB) - Arrivals and Depart

Check out real time arrivals and departures time tables from Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER, EDDB):

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER, EDDB) - Arrivals

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER, EDDB) - Departures

Watch the airtraffic at Berlin Brandenburg in real-time:

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Crazy indeed!

You'd have to be crazy to land here! Fun to fly by though!

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Never ending sunset

I landed here at 2am on 7/30 after landing at Deadhorse around midnight. Night may not be the right word since it was basically a 4 hour long sunset/rise. Absolutely incredible

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Elevation: ZERO!

Great airport with helpful service, chilled FBO, and cheap gas. But I came here for the selfie with the airport sign showing "Elevation: 0.0"!

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Escort pls

Can anyone help me to get out of the country going to a not popular tourist destination. Escort pls

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First gravel strip

Landed here in a bonanza v35. Amazing park and service in McCarthy. Runway was fine and we had a great time exploring the glacier

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Friendly line service

Stopped here for gas on my way to norther AK. Staff came out to pump my gas and even gave us two homemade cookies!

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Picture of longlong1

Update RWY info

grass rwy 14/32 969m x 30m RESA at each end 90 x 60m/ RWY 14 GR ESWL (2656) 0.4D ASDA 969 / RWY 32 GR 0.4U ASDA 969

B RWY 08/26 PCN20 F/A/X/T RWY 08 0.09D ASDA 1594 /RWY 26 0.09U

RWY 01 Turn left 10 degrees after crossing aerodromes boundary to achieve 1:20

RWY 26 Turn left 12 degrees after crossing aerodrome boundary to achieve 1:20

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Old El Wak Airport now closed

The downtown airport is now closed and partly built-over. OpenAIP shows an airport to the S of El Wak city, labelled HKEW (the old city airport's code). No facilities are visible on the satellite images, so it's not clear whether this is in fact correct. However there is a gravel strip about 7.5 kms W of the city, which seems to serve as the new Airport. I have added this to the database.

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