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Base Aerienne 188 (France)

France's Base Aerienne 188 shares the north side of the field with the civilian terminal, while the US, Japan, and Djibouti itself have their military bases on the south side.

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Japan Self-Defense Force Base Djibouti

Also located adjacent to the airport is Japan's only long-term overseas military base, dedicated to anti-piracy operations in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden:

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Camp Lemonnier (U.S.)

Camp Lemonnier, the only long-term U.S. military base in Africa, is located on the south side of the airport and shares its facilities. More information here:

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Gmr Delhi Airport β€” Misbehaved By Ground Staff

We had a flight on 25 Sep 2021 from IGIA ( New Delhi Terminal 3) to Colombo (Srilanka) at 4:15 pm (flight no-Al 281, seat no-20A, 20B, 20C, 20D). Between security checking and boarding gate 7B, we lost one handbag with expensive articles, important documents, and cash. and we realized this after boarding the plane. The in-flight staff was very cooperative.

However, a female ground staff (with a walkie-talkie in her hand) also checking the RTPCR report on gate no 7B was very rude. She misbehaved with my mother and my mom was pleading. Rather than helping us, she was harassing us. She even threatened to de-board us. She was behaving like she owns the flight and her language was very impolite and abusive(Abusive tone: "tere ko to main de-board aurat ko bahar nikal") this was the language used by that lady staff. She harassed my mother that much that my mother lost her consciousness & fainted in flight.

Is this the way to treat your passenger?? I want strict action against that lady staff. And, also I want to know what action you are taking.

I feel like this kind of person should not belong to any industry. I have a deep faith that GMR will help us and take strict action against that lady.

If I am not getting any help from your side then I have to look for other possible mediums to sort this issue.

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Good pm. I just got offloaded last Novemver 23, 2021. Sinabi ko kasi sa Immigrarion na ppuntahan ko yung filipino boyfriend ko sa dubai na matagal na andun, and nalaman nila na yung boyfriend ko gumastos ng visa and ticket pabalik while ung ticket papunta and other stuff, ako may gastos. Hinahanapan nila ko ng AOSG, un lang. Sabi ko sakanioa hindi ba for relatives lang un, need ko daw nun since sponsor ko daw si boyfriend. Nung nag call boyfriend ko sa embassy sa Dubai para sa AOSG, sabi nila for relatives lang nga daw un, so iniisip ko bakit ganun ang ginawa sakin sa Immigration, halos lahat ng documents namin both ng partner ko meron ako and all. Any suggestions kung ano po pwedeng gawin if mag try ako ulit mag rebook since next year pa mag eexpire and visa ko. Thankyou in advance!

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(no subject)

Waiting for me!!!

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Strictly speaking, not in Cyprus

This base and Akrotiri are actually part of the "Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia", under UK governance but following mostly Cypriot law. Keeping them was part of the independence negotiations in 1960.

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Strictly speaking, not in Cyprus

This base and Dhekelia are actually part of the "Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia", under UK governance but following mostly Cypriot law. Keeping them was part of the independence negotiations in 1960.

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(no subject)

Grass strip on a closed RAF base.

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re: Pembrey NDB removed from service

Reply to @mforte: Done. Thanks for the update.

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re: Wrong latitude

Updated β€” thank you.

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Sad that this is now slated to be closed soon!

Sad that this is now slated to be closed! I visited 11-19-21 so I could have it in my logbook before it's gone...

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Originally Henderson Field

For people interested in Second-World-War history.

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i made it!

Nakalabas ako ng pinas last october bound to dubai through an escort. mam jessica ang name nung nag assist sa akin..nandito na ako ngayon sa uae. may kamahalan pero worth it nman. sa mga gustong mag travel at nahihirapan, contact nyo number nya 09082407488 at least dito man lang makatulong ako.

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Actual coordinates

-41.051666 -73.351110

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IATA code

KLP used to be the IATA code for Kelp Bay in Alaska before that airport closed to be the IATA code for both this airport and many online data sources haven't been updated yet.

Unfortunately, that means that clicking on "Flights" will give you arrivals and departures for the wrong airport.

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BCATP relief field

From @FlyingTom in a problem report:

This triangular field was RCAF Detachment Granum (for the nearby town) and was the #1 relief field for No. 7 Service Flying Training School at Fort Macleod.

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Name of Airport

Maybe someday it will be the β€œSaint George-Southwest Utah International Airport” but currently it is the St George Regional Airport

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Picture of david

Closed in 2018

Replaced with

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Appears closed

No sign of aircraft or buildings, and the pavement is in bad shape. Marking as closed pending more information.

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3 fields near El Wak?

I do not like to start a debate, but pls note following: When creating entries for the airfields around El Wak, I added a comment in the entry for the disused city airport that there were possibly two other fields nearby. One of them (a gravel strip) was clearly visible approx. 7.5 kms to the west of the city, for which I created a new entry (KE-0212). I also added a link to the newspaper article which shows people celebrating the opening of what looks like a gravel strip. It is not clear whether this is the same strip of entry KE-0212). Lastly, OpenAIP has an airport HKEW at a location to the S of El Wak city. Although nothing is visible in satellite pictures, this could indeed refer to a stretch of the main road. I therefore have absolutely no problem of HKEW being added to the database with these coordinates, as David has done.

What bothers me somewhat is that this was not done by actually adding a new airport to the database, but by taking the entry for the gravel strip located to the W of the city, and changing its coordinates and designation (KE-0212 is now HKEW). Through this change we may well have a correct HKEW entry, but we have completely lost the gravel strip to the W of El Wak city from the database. I would propose that we do not do this in future and instead preserve other entrie (unless clearly wrong).

Thx for your consideration, Frits

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Right on the green line

This helipad is right on the 1949 "Green Line". Based on user reports that it was under Israeli operation before 1967, I have assigned it to Israel rather than Palestine.

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re: IATA note

Reply to @animebirder: Thanks for the clarification. I've removed the IATA code from the military base, because it doesn't show up in IATA queries.

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Runway numbers

There is no information about runway orientation online. I estimated 07/25 based on the satellite photo and the magnetic variation of 8.5E. Please correct if you have more information.

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Nice airport

Fuel pump card control wasn't working but friendly local helped out.

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Really nice airport for a municipal airport

Stopped in to drop off a passenger. Friendly attendant and wasn't too scary to fuel up

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @good2see: Corrected β€” thanks.

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Fixed location.

GAP is an aeromodeling (R/C) field located just to the SE of the larger general aviation airport. Note that it is far shorter than the listed 1969'.

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(no subject)

correct position

38.5979741, 39.2834803

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(no subject)

not Diyarbakir, it is DiyarbakΔ±r

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IATA note

Has the same IATA code as Mano Dayak International but is a separate airfield, operated by the United States Air Force.

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Update ident

Updated the airport's identifier to match the new icao code

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Picture of david

2km stretch

this article suggested the new airport is a 2 km long straight stretch on a 10km road, so this location seems to fit the bill and matches the coordinates

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Somaliland's principal airport

This is the main airport for Somaliland, which is self-governing and de-facto independent, but still considered part of Somalia by the international community.

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User reports:

"Our airport in Outlook, Saskatchewan was permanently closed on December 31, 2020. Please remove from your map. Thank you"

"Closed permanently and the airstrip was disced up"

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Kontakin nyo ito if need nyo ng help sa escort;

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(no subject)

OA ang presyo ng escorting ngaun. Ang range nila from 145k to 160k. Kapag may offload pay pa ng extra 15k. Kontakin nyo ito;

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If it did exist, it wasn't here.

FAA is notoriously bad at plotting correct lat/longs of heliports. This probably did exist somewhere within a 5 mile radius of this spot. AirNav doesn't list RI14 anymore at any rate.

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Add the new Air port in Marib City ,in the north part

Add the new Air port in Marib City ,in the north part

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Looks like it might well be private aka "personal" - always hard to tell from far away.

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(no subject)

The runways are actually 01-19.

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no after hours restrooms

doors lock at 5

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Immigration Escort Pls

Offloaded sa NAIA. Complete sa required na docs naman na po pero lipat ng airport since mas malapit at mura ticket. Contact me po pls: 09062976940

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VIDF - NNS Pithoragarh Airport India

Just a minor info concerning the information received by clicking the relevant symbol in the world map for the a.m. location. Not only is it miswritten > Pithorgarh < but more important it is not located in the State of Uttar Pradesh, but in the State of Uttarakhand. Correction shoudn't be a great deal, should it ?

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Nice little airport

Just dropped in to meet someone with tractor parts for me to take home for some friends.

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Nice Runways for a small place

Stopped in for Fuel after picking up some parts for a tractor across the lake.

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