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Nice lunch spot

Good on airport restaurant

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Excellent grass runway

The airport is very well maintained with friendly staff. Conveniently located just a few minutes from the cosy town of Caorle.

Service shop and a small restaurant on the premises.

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Heliport CLOSED

This heliport is closed

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New opening date for BER Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is due to open in October 2020, according to the airport operator. Originally, BER should open in 2012, which was repeatedly postponed because of complications during construction.

As soon as the airport opens, the latest arrival and departure times can be viewed on

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Real-Time flight status updates directly on your phone offers free flight status updates on delays or cancellations by push message directly on your smartphone or by e-mail. You will receive a message a few seconds after a flight delay or cancellation happens. Set up your flight alert for Dubai International Airport at

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According to a problem report: "The airport is now used by BMW for automotive purposes, among other things."

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YAT reception 260 KHz

11/26/2019 YAT 260 Kc 0115-0630 EDST 400 Hz offset ID-6 sec tone- ID loud signal, above any local DB. NO co-channel or adjacent channel interference. Minimal atmospherics. steady signal with very little fading. RECEIVER: Collins R390a with homebuilt VLF converter / preselector / bandpass filter. ANTENNA: Marconi "T" antenna 22m vertical, 121m horizontal

would like your postal mailing address to send a written report and pre-made confirmation card.


Mike KM1R

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Airline service resumes after 4 years

According to a UN bulletin, a Yemenia Airways flight arrived from Cairo on 27 November 2019, the first scheduled flight into the airport since 2015. (Yemen is currently in a state of civil war, and represents the world's most-severe humanitarian crisis, with over 20 million people in need of emergency assistance.)

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This is a glider field, apparently. One can well imagine it is now in a kind of hibernation.

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Long Walk

We had a very long walk to get back to the same gate we arrived at. We had a 2 hour layover while the Air Canada Boeing 777 was being cleaned. Deplaning ramp took us to the arrivals level and to get to the departures level for the same gate it must have been at least 2 km and we had to go past the retail stores and through security just to get to the upper level to re-enter the same aircraft. Maybe this sort of thing will be rectified when the new terminal now under construction gets finished.

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This airport is closed!

I have been there with car. The runway is unmown and losts of dog walkers on it!

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handling fees are a rip off

I have been there with a 172. Not even the very cheep (compared to Germany) fuel for an by intention an almost empty 172 hawk could compensate the landing fees, taxi fees, follow me fees, custom and security fees. On top of that we had to disuss if we are permitted to carry a nail sissor in our private airplane (coming from an gras airfield we could have brought in hundreds of kilos of TNT, nobody cared, but carring a nail sissor in the hand bag going back to our plane was a tremendous problem...) all this makes LUX a very unpleasant airport. I wont go nera ELLX any time soon! Rather go to the colse by airfields in France or Germany! And this is condidereing that part of my family lives about 3km from that airport.

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re: Correction to data

Runway data updated.

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @Mohsen: Thanks for the info -- I've made it into a problem report. Because this airport is in a disputed territory, I'd like to confirm the ICAO code before changing it. Do you have a link to a source?

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Offshore wind farm

This platform is part of an offshore North Sea wind farm with a planned 600 MW capacity.

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Here I learned to fly !!

Everyone already knows the definition by which a "good landing" is one after which you can leave the plane on its own legs. But few know the definition of "big landing": and one after which you can use the plane another time.

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Airfield now Closed!

Sadly as of May / June 2019 Kyabram Airfield was closed and plowed in after the owner passed away.

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re: Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

Reply to @dmomper: Right now, there's no capability, but I've added "LSZM" and the extra IATA codes to the keywords, so that they'll at least show up in searches.

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re: No Southwest Airlines?

We've removed the routes, because we didn't have a good way to keep them up to date.

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re: new info

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: Updated the airport name and code, and added a link to the Wikipedia article.

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Uninhabited island

This island in the Pacific Ocean is uninhabited (except by occasional expeditions or cast-aways), and is a direct possession of France rather than part of one of its overseas territories. It does not belong to any Region or Department.

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(no subject)

ICAO Code for the airport is GMAR

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new gas tanks

looked like some brand new fuel pumps were being installed on 11/2/19

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(no subject)

Cool that the electrical lines are buried where they cross the strip but you'll probably break your landing gear if you try to land here, it's full of huge potholes.

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(no subject)

It's not suitable to land as it has meter high vegetation.

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(no subject)

Actually it's a grass runway and quite hard to spot if you're not familiar with it.

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(no subject)

Small private airfield in a small tourist lodging with pool :)

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(no subject)

It was improved recently for an ultra light aircraft fly-in event but military authorisation is required to use it.

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(no subject)

Agricultural strip in good condition used to load a Piper crop duster operating in the area.

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Runway 28/10

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(no subject)

Very good condition dirt airstrip in the middle of some vineyards

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(no subject)

Also beware that there is a fence across the strip.

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(no subject)

Agricultural shared airstrip/road in good condition.

Beware that sometimes there are some containers on the north end of the strip.

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Alicante Airport Guide

I found useful information for the Alicante airport on

If you are planning to visit this airport you will lots of helpful details on this site.

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Beechworth Airport Error

YBEW is in NSW

YBCH is in Victoria.

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re: Location

Reply to @Bill35: Updated.

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(no subject)

Charles Lindbergh first solo was at this field.

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Hisar<=>Chandigarh route timing

Hisar --> Chd : 2 flights daily @9am & 4pm

Chd --> Hisar : @5pm & 9:30pm

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Flight Route

Flights has been started for the route Hisar<=>Chandigarh (in 18 seater airplane @INR 1700/-)

Other routes to be started soon are:




After getting proper environmental clearance from the concerned authorities.

DGCA has approved these flight routes.

This is as per Sept, 2019 news.

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β€’β€’Its an airstrip (sometimes called Narnaul Airstrip also), not a fully developed airport.

β€’β€’Near Mirzapur (Haryana) on Narnaul-Rewari highway.

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Second World War hangar

Photos of the British Commonwealth Air Training Programme hangar (and some WWII graffiti) here:

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Use the grass runways

The runway pavement surface is in bad shape, except for a small strip down the middle of 08/26. Use the grass surface beside each runway, which is well maintained (it was no problem for my nose-dragging PA-28).

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(no subject)

Note: Bing Maps imagery shows a much more serviceable strip than Google Maps does. Not sure how old Bing's images are.

Conducted a prec search at this strip in 2018 and it looked unsuitable for landing due as it was overgrown

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(no subject)

Very hard strip to spot. There are cones but that's it. If you have this for a CPL nav/test do a good recce of the satellite image before flying!

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re: Another Ukraien International Airport!

I assume it at least has customs for private aircraft.

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re: NDB URV Frequency Change to 390 kHz

Updated to 390 KHz:

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Varadero's original airport

This was once the main airport for Varadero, but MUVR (VRA) has largely supplanted it.

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re: Gone

Reply to @jidanni: Marked as closed. Thanks for the update.

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RCLG is now a city park, etc. Please remove it.

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