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(no subject)

Segnalo Campo volo alla lista VENETA ho poche informazioni su questo campo ma so che esiste chiuque di voi lo conosce perfavore mandate un feedback

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il campo di Policoro non e' quello che hai segnalato tu nella mappa queste sono delle coordinare sbagliate apparte che sono andato a vedere sullo stradario di google map e non vedo ne i cinesini sulla pista e non c'e' traccia di manica a vento e non c'e' neanche traccia di hangar. per favore mettee le coordinate esatte prima di postare un nuovo campo volo altrimeti non solo rischiate la non visibilita' ma rischiate anche di far atterrare i piloti su posti sbagliati causando anche grossi problemi. Ora te le do' io le coordinate esatte del campo volo di policoro.

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(no subject)

il campo di volo piu' vicino alla cittΓ  di Bari (piu vicino al capoluogo) per chi veniva da fuori. vicino a 600m Est c'e' un grande centro commerciale auchan dove ci si puo' rifornire o dove trovare del ristoro.

e' un punto molto strategico essendo localizzato nel bel centro di tutta la PUGLIA peccato che il campo di volo e stato chiuso e oggi attualmente e' inattivo, anche se viene utilizzato dai club e associazioni sportive per il volo modellistico.

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Fuel shortages

There are fuel shortages due to the ongoing civil war in Yemen, and aircraft stopping here (including humanitarian-relief flights) may need to fuel elsewhere.

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Fuel shortages and suspended flights

Because of fuel shortages caused by the ongoing civil war, the airport suspended himanitatian flights in September 2020:

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Access to Kanha National Forest

From Problem Report :

airstrip located at cordinate 22.500929, 80.331195 near 35th battalion in mandla district which is maintained and operated by state government of madhya pradesh [...] this air strip can also be used for kanha national forest tourism after taking permission from state govt

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Campo di volo

Segnalo un nuovo campo di volo alla lista Piemontese

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @Mohsen: Corrected -- thank you.

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No new code LECH

LECN if it is CastellΓ³n. LECH is another nearby airport.

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hello guys, need po ng help. im separated for 4yrs now and my annulment process just started, im planning to visit my boyfriend over the Christmas in England,. worried po aq ma offload since first time q mag travel n walang ksma at sponsorship lng po ung visit q..mostly ano po bang docs ang hinahanap sa immigration..:)

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Mixed R/C - glider airport

Primarily an R/C airport but listed due to powered glider activity.

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Improved Surfaces/Hangars

The runway is now paved! (40' wide), and they are adding a second heated hangar which should be completed in Nov 2020.

When making your radio calls, be sure to use "Steinbach South" Traffic. As "Steinbach" (the other airfield three miles north of this one) shares the same frequency.

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Nice airport Great Service

TAS is the FBO

Great facility

Very accommodating with crew car and great repair facility

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Currently helicopters only

According to the Wikipedia article, this is an Egyptian Air Force helicopter base right now, but the runway still appears intact and may still get fixed-wing use.

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New airport

This isn't showing up in the satellite image yet (2020-10-10), but there's a new airport here meant to serve Helsinki. More details at

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My mga escort b n pwede help and how much sana ung tamang presyo bound to turkey sana

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Great airport!

Nice newly paved taxi and ramp. Great fuel stop

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Grass runway

There seems to be a parallel grass runway right beside 03/21. It's not listed in the CFS, but the diagram shows its length as 1,800 ft.

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Not yet finished

Under construction.

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Utley Field Located.

I've moved the GPS coordinates to the location of this private strip.

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Flights are officially starting from November 8th, 2020. SpiceJet will be starting flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. You can search up Darbhanga airport in Google for further information.

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re: Per Disney...

Reply to @animebirder: Thanks for the update. I've tagged it as #private and #ppr

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re: NDB TKL 385 Decommissioned

Removed -- thank you for the report.

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Now a restaurant

Appropriately enough, "Il Vecchio Eliporto" ("The Old Heliport")

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Got it!

This bicycle itinerary lists parking lot P11 in Borgo Maggiore as the "ex-heliport". Looks like there are now zero active heliports here.

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Update 2020

Per the following link, the Borgo Maggiore heliport was at the cable car station. This no longer appears to be the case, there is a "pad" but the cables run right over it!

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Turf Conditions Were Great

Firm grass, no issues in a cherokee six. Quite the approach into the westerly direction. Amazing views

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Watch out for the construction site on the approach end of 1

Lots of digging and mounds of dirt

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Still Well Maintained

Turf was solid with a few embedded rocks here and there.. There is J-A1 fuel on site, probably for the helicopters. No probs in a Cherokee Six

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Is this a real airport?

I've been experimenting with some code for an exercise for students - trying to find the world's highest airports. This comes up at number 1 but I really don't think there's an airport at 30,000 feet above the north pole.

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So many jets

Came in on a Saturday evening and the massive ramp was almost completely full! Very friendly staff.

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Seward is a work in progress for me.

I am close to having a working airport here, with some known problems that when I post it up anyone with more knowledge on msfs2020 design is welcome to my source and can edit and fix anything they like. Most of the problems i am having are related to terraforming. I have managed to get a relatively flat airport with a couple of bumps at the edges of the apron. However the airport altitude is wrong as I couldn't figure out how to change it in the polygon. I comes in at the default of around 10' and should be 27' . I will post a comment here when I get the first version posted somewhere. with instructions on contacting me for the files to edit.

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(no subject)

According to MSFS2020 the code for this airport is O64, but that clashes with "Port of Catoosa Heliport" so I have left it blank.

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Russian control

This airport is in Crimea, still internationally recognised as part of Ukraine but under Russian military control. Due to international sanctions, only Russian flights are using the airport.

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(no subject)

The connection between runway 17/35 and Runway 12/30 located at the end of runway 35 has been demolished

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Brilliant airfield for GA flights

This airfield used to be military but is now open for pilots to visit and it's a great place with a small village about a 15 minute walk with two pubs, both with accommodation. The scenery around here is also amazing - well worth a visit

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Construction delayed.

Originally scheduled to open July 2020, delayed due to COVID with new estimated completion date of December 2020. There has already been a landing here (an emergency landing of a Philippine Central Bank Gulfstream G200 on 10 Jan 2018).

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04MA Update

As of 2020, Google Maps imagery shows there's a Cessna parked behind the house at 1020 N Broadway, and the field across the street is still cleared enough for takeoffs. The four digit FAA identifier 04MA indicates this is for private use only; it is still listed as active on AirNav and FAA sources. I think that "anonymous user" may have had an ax to grind.

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Mistaken identity?

The person listed by the previous commenter is listed as the manager at Wolf River Airport (54N) in Rossville, Tennessee; I see no current listing for a manager for Wolf River Ranch Airport MS53 in Mississippi in any internet searches. This airport is no longer listed as open in AirNav in any case and trees have grown on half of the previous runway surface in recent satellite imagery.

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Need to go UAE

Yung sure po na mkkatulong mklabas mg pinas

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re: Looking for immigration escort

Reply to @Jjjjj: did you make it through? am planning to get my girlfriend and son to Dubai. problem is we are not married.

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About this and more airports in Aviation API

More information about API

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Private Security Contractors

Well maintained, private use, very exclusive discreet and secure. Pay to play and invited guests only.

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(O2385/20 NOTAMR O1627/20

A) CXXX B) 2009021915 C) 2012021800EST



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Hello! Pwede po bang magpatulong o kaya malaman if pwede na umalis ng bansa lalo na pag tourist visa papuntang Dubai? Sino po may kilalang agency na legit nagpoprocess ng visa? Thanks po!

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(no subject)

Hello! Pwede po bang magpatulong o kaya malaman if pwede na umalis ng bansa lalo na pag tourist visa papuntang Dubai? Sino po may kilalang agency na legit nagpoprocess ng visa? Thanks po!

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Great airport

Nice pilot lounge and a good gas stop!

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re: Balchik airport location

Corrected -- thank you.

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My home airport!

Thanks for sharing the right frequencies. I live near EDDN and watch the airplanes every day and use my flighttracker (

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(no subject)

Helipad is Temporarily closed until November 16 2020 due to non-compliance of transport Canada regulations

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