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(no subject)

Flew into Koumra in a Shorts SC7, Reg LX-UGO on Oct 2 1990. Just a quick stop just to check out the airport before continuing to Moundou, FTTD for some cold GALA. This was in conjonction with the locust control. I remember very well following the dirt road branching off the main road and leading to the threshold of 04.

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Incorrect ident

The ident for this airport should be SPJC, not SPIM. Unfortunately the ident can not be edited by my own, hence leaving this comment here hoping someone with the edit privileges follows-up.

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re: Main airport Nagorno-Karabakh

Reply to @david:

Hi David,

> Stepanakert is the chief city in the breakaway republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, which is not currently under effective Azerbaijani government control, though it is still internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan

This is an outdated information. The city's official name is Khankendi. It is currently under effective control of Azerbaijani government. The international recognition has not changed - it was and still is being recognized as part of Azerbaijan by international community.

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Campo di volo Porto Pino

r campovoloportopino/Oasi Relax Corrumanciu.

nice places to overfly:

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Rwy 3/21 is now 4/22

Rwy 3/21 is now 4/22

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Typical Microlight Airfield

Typically a microlight strip, that has a North/South Astroturf runway for the winter months and when the ground is suitable a grass one. On a good weather day you can expect fixed and flex wing Microlights, plus paramotors and sometimes powered gliders.

There’s facilities on site but no fuel.

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(no subject)

Top Airport, Small but Great, Top Gliding-school

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Nice little airport do not currently have Self-serve fuel but are making improvements. There was a gentleman on field tending an Ag plane and he brought the fuel truck out to top us off. They have recently installed an AWOS system that will go online shortly.

My Wife and I flew down here to meet with Virgil Irwin and his wife who recently purchased the Bearhawk Aircraft Company. They gave us a tour of his facility and then we went for a demo flight in the Bearhawk 5 Airplane.

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My Home Airport

Living approximately 9 miles South of PDX for around 36 years I've seen and heard a few planes departing or arriving PDX. I've been interested in aviation since the time I was a toddler. Thanks to those that are providing this site!

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Forgotten airport

This airport already opened a few years ago and was marked on google map, so I'm here to fill in the blank.

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(no subject)

As of 2021, there are no longer any scheduled services at the airport after Yemenia suspended all routes in 2015 due to the ongoing regional conflict.[1] Previously, the airline served a handful of domestic and international destinations.


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re: Thanks

Can you contact you?

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Tsushima Yamaneko Airport 対馬やまねこ空港

Very small (but neat) airport which is served by only 2 cities in Kyushu: Fukuoka and Nagasaki. Planes flying there are all De Havilland Canada propeller machines. There is one souvenir shop inside the airport with a very small cafe corner adjacent to it. The name in Japanese has the Tsushima Leopard Cat included which is indigenous to the island and the airport is full of cat mascots.

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(no subject)

The airport closed on 1 April 2017, due to the construction of the new Hålogaland bridge (opened December 2018) which shortened the journey to the larger Harstad-Narvik Airport, Evenes, making that the primary airport for Narvik. -Wikipedia

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I suspect this field to be closed: it is not mentioned in official documentation, there is a street crossing the runway, and what may have been a "terminal" now seems to be a shop "Bristol".

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Полетна информация летище София

Излиташи и пристигащи полети на летище София

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Nghiên cứu thông tin trên báo chí thể thao khi đặt kèo 0.5

Báo chí thể thao:

Cung cấp tin tức, bài viết phân tích về các trận đấu bóng đá.

Giúp người chơi cập nhật được những thông tin mới nhất về các đội bóng và trận đấu.

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NOTAM access

"K" must be prepended to all 3 character FAA identifiers in the "GPS" field to gain access to NOTAMs.

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Nice place

Picked up a LIFELINE Medical passenger and flew her to KOMA (Omaha)

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Nice place

I stopped in to pick up a LIFELINE Medical passenger and flew her to KOMA (Omaha).

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(no subject)

The runway is private and is serving the resorts in the area. Sunflower airline is providing daily transfer from Nadi

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(no subject)

cần lưu ý một số điểm sau khi cá cược bóng đá:

Cập nhật thông tin về các đội bóng và trận đấu:

Phân tích kỹ lưỡng các yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến kết quả trận đấu:

Lựa chọn nhà cái uy tín để đặt cược:

Kiểm soát tốt cảm xúc khi chơi cá cược:

Biết điểm dừng:

Không nên đặt cược tất cả vốn vào một trận đấu:

Nên chia nhỏ vốn cược và đặt cược vào nhiều trận đấu:

Có chiến thuật đặt cược phù hợp:

Nên học hỏi kinh nghiệm từ những người chơi cá độ giỏi:

Luôn giữ tâm lý ổn định khi chơi cá cược:

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Divot on RWY 12. Recommend taxiing past before take off to avoid being bounced prematurely airborne. Doesn’t appear to be NOTAM’d.

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(no subject)

AVGAS available from Summit Fuel on Apron 2. Currently $2.63/L. Park in a space, walk inside to the flight school’s dispatch desk and speak to a dispatcher about receiving fuel. They’ll send the truck.

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Lighting system and signs for EDDF

could someone help me and tell me where I could find the types of RWY and taxiway lights and the infos about sings for EDDF all RWYs and all taxiways?

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Lưu ý:

Lưu ý:

Kèo 1.75 là một loại kèo cược có tính rủi ro cao.

Người chơi cần cân nhắc kỹ lưỡng trước khi đặt cược.

Hãy luôn chơi cá độ bóng đá một cách có trách nhiệm.

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Typo in encoded runway surface

The runway data dictionary specifies "ASP" for asphalt and "CON" for concrete while currently the CSV data set has

07L/25R ASPH

07R/25L CONC

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Typo in encoded surface for runway 12/30

Surface for 12/30 runway in the CSV data set should be encoded as "ASP" instead of current "ASPH" as per data dictionary.

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Typo in surface in CSV data set

The surface for Geneva's (LSGG) 04/22 runway is reported as "CONC" while the description for the values in the data dictionary says the value for concrete should be "CON" (concrete)

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re: Previous note applies to NL-0041

Reply to @animebirder: It still has no ICAO designator. EHMM is used by home based pilots for logbook purposes, but as long as the code is not published in the AIP it is not officially.

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(no subject)

Airfield and home are for sale. (February 2024)

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(no subject)

Well-kept facility right in center city.

Two-hour ramp check by Comandante!

Easy base for visiting Real de Montes in the NE.

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After the great fire

I recently flew in and the damage done was so hard to see, almost everything was lost. Some buildings remain and some houses.

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campo di volo EUROFLY

farm constructed little ULM airplane this farm have the airfield.

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Campo di volo s.elia BUCCINO

a new airstrip

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General Enquiry.

Good Morning.

I am looking at re-locating to this area of Spain and I will be bringing my Flexwing Microlight over also.

Can you please give me some more information about this air field, I.e. Is there a membership, would I be able to Hangar my aircraft here etc.

Does anyone have any information regarding this airfield that would be of use for me or any other recommended airfields within this area/location.

Any information or guidance would be most helpful and appreciated.



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(no subject)

Adnan Menderes Intl. Airport (ex. Cumaovasi Airport). Both civilian/military use also having boundaries with a land aviation regiment [ICAO: LTBK] at the north of the field.

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(no subject)

Currently being used for military helicopter/prop plane pilot training. Part of the second main jet base along with the Cigli Airbase.

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(no subject)

Previously used for civilian transportation for short term, currently being used for military jet pilot training. Part of the second main jet base along with the Kaklic Airport.

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(no subject)

Emergency air medical transport base used by Ministry of Health

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Built in 1917 for military purpose and was used during World War II’s North African Campaign.

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Duplicated heliports

Please remove the duplicated heliports and leave just one.

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Heliport of Maratea

hosital emergency helicpter

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How to get in contact?

Picture of JDF


How can I contact the aerodrome for a landing? Like PPR?

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Should be large_airport

I don't know enough about how the categories are defined to feel confident changing it myself but if an airport like KCMA (Wikipedia: Camarillo_Airport) is considered "large" it seems almost absurd to not consider this one large as well

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Duplicate airports?

I did a quick analysis of airports with very similar coordinates and got this:


There are 365 groups of airports with the same or extremely similar coordinates.

50 airports at (37.54, 129.115): KR-0234, KR-0235, KR-0236, KR-0237, KR-0238, KR-0239, KR-0240, KR-0241, KR-0242, KR-0243, KR-0244, KR-0245, KR-0246, KR-0247, KR-0248, KR-0249, KR-0250, KR-0251, KR-0252, KR-0253, KR-0254, KR-0255, KR-0256, KR-0257, KR-0258, KR-0259, KR-0260, KR-0261, KR-0262, KR-0263, KR-0264, KR-0265, KR-0266, KR-0267, KR-0268, KR-0269, KR-0270, KR-0271, KR-0272, KR-0273, KR-0274, KR-0275, KR-0276, KR-0277, KR-0278, KR-0279, KR-0280, KR-0281, KR-0282, KR-0283

16 airports at (38.247, 127.871): KR-0504, KR-0505, KR-0506, KR-0507, KR-0508, KR-0509, KR-0510, KR-0511, KR-0512, KR-0513, KR-0514, KR-0515, KR-0516, KR-0517, KR-0518, KR-0519

6 airports at (-1.0, -1.0): DE-0533, EBMB, EGQA, ES-0306, GB-1090, NL-0099

5 airports at (36.362, 127.384): KR-0296, KR-0297, KR-0298, KR-0299, KR-0300

4 airports at (19.184, -98.866): MX-2023, MX-2024, MX-2139, MX-2140

4 airports at (37.773, 126.68): KR-0129, KR-0130, KR-0131, KR-0132

4 airports at (37.57, 126.982): KR-0732, KR-0733, KR-0734, KR-0735

4 airports at (34.69, 135.502): JP-2803, JP-2804, JP-2869, JP-2872

4 airports at (35.462, 139.632): JP-0952, JP-0953, JP-0954, JP-0955

4 airports at (35.685, 139.762): JP-0208, JP-0209, JP-0210, JP-0211

3 airports at (50.655, -120.366): CA-0801, CA-0802, CA-0803

3 airports at (14.56, 121.025): PH-0124, PH-0125, PH-0384

3 airports at (42.541, 26.972): BG-0138, BG-0139, BG-0140

3 airports at (37.492, 126.924): KR-0942, KR-0947, KR-0948

3 airports at (34.689, 135.198): JP-2042, JP-2044, JP-2045

3 airports at (14.561, 121.026): PH-0130, PH-0310, PH-0385

3 airports at (37.524, 126.924): KR-0842, KR-0843, KR-0844

3 airports at (-34.631, 19.828): ZA-0321, ZA-0322, ZA-0323

3 airports at (39.789, -86.162): 54IN, 81II, IN06

3 airports at (34.699, 135.492): JP-1488, JP-1489, JP-1490

3 airports at (34.669, 135.439): JP-2987, JP-2988, JP-2990

3 airports at (34.153, -118.255): US-1318, US-1724, US-1725

3 airports at (35.155, 129.146): KR-0320, KR-0321, KR-0379

3 airports at (-25.274, -57.53): PY-0050, PY-0051, PY-0086

3 airports at (14.547, 121.046): PH-0364, PH-0365, PH-0366


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Apparently we must distinguish two aerodromes: on the one hand the former Soviet Air Base, LKML, now closed; on the other hand the active ultralight field LKMILO. I consider adding a separate entry, but it remains confusing. NB: thanks to @Bill35 for pointing out the official CZ VFR flight guide!

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