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re: Appears closed

Reply to @david: so I did mark it as "closed"

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H1b escort

H1b holders na nandito pa din sa pinas pm po sa email ko tulongan ko kayo makalabas ng bansa gmail

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This airstrip was closed in the 1980s.

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In early November 2023, a north-south landing strip with markers on both sides, was observed south of Herb's Plaza, along Tannery Road.

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Offshore oddball

Has a Dutch ICAO code, but is in the Belgian EEZ.

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Previous note applies to NL-0041

See subject line. This airfield is the currently active field and now has an ICAO code.

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Refueled here before going to Mexico

Excellent FBO

Good fuel prices

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Very Nice FBO

I would use this airport for a stopover again

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re: Closing all operations

As of 2023, the airfield is still visible, but largely covered by solar panels. That would be a very expensive emergency landing now.

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(no subject)

UAV and helicopter base

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Nice grass strip that's not used too much.

Took my brother and his wife out to get a tacoma that he had purchased. Chad was great and even cam out and marshaled me in to his back yard. The truck happed to be for sale at his next door neighbor.

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Picked up My first Lifeline pilot passengers.

Didn't see much of it as I was meeting another pilot from Rochester, MN to fly second leg to Lamar, Mo

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Future Chennault Field

This is the original 1970s crop dusting airport whose footprint would later be reused as the basis for 2020s Chennault Field.

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re: It is in Kanpur

it is on the outskirts of Kanpur city and is used as an educational facility for students of IIT Kanpur and a research and development facility for some industrial collaborations

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Closed effective Nov 30, 2023

This airport will finally be closing at the end of November. See AIC 16/23 for more information.

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re: Reported as (temporarily) closed

Reply to @david: Reopened in 2018 but only for military use, which seems to remain the case in 2023.

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As of 2023

The cleared area at the south end of the runway trace is clearly a soccer field.

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Active 1922-1963

Namesake of the "Aerodrom" area, this first airport for Skopje was in use from 1922 until the day of the Skopje earthquake, 26 Jul 1963, when it and 80% of the city of Skopje were destroyed.

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Been there many times by foot .

The green X is on the wrong side of the river . If you look straight north of it you will see it .

The biggest moose ever shot in Alberta was shot on this air strip .

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Claims to fame (infamy?)

Site of the 1988 Ramstein airshow disaster which killed 72 spectators, 3 pilots, and injured hundreds more people. This disaster was in turn the namesake of the heavy metal band Rammstein.

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re: add IATA code

Reply to @espinielli: negative. QGY is not assigned by IATA, cfr their own site

https en publications directories code-search ?

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(no subject)

Great canteen.

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I like this airport for.

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re: Appears closed

Reply to @david: and white closed-runway Xs!

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Currently "Modell Fesselflug Anlage Hard" (tethered model aircraft field)

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re: To be reopened by 2023

Reply to @animebirder: The new airport will be constructed on the sit of former Mifoit Air Base.

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Conflict Zone

Caution advised when operating in and out of this airport.

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re: Uninhabited island

Reply to @david: The complication here is that listing this as "France" defaults it to being in Europe, which geographically, it absolutely clearly isn't! Unfortunately, unlike every other French possession, it lacks its own jurisdictional codes ... for now.

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Heliport oddity!

Evidently a heliport aboard a stationary boat (the Commandant Fourcault) which has an ICAO code?!?

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Temporary heliport

In use primarily for the World Economic Forum.

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Active air force base...

... but inactive aviation facilities.

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Repurposed duplicate heading

Repurposed duplicate to cover a different aviation facility in central Texas.

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Heath canyon

I flew in here in about 1994 doing a CAP border recce. I have to say it was the scariest thing I'd ever been a part of in civil aviation. The PIC "Dave" had been there multiple times before. The brush along the sides of the runway was so high that a low wing plane would not have been able to land there. They said it was 30 feet wide,but it was more like 10-15 feet wide. We landed to the NW, uphill. After landing we taxied back and shut down. The treat about this place was that the owner had a one table "restaurant" at the bottom. He came out and fixed us lunch.The owner apparently used to work as a geologist right across the border.

The takeoff was rather interesting. It took almost full power to taxi up to the top of the hill. We prepped for a SE departure, Short Field flaps (C-172/180hp) held the brakes, full power. The upper portion of the runway (RY11 I think) was flat, with what seemed like a precipitous drop off after about 500'. The C172 basically just flew off the edge and kept flying. A sharp left to stay inside US airspace and we were off!

I never went back, but I will also never forget it. All the rest of the airports we landed at that trip were easy in comparison.

Im sorry to see it closed, now with 4000 more hours than I had then (150 hours then) I'd definitely try it again.The food was pretty good too.

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re: 1999 Kosovo peace agreement signed here

Reply to @david: It's pretty rough-looking, but the airfield is still in use by rugged GA aircraft.

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Aviation Museum

While still an active air base, this is also home to Kbely Aviation Museum, one of the largest of its kind in the world, featuring hundreds of airframes ranging from WWI to the present day, many one-of-a-kind or rare. Many of the outdoor airframes are readily visible from this website by zooming in on the north side of the airfield complex on satellite view.

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(no subject)

Built a home and hangar on the runway 12 years ago.

Active aviation community. Fun and friendly place to live

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kinda sketchy

this is the only airport I've been to where the runway was separated from the road with traffic cones

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Good overall

Been there in 2019, very well kept and equipped, nice stores and easy locomotion inside the airport

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AD elevation change

Corrected AD elevation from 24ft to 249ft

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(no subject)

Operated by General Directorate of Forestry especially for fire fighthing operations.

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A few of the runway lights are out. Reported to the airport manager on 10/6/23 and they will be working to fix them.

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Famous but not famous

Conejo Valley Airport, also known as Janss Airport,[1] was an airport in Thousand Oaks, California. It had a 2,600 foot runway and was located adjacent to Thousand Oaks Boulevard. The airport opened in 1926, but was relocated in the early 1960s. The new airport, known as Rancho Conejo Airport, was established on the north side of State Highway 101. Various movies were filmed at Conejo Valley Airport, including The Paleface (1948), Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949),[2] and Overland Stage Raiders (1938).[3] Rancho Conejo Airport appeared in the film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963).[4][5]

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(no subject)

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Aviosuperficie Megolo

airfield of the Italian Rescue Corps of the Order of Malta....AIRFIELD CONDITIONS: The track is in the grass with a beaten limestone bottom

WARNINGS: Presence of tall trees nearing the THR 12. Contact the operator before reaching the airfield..

OTHER INFO hangar and parking price: 20 €/day landing fee: no staff available on: normally weekend

SERVICES nearest gas station: 5 km

TOURING restaurant: There is a small recreational club adjacent to the RWY, with sport fishing pond.

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Private airfield OSTUNI

in this private farm there is an airfield. I have little information about it, but if you go to google street map you will see a plane parked near the angar from the road.

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Airport Name

The correct name is Merdey, it has been confirmed by the airport operator

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is it right WAOU?

in the latest AIP (Aerodrome Information Publication) is WAGM

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(no subject)

Remember when an airBaltic A220 landed next to me :)

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re: Baja trip

I was there a long time ago. I'm pretty sure they had fuel. May want to call and see. I don't know if it was an airport of entry as I went through San Felipe at that time. We went in February. I'm not sure if they are there with babies in October. We got to pet them though and it was a really great experience.

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Airport closed

See metar-taf com airport MM30-el-tapacal-airport

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