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Aviosuperficie Megolo

airfield of the Italian Rescue Corps of the Order of Malta....AIRFIELD CONDITIONS: The track is in the grass with a beaten limestone bottom

WARNINGS: Presence of tall trees nearing the THR 12. Contact the operator before reaching the airfield..

OTHER INFO hangar and parking price: 20 €/day landing fee: no staff available on: normally weekend

SERVICES nearest gas station: 5 km

TOURING restaurant: There is a small recreational club adjacent to the RWY, with sport fishing pond.

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Private airfield OSTUNI

in this private farm there is an airfield. I have little information about it, but if you go to google street map you will see a plane parked near the angar from the road.

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Airport Name

The correct name is Merdey, it has been confirmed by the airport operator

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is it right WAOU?

in the latest AIP (Aerodrome Information Publication) is WAGM

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(no subject)

Remember when an airBaltic A220 landed next to me :)

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re: Baja trip

I was there a long time ago. I'm pretty sure they had fuel. May want to call and see. I don't know if it was an airport of entry as I went through San Felipe at that time. We went in February. I'm not sure if they are there with babies in October. We got to pet them though and it was a really great experience.

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Airport closed

See metar-taf com airport MM30-el-tapacal-airport

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SGAS actual location

While the actual location of SGAS is in Luque city, people commonly associate this airport with Asuncion. This association is reflected in its official IATA code, "ASU", and ICAO code, SGAS, where 'SG' stands for Paraguay and 'AS' for Asuncion. Therefore, I suggest to change location to Asuncion.

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Idroscalo di Ternate

hold seabase wwi

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re: Baja trip

Reply to @Cpfau182: Planning to fly in here in October from San Diego for whale watching. Is there definitely fuel there? Also, is this an airport of entry or will I need to stop in Ensenada on the way down?

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Idroscalo Desenzano del garda

Italian historical waterway but I have little information about it

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(no subject)

new hydrosurface inaugurated this year 2023 to the memory of Caproni famous Italian aeronauitical engineer the hydrosurface and for small touring aircraft and will soon have a jetty or few technical data but I posted videos and information here in the videos.

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Idrosuperfici di Marone

new hydrosurface inaugurated this year 2023 to the memory of Caproni famous Italian aeronauitical engineer the hydrosurface and for small touring aircraft and a brve dispora' of a jetty or few technical data but I posted videos and information here in the videos.

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re: Education in very important

explain well because I personally didn't understand shit I'm Italian, and your phrases of philosophy have nothing to do with what you show us.

what is it? is it an airport or a university?

and if it is a university what kind of university is it? is it a study academy for those who want to start studying aeronatic sciences? and a pilot school? in short what the heck is it?

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Education in very important

University and essay are closely interconnected in the realm of education. A University is an institution where students engage in learning and receive formal education. An essay, on the other hand, is a written piece of work that allows students to demonstrate their understanding of various subjects, topics, or concepts. Essays are often assigned as tasks by teachers to assess students' knowledge, critical thinking skills, and ability to communicate effectively through written expression.

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Aviosuperficie Leonardo da vinci

WARNINGS: 100 m high chimney on the ground with high intensity flashing lights, reported in AIP, north of the

extension of runway 24 axis.. Traffic pattern to be carried out only south of the airfield. Presence of UL activity.

OTHER INFO hangar and parking price: 10 € landing fee: none staff available on: always

SERVICES fuel availability: Lead-free nearest gas station: 1 km bar: yes

TOURING hotel: Agriturismo 2 km from the airfield agritourism: yes tourist facilities and places of interest: Ticino


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Aviosuperficie Leonardo da Vinci.

the name of the original runway is not CLASIC AIRFIELD but LEONARDO DA VINCI I have updated and corrected the name, plus it used to be classified as (campo di volo) today it is classified as (aviosuperficie) so both U.L.M. ultralight and G.A. general aviation aircraft can land there or updated the runway data.

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Great Springs

Great place to visit, but national parks permitted aircraft only.

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Idroscalo di Taranto

Hydroscale for small touring aircraft in Taranto harbor at S.Egidio pier I posted the you tube video link where you can see the ramp in the harbor.....ho little technical information.

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I updated this important site being part of the CAROLI HOTEL chain where tourists arrive by plane from both sea and land near GALLIPOLI very tourist place.The you tube video just posted it,.

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Idroscalo di Santa Maria al Bagno

Small seaplane for tourist flights in the port of santa maria al bagno i have little information about it but o posted a you tube video. and if you go to google street map you can see the info point. it serves to connect apulia to greece and croatia for tourists and very convenient.

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Idroscalo di Manfredonia

Small seaport for tourist flights in the port of Manfredonia I have little information about it but o posted a you tube video.

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Campo volo Costa D'argento

the airfield in the past was closed, but later used for other skydive and rc-airplane activities. there go the model airplanes of the g.v.c.a. group (Gruppo Volo Costa d'Argento).

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(no subject)

Désolé pour le commentaire précédent qui n'est pas destiné à cette base ULM.

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(no subject)

Respecter 1000 ft en verticale terrain à l'arrivée.

Tour de piste à 500 ft au nord.

Survol de HOUVILLE et des trois villages situés en tour de piste interdit. Faire l'étape de base ou la branche traversière avant le chemin parallèle à la départementale.

Classes autorisées :

Classe 2

Classe 3

Classe 4

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Pedong is in West Bengal, India

Pedong is listed here erroneously under list of Sikkim whereas it is in adjoining state of West Bengal. The correction of the inadvertent error is requested. Thanks in advance!

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Incorrect TORA and LDA distances

The TORA and LDA in metres from Pooleys 19/08/23 are below. The current entry does not accurately reflect these:

06 TORA 467 m LDA 401 m

24 TORA 441 m LDA 430 m

18 TORA 318 m LDA 353 m

36 TORA 361 m LDA 308 m

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Runway edit

Runway 11 edited from 060 T to 110 True

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Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is an airport located in the Ingliston area of Edinburgh, Scotland. It was the busiest airport in Scotland in 2019, handling over 14.7 million passengers. It was also the sixth-busiest airport in the United Kingdom by total passengers in 2019, and second-busiest outside London. It is located 5 NM west of the city centre, just off the M8 and M9 motorways. It is owned and operated by Global Infrastructure Partners, who are also a minority shareholder of Gatwick Airport. The airport has one runway and one passenger terminal and employs about 2,500 people.

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THE best airport!

Haneda is THE best airport that I know. Super efficient airport, and reasonably short ways for both domestic and international terminals. Haneda is situated in Tokyo’s Ota district, which is in South Tokyo (between Tokyo and Yokohama) and is therefore much closer to Tokyo than Narita, which is technically not even in Tokyo, but the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. If you are lucky and both wind and weather conditions align, you can get some really nice views of the city from above during ascend/descent with Fuji-san kn the background.

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Escort Dubai and Europe

Sa may mga kamag anak sa dubai or UAE na gusto din pumunta pero takot ma offload pm assist kita

At sa may may visa holder going Europe na walang oec at hindi pa makakaalis message moko para ma assist ko kayo lalo na yung malapit na mag expired and visa

Pm pm pm na po kayo habang open tayo

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re: site


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re: Forests, desert and savannah

Reply to @poltava: i can introduce your company to chad

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re: Runway length is estimated

Reply to @david: used by military out of the inspection

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re: Runway length is estimated

Reply to @david: ok

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Aviosuperficie Fly Team Paceco

aircraft disciplines general aviation and skydiving

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Aviosuperficie Massarotti

ACTIVITIES disciplines practised: planes, parachuting this is another airfield that I will mark and add to the map.

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campo volo Ereo

testate pista corrette aggiunta la frequenza e corretto i valori di lunghezza e larghezza pista

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Campo di volo Niscemi Parisi

Of this private airfield I have little information from what I see it looks like a private villa or resort with the possibility of landing with ultralights

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Campo di volo Vicari

i not have much information regard this camp field. bu hi add in to map

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campo di volo eagles.

ACTIVITY disciplines practiced: motor delta, three-axis ulm, autogyro, paramotor, ulm helicopter, model aircraft

professional activity: yes company activity: It is possible to make repairs after notice from mechanic

specialized entities: Civil Defense Volunteer Association "The Eagles" volunteer activities: sighting

firefighting - Logistics

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Aviosuperficie Paterno'

this airfield is currently closed.

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if the private owner behaves badly towards the guests and is jealous of the camp, it means that he is hiding some problem or that the airfield is not in order or that he engages in illicit acts such as drug dealing, in any case the private camp is not it is private but it is also an emergency camp and therefore the owner who behaves badly must absolutely be reported to the forces of order or to the police.

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(no subject)

according to European rules, whoever makes airstrips or makeshift camps available does so both for emergencies and for tourism, yes, they are private, but if one has built them, he also makes them available for emergencies and tourism, therefore he is obliged to leave a contact and a telephone number and he is also obliged to enroll in the aviation register to register and also obliged to keep the runway built according to the law and in the event of obstacles he must report the obstacles or the various problems that the runway has slopes, etc., etc. this site did not allow me to add the telephone number of the owner of the airfield and wrong because the information must be published in Italy there is AVIOPORTOLANO which is a book where all the minor airports are published in accordance with the law with their respective numbers telephones.

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if you talk to me about private runway I agree with you....but on this site the classifications of aviation facilities are not very clear.....I am an Italian and in my language the classification is this "AEREOPORTI, BASI AEREE, AVIOSUPERFICI, CAMPO DI VOLO,IDROSCALI" I in English I can't translate "CAMPI DI VOLO" if I use the translator it writes airfield but an airfield(campo di volo) and a grass runway where only ultralight aircraft can land while an airfield (AVIOSUPERFICIE) is a facility where both general aviation and ultralight aircraft can land.

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: that remark was about the original incorrect location. All clear now.

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Runway 17/35 permanently closed.


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It's generally never a good idea to land on any private airstrip without advance notice or permission except in cases of dire emergency. All headings and information here should be considered to be for informational purposes only, and contact information for owners of private airstrips may not even be publicly available depending on jurisdiction.

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Aviosuperficie Falcone information







CONTACT: telohone airfield - telephone manager - Fax - telephone logistic manager - -

OTHER INFO hangar and parking price: yes, call to ask landing fee: no staff available on: SAT and SUN, other days

call before

SERVICES fuel availability: Lead-free - 100LL - call to ask nearest gas station: 2 km bar: yes restaurant: yes public

transport: Lavello - Gaudiano bus line taxi: Taxi Lavello: other services: guesthouse

TOURING hotel: “Pensione Italia”, “La Coccinella”, “Hotel Dante”, Agriturismo “Carpe Diem”, “MoMa hotel”,

Agriturismo “La Moschella”, Agriturismo “Posta Piana”, “Forentum Suites”, “San Barbato Resort”, B&B “Il Brigante”.

restaurant: on-site agritourism: yes camping: on-site nice places to overfly: Monticchio lakes, Pollino, Federiciani

castles, Gargano, Murgia Barese, Margherita di Savoia salt pans, Trani. tourist facilities and places of interest:

San Barbato resort

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ww2 operation

this was one of the German-Italian bases during world war ii in particular Ursel was the first port of call for italian pilots with fiat cr-42 and fiat g-50. italian pilots departed from here to attack the british coast during the early days of the battle of england.