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You can spend the night there

I had an early flight and slept inside the airport. Besides the restaurant, which is close during the night, you can sleep there in a comfortable way. You can get to the airport from downtown Gdansk for about 1 euro (4.8 sloti). I The journey takes about 40 minutes. The bus is number 210.

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re: KP 395 Decommisioned

According to AIC 04/20 it wasn't decommisioned yet, it is planned to be disabled by 2025.

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1970 is more than 22 years before 2018.

Looks like this airport did exist ... 40 to 50 years ago.

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Dual-use facility

JMSDF Chichijima Airfield has both a seaplane ramp (ShinMaywa US-2 patrol flying boats) and a heliport.

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looked like a really nice airpark community has been recently built here

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stunning approach

great views over the water and of the canal when landing 18

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re: Pilot

Reply to @Glastar1995: that's awesome!

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re: Frenchy's Cassette Tape - The Art of Flying

I still have the 8 track tape.

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Formerly Pendleton Airpark

Used to be Pendleton Airpark, 77NY. Note the unusual runway designation, E-W rather than 09-27.

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Shares runways with EBBR

But has a different ICAO, so maintaining the separate heading is necessary.

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Inspiration for the musical Come from Away

A former transatlantic crossroads before the jet era, Gander was one of the airports that housed stranded travelers when American airspace was closed due to the events of September 11, 2001; Gander International received 7000 passengers from thirty-eight planes. The incredible hospitality of the Newfoundlanders inspired the musical Come from Away, which ran on Broadway from 2017 to 2022, and continues to spark interest from innumerable "Come-from-Aways" in the people and culture of the island.

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Excellent condition gravel runway

Ultralight certification process undergoing

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Claimed as the highest airstrip in the world

At 16200 feet, this is definitely about as high-altitude as permanent facilities get. More information on the linked Wiki page, of course.

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test comment


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re: Immigration assistance

Reply to @Teresa: email please.

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re: Immigration assistance

Reply to @Teresa: sorry same pla tyo

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Problem Report resolved

@david RPLP Legazpi Domestic is now a closed airport, and the IATA code of LGP has been properly transferred to RPLK Bicol International.

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Gravel runway for the 'I am Gold' Goldmine in Burkina Faso

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re: OurAirports doesn't delete closed airports

Reply to @animebirder: Thank you. Yes, that is correct. We keep closed airports in the database, but not closed heliports or floatplane bases (unless they have special historical interest; we haven't been too consistent, though). They are easy to filter out of the open data export.

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OurAirports doesn't delete closed airports

Hi @mforte! My understanding is that closed airports remain on the database for historical records as well as to keep people informed for aviation safety reasons -- so pilots do not attempt to land there, but are aware the facility either exists or previously existed. There is also the chance that if a closed airport still exists, it may still be used in case of emergency (ie Air Canada Flight 143, 23/07/1983).

This also allows passengers and pilots to log historical visits that occurred in the past (ie my own visit to Hong Kong Kai Tak in 1980).


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Great airpark!

Flew in today for an open house for a couple of the properties on the field. Nice place!

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re: Not GMAR

Reply to @PapaOscar:

I will fly there next november

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re: Not GMAR

Reply to @PapaOscar

I am supposed to fly at GMAR next november ifor the occasion of Rallye La Marche Verte organized by the royal aero club of Agadir:

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Plateforme ULM

Visitée le 20/08/2022. Piste bien entretenue. Attention antenne très proche côté seuil 24.

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Welcome Zoufftgen!

As flying member of this airfield near Luxembourg, it had to be present on !

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re: Please fix

Reply to @emes: Done

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Please fix

@david could you please edit

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The best fish and chips!

I heard the rumors, it took me a while to venture down here, but the fish were phenomenal! I loved the theme of the restaurant (very similar to Randy's at Boeing (RIP).

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Not much left to land on!

Maybe for a helicopter, or for Scrappy or Draco (RIP), but most of the airfield was eroded away

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Coastal Airport (83J) is closed (Closed in 2014)

Coastal Airport was closed and is now an Escambia County school. It was a fun airport, my daughter sat in her first glider here. The gliders moved over to a nearby field in Alabama, just up the road a piece. The airfield closed sometime in 2014 and was not even on the 2017 sectional as a closed airfield. I was sad to learn that it was no longer there as it was a place that I enjoyed watching the glider at.

You can learn more here:

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Runway is a bit deteriorated

Beware of lots of cracks and weeds on the runway when landing here.

They have complimentary bicycles here as well but were not usable due being in disrepair. Hopefully they will fix them because I want to go back!

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Some things to keep in mind flying to Orillia Ramara airport

1. The beginning of rwy 30 slopes upwards but this isn't listed in the CFS.

2. Lots of birds grazing on the grass.

3. The ARCAL is apparently private and I couldn't activate them when I flew overhead the field one night recently, so keep this in mind if staying here till dark.

4. The taxiway just off the runway is very narrow, so be sure to listen to any traffic on the ground as two planes can't squeeze past each other on the narrow section

5. Airport restaurant is tasty and has live music as well, (a bit expensive though) if fly-and-dining is your cup of tea. A bit strange of me to mention, but the pictures in the male washroom are very funny!

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re: Great airport for night fliers

Reply to @cessna1504lyfe: Also another thing to add, an AWOS is available here on 122.55.

Not sure why it's not listed in the CFS.

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Great airport for night fliers

Self serve fuel + comfortable and neat 24/7 lounge has made this airport a memorable one for me. Be sure to leave money in the box in the kitchen if you take any water bottles or snacks.

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re: loved the courtesy car

Reply to @cessna1504lyfe: Oh and watch out for deer when driving, they're everywhere on the island.

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loved the courtesy car

Nothing makes a trip to such a peaceful and picturesque airport better than a courtesy car!

Was able to see much more than I planned on. It's a minivan, perfect for small groups flying in, just contribute 20$ for the upkeep and make sure you bring it back at the same fuel level and it's yours for the day. Just call them in advance and reserve it to be sure of having it on the day you fly there.

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re: Kelangan ko po ng tulong

Reply to @Needhelp000: pm send po

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I removed the GMAR ICAO code from this strip, and created the real GMAR a couple of kilometers north.

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Fuel Stop on the way to KMKV

Fueled up here. Very friendly Operator and gave me a free water.

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Cherokee 6/300 lived here

I met a couple of gentlemen on a Cherokee 6/300 I was interested in. Sadly I came home empty.

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New Airport to me

Stopped in for Fuel on my way home from Louisiana to look at an airplane.

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At least 12 explosions at the Russian-occupied airbase on 2022-08-09:

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re: Immigration assistance

Reply to @Teresa: mam may email po ko pwede po ba mag pa escory

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Beautiful airbase and staff. Good museum great for landing and departure.

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Amazing Airport loved the staff

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Landing fee - 20€

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re: The Phoenix from the ashes

How much did they pay you for this? LOL! This airpark is anything but....