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re: saudações a galera

Reply to @oslec20: bem vindo

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Failed info

This airport does not exist.

Please check you information.

Therebis one but in Mato Grosso state

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Good overall

Been there in 2019, very well kept and equipped, nice stores and easy locomotion inside the airport

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Some old parts of apron still there

Just saying that some of the apron is still there along with some taxiways.

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Excelent dirt runway

Excelent dirt runway, better than some asphalt out there. It even has jet fuel. Great service.

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Santos Dumont Airport

Santos Dumont Airport is the second major airport serving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is named after the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont. It is operated by Infraero.

Santos Dumont has slot restrictions operating with a maximum of 19 operations/hour, being one of the five airports with such restrictions in Brazil.

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Santa Cruz Air Force Base

Santa Cruz Air Force Base – ALA12 is a base of the Brazilian Air Force, located in the district of Santa Cruz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Jacarepaguá Airport

Jacarepaguá–Roberto Marinho Airport is an airport in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil dedicated to general aviation. Following extensive renovation in 2008 the airport was renamed after Roberto Pisani Marinho, a journalist and former president of Globo Network. It is a major helibase for offshore support.

During a transitional period, the airport is jointly operated by Infraero and XP Inc.

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Rio de Janeiro/Galeão International Airport

Rio de Janeiro/Galeão – Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport is the main airport serving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2019, it was the country's fourth-busiest airport by passenger traffic. It is named after the neighborhood of Galeão. Praia do Galeão is located in front of the original passenger terminal and where the galleon Padre Eterno was built in 1663. Since 5 January 1999 it is also named after Brazilian musician Antonio Carlos Jobim. Galeão Airport is explicitly mentioned in his composition Samba do Avião. It is the largest airport site in terms of area in Brazil.

Since 12 August 2014 it has been operated by the concessionary Rio Galeão, a consortium formed by the Brazilian investor Odebrecht and Changi Airport Group, with a minority participation of the government owned company Infraero, the previous operator. The new concessionary has been using the brand name RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim.

Some of its facilities are shared with the Galeão Air Force Base of the Brazilian Air Force.

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Afonsos Air Force Base

Afonsos Air Force Base – BAAF is a base of the Brazilian Air Force, located in the district of Marechal Hermes, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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(no subject)

Great runway

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learned how to drive here

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re: KP 395 Decommisioned

According to AIC 04/20 it wasn't decommisioned yet, it is planned to be disabled by 2025.

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The correct ICAO code (year 2022) is SD9C

The correct ICAO code (year 2022) for this airport is SD9C, as can be seen here:

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(no subject)

looks like a fun place to fly in

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Airport Information

Public Airport

FCA 124.925Mhz

RWY 1350x30 meters (ASPHALT)

VFR Night Operation

AVGAS/JET Fuel Available

More information contact VOA SP

TEL (13) 3421-3080

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i hope they managed to check into their flight

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fun airport

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saudações a galera

Sou membro novo. Saudações a todos.

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re: RWY Number changed

Reply to @M320FR: thank you! I've updated the runway.

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RWY Number changed

New bearing 12/30.

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KP 395 Decommisioned

Sept 2007

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Super friendly airport!!

GA is very wellcome with fair avgas and Jetfuel prices

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Main airport in the rain forest!

Civil International Airport in Manaus (big city in the middle of Amazon Jungle). All customs services available 24/7. Good hotels nearby.

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Name probably incorrect. Needs to be updated

The real Fazenda São João do Guaporé airport (SNWI) is a few miles southeast of this location. This airport has no ICAO code. I am guessing this name is wrong as well and needs updating so it isn't confused with SNWI.

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This is open and labeled SSWT, not SSVV. Please Correct

It's on the current maps. See,-56.11861&chart=301&zoom=3

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New NDB at Jaguaruna Airport

JGN 280 kHz 28 40 44 S, 049 04 00 W

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IATA code

ARS is on "Aragarças Airport". The iata code is duplicate for "Aragarças Airport" and this point.

should be removed?

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Small runway but fun

Be careful with the Dirt strip is short and not well maintained

Use Small aircrafts as King air or Cessna

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Sikorski Escola de Aviação Civil

A SIKORSKI – Escola de Aviação Civil está situada na região metropolitana de Curitiba. Seu fundador e diretor Comandante Jorge Sikorski, piloto de aviões e helicópteros, tem uma experiência de mais de 40 anos no meio aeronáutico.

Formado pelo Centro de Formação de Pilotos Militares da Força Aérea Brasileira, trabalhou muitos anos como piloto de helicóptero na Amazônia, operando principalmente em transporte de carga externa, supervisão de linhas de transmissão de energia, vistorias de meio ambiente, executando missões onshore e offshore por todo o país.

Foi pioneiro na implantantação de vôos panorâmicos em Curitiba e litoral paranaense, atuou junto à Poliícia Militar e Corpo de Bombeiros em missões de busca e salvamento, além de transporte aéreo de carga e passageiros. Elaborou o planejamento e implantação dos Helipontos do Parque Barigui e do Hospital Cajurú, viabilizando a rapidez aos atendimentos de emergências. Hoje proprietário da Sikorski Serviços Aéreos, que presta serviços para grandes emissoras, produtoras e empresas que querem sua marca valorizada através de imagens aéreas, serviço esse prestado por aeronaves na categoria SAE (serviço aéreo especializado). Também possui empresa importadora e exportadora de aeronaves e peças aeronáuticas, podendo assim prestar serviços e consultoria para terceiros.

A SIKORSKI Escola de Aviação Civil nasce para ser referência no mercado, com sede própria, treinamento padronizado e com total segurança, instrutores capacitados e experientes. Nossa sede tem toda estrutura para a formação e capacitação dos alunos e futuros comandantes. Faça parte da Sikorski, venha voar conosco.

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A pilots city.

One of the most important flight schools of Latin America is located here. EJ Flight School with Itápolis City Airclub formed a great part of brazilian airline pilots.

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G3 6785

I´d like to check my reservation on FLIGHT G3 6785 for ALFREDO FARIOLI and MARTA SANCHEZ because I can´t print either the check in or the voucher. Thank you so much.

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Airport localization

It is not South America --> Brazil --> Minas Gerais --> Campos Gerais.

Is South America --> Brazil --> Parana --> Campos Gerais

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Urgent information

Hello, I need your email and telephone is urgent. I'm from Argentina and we are searching a lost ship name Tunante II in Brasilian coast with 4 people aboard, the family want to talk with you to plain a search.

Sorry about my hurry and my english,


Margarita den Toom


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14 Bis

Belo aeroporto para pequenas aeronaves......

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where the fuck is it?

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Umberto Modiano Airport

Currently closed due to operational risks (i.e. pending restoration work on runway 07/25), see NOTAM below (valid till may 25th 2014):


PERÍODO: 25/02/14 18:23 A 24/05/14 23:59


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Flying in Ponta Grossa

I was in Brasil on holiday and really wanted to go flying over my fiancée home town of Castro. It took a few phone calls but got to go up with aeroclube in Ponta Grossa and a great guy called Paulo. The flight was in a Cessna 152 and he was chilled out for the whole flight, if anyone if think of taking a short local flight whilst in Brasil I would highly recommend it. Cost was 350 real for an hour which is cheaper than flying back in the UK solo.

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Onde estaciono meu Piper j3 1956

Aeroporto da cidade onde resido e onde faço meus voos aa tarde de fim de semana....

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re: Aproximação

Reply to @jesus:

En la republica Argentina los servicios aeroportuarios son una mierda

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dirt runway

Runway in poor condition.

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re: Aproximação

Reply to @HighTech: bom obrigado muito parecidos @ HighTech

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re: Airport may close

David, o problema em Congonhas é que não tem uma área de escape, portanto os pilotos precisam ser extremamente experientes nas aproximações e sempre usar o ILS mesmo em CAVOK. Desativar o aeroporto isto não vai acontecer, mas sinceramente gostaria muito que tivesse esta área de escape, o que seria necessário desapropriar alguns terrenos nos finais de cada lado das pistas, ou melhor ainda, ao redor do aeroporto.

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re: Aproximação

Jesus, não tenho este arquivo não

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re: Aproximação

Good morning I wonder if you can get the kml of airports and ports of the Republic Argentina or South America, is the purpose of a work of natural disasters in the region from now thank you very much my mail is

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re: Aproximação

Reply to @HighTech: Buenos dias quisiera saber si se puede obtener el kml de aeropuertos y puertos, de la republica argentina.

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re: Aproximação

Sem dúvida alguma, este comentário é meu, mas agora sou usuário do site também.

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A Aproximação pela 17R é emocionante e bem desafiadora.

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Aba Airport

The folks at Aero Centro Aeronaves were very friendly and very helpful. Got us fueled and on our way quickly.

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No airline service

Small Airport. 1200 mts

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