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Looks like it might well be private aka "personal" - always hard to tell from far away.

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Easy transit into the city

Copenhagen no longer has Uber. Taxis are slow and insanely expensive. The Metro is cheap, fast, and will take you right into the downtown train station, or (with a single, easy transfer) to the UN offices and the cruise ship port.

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Major activity of gliders Fri, Sat and Sun. TMG and UL approved, but LSA like Cessna, Piper not, because of noise level.

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Beautiful airport

Excellent shops and restaurants, and the wooden furnish is really nice.

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Mom here Elizabeth bringing her infantsKonte Chooputho diamond s with

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Avnø closed!

Avnø has been closed for nearly 15 years....

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F Gates

Earlier this month we flew to and from Copenhagen from Edinburgh with Easyjet. Having flown with Easyjet previously we were not surprised by the flight. However what did surprise us was the F gates at Copenhagen Airport. Firstly they are about 20 minutes walk with only assistance for part of the way and secondly the F satellite is about as basic as it could have been made. This is after all a permanent installation and to have insufficient seats and toilets is totally unacceptable. I would suggest that if you are flying to Copenhagen do not go with Easyjet or Ryanair.

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direct flights from IST too

There is a non-stop flight of TK from IST to AAl too.

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As a light aircraft pilot considering a trip to Gronholt it would have been useful to know whether 100LL is available. An indication of landing fees would also have been helpful.

That said, thanks for the info.

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oslo - Bornholm Norway_ Denmark

Noen som har fløyet fra oslo til Bornholm? Hvor mange NM er det? Jeg skal fly dit til sommern med C-172.


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Halfdan B Helideck

Befolket af dygtige menneser

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EKAL closed back in 2007

If you please can update EKAL Allerød Flyveplads from small_airport to closed

Regards, Leif Bramsing

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Billund is the main regional airport for the region of Jylland in Denmark, with connections to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, France, UK, Austria, Estland, Letland, The Faroes, Iceland as well as a host of charter destinations.. Apart from being a vital service for the communities in the region, it and the region has several other interesting attractions, number one probably being LEGO, the famous buidling block. The airport was actually started by the Lego-family and business, in order to facilitate expansion and development of the building block. Lego is still the main employer in the relatively small community, but which has a rather large regional reach. The first LEGOLAND is situated just south of the runway and so is one of Europes largest aqualands, waterfun-for-the-whole-family type of recreational facilty. A few miles from the airport you'll find Givskud Zoo, a major excotic animal park, much known for its extensive research in animal behaviour and endangered species preservation.

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