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Offshore wind farm

This platform is part of an offshore North Sea wind farm with a planned 600 MW capacity.

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Here I learned to fly !!

Everyone already knows the definition by which a "good landing" is one after which you can leave the plane on its own legs. But few know the definition of "big landing": and one after which you can use the plane another time.

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re: Multiple IATA/ICAO codes

Reply to @dmomper: Right now, there's no capability, but I've added "LSZM" and the extra IATA codes to the keywords, so that they'll at least show up in searches.

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re: new info

Reply to @Jan_Olieslagers: Updated the airport name and code, and added a link to the Wikipedia article.

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Uninhabited island

This island in the Pacific Ocean is uninhabited (except by occasional expeditions or cast-aways), and is a direct possession of France rather than part of one of its overseas territories. It does not belong to any Region or Department.

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(no subject)

Cool that the electrical lines are buried where they cross the strip but you'll probably break your landing gear if you try to land here, it's full of huge potholes.

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(no subject)

It's not suitable to land as it has meter high vegetation.

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(no subject)

Actually it's a grass runway and quite hard to spot if you're not familiar with it.

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(no subject)

Small private airfield in a small tourist lodging with pool :)

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(no subject)

It was improved recently for an ultra light aircraft fly-in event but military authorisation is required to use it.

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Agricultural strip in good condition used to load a Piper crop duster operating in the area.

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Runway 28/10

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(no subject)

Very good condition dirt airstrip in the middle of some vineyards

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(no subject)

Also beware that there is a fence across the strip.

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(no subject)

Agricultural shared airstrip/road in good condition.

Beware that sometimes there are some containers on the north end of the strip.

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Alicante Airport Guide

I found useful information for the Alicante airport on

If you are planning to visit this airport you will lots of helpful details on this site.

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re: Another Ukraien International Airport!

I assume it at least has customs for private aircraft.

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Road crossing runway

From the Wikipedia article:

"Winston Churchill Avenue (the main road heading towards the land border with Spain) intersects the airport runway, and consequently has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs."

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Still open (2019)

If flew in again this spring. Yes, it's still here. The airport is a bit shabby and run-down, but you can't beat it for convenienceโ€”just a quick short distance away from the centre of the city.

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re: LFSL

Reply to @Tgd: Thanks for the update! We're a community-driven initiative, and if you have time, you are very welcome to edit the airport entry to make the changes. If not, then hopefully one of our other volunteers will have a chance to get to it.

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Toul AB doenโ€™t exist anymore : itโ€™s been converted to a solar farm...

LFSL is Brive-Souillac airport (BVE).

Please update your database.

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Gran Canaria Airport Guide

I found a helpful guide to airport information on LPA at

Anyone wishing to visit this airport will be assisted greatly in looking at this site.

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Tavira Aero Clube...

What's a pitty... I would like to fly over the Rio Formosa...

The British guy still have its microlight in Olhaรต???

I wish that an other Aero Clube will open soon in Tavira...

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Rundway Info

Runway 18-36 600 x 20 meter GRASS/GRAVEL

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Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - Arrivals and Departures

Check out arrivals and departures time tables from Munich Airport:

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - Arrivals

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - Departures

Watch the Munich Airport airtraffic in real-time:

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Munich Airport (MUC) - Arrivals and Departures

Check out arrivals and departures time tables from Munich Airport:

Munich Airport (MUC) - Arrivals

Munich Airport (MUC) - Departures

Watch the Munich Airport airtraffic in real-time:

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Great facilities. Friendly airport team


FISO Clive is great in the tower along with his friendly colleague who books you out. Good choices of Runway. Asphalt. Not a long taxi. Airport Manager is hard-working and eager. Good fuel prices. Competitive landing fees. JetA1 and 100LL available.


Great Cafรฉ with a wide range of snacks, sandwiches hot, and beverages. Easy navigation from car park with plenty of spaces daily to cafรฉ. Garden area for youngers to play around and watch the aircrafts.

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Don't linger

I've traveled to and through here quite a bit over the past few years, because of work. It's an OK terminal, but it's not designed for you to linger anywhere (until your gate is open). Just keep moving.

Also, food vendors ask to see your boarding pass, which is a bit strange.

Train connections are excellent. Don't even *think* about getting into Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, etc any other way.

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Easy transit into the city

Copenhagen no longer has Uber. Taxis are slow and insanely expensive. The Metro is cheap, fast, and will take you right into the downtown train station, or (with a single, easy transfer) to the UN offices and the cruise ship port.

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BRIZE 2019.

Busy military aerodrome.

Based aircraft types, currently......


A330.... A2A refuel, Passenger, Freight, VIP.

C17.....Heavylift freight.


C130J....Freight, Tactical, Paradropping.


Skyvan/Dornier20....parachute training under civilian contract.

PA28.....Brize flying club.....civilian.

Visiting aircraft strictly ppr.

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New Code LECH

LECN is no longer Castellรณn. "Castellรณn, costa de Azahar" now is LECH.

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London Heathrow Airport

Check out arrivals and departures time tables from London Heathrow Airport:

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) - Arrivals

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) - Departures

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re: This airport should move soon to another place

FWIW, the decision to move from Nantes Atlantique Airport in the South of Nantes to Notre Dame Des Landes in the North of Nantes has been abandoned.

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Heliport to be listed

Currently in use by Italian com^pany Alidaunia

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This gliding field is no more, and the gliding club has move

After the gliding club based at Den Helder Naval Station ("de Kooy") was forced to find a new place to fly due to increasing off-shore helicopter traffic based at this NAS as well, the club found this farmer's field in Middenmeer (Wieringermeer). This glider-only field has now been decommissioned after utilities company Nuon took an interest in their field to put up a few windmills and made an offer to move the entire club and its operations to a new field just south of Hypolitushoef. Brand new field, facilities, all of it, very nice. The new addres is Hippolytushoeverweg 15a, 1774 MK Slootdorp, Netherlands and they can be reached on w3-zweef-nl or +31 6 22537070.

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Mantoani Paolo - Via Monza 11 - 33100 Udine - Italy

Dear Sirs of Control Tower - telecomunications

with much pleasure I received transmission of your non directional

beacon IZA

DATE 08 apr 2019 UTC 0047 kHz 394

RST 539 RECEIVER Elad fdm duo ANTENNA delta loop 30 m.

For my collection I would be very happy to receive your QSL or E-QSL.

If you do not have QSL, a simple confirmation mail is also wellcome


Best regards and thank you very much.

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Never again possible ...

Happy to be there before final closed this beautiful place

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There's a great Cafe here.

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Runway change

Main runway designation now 29 - 11

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(no subject)

the new radio frequency is 119.655

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Nice looking airport!

I'm having fun with the simulator. I like to use airports in Germany to test the sim. I would like, however, to visit this airport someday.

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(no subject)

I want to fly to the nearest airport to septfonds

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(no subject)

Interesting approach. Fly down the little fjord and then climb to land. Optical illusion that the runway is short since there is a jump mid fields.

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(no subject)

ร‰ um excelente aerรณdromo

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Runways arenโ€™t lighted!!!

This marvellous airport does not have lit runways.

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(no subject)

Closed since 2000. How can be in "acceptable condition" in 2018? At least chech more recent photos !!!

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Mod Base

Certainly is an interesting airfield to land at, big wide runway. Not a lot to do there other than have a tea or coffee. Being a military getting on and off can be a little difficult%. Bring photo ID if you want to go off camp and allow extra time to be ferried on and off camp.

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Friendliest airport/club

We arrived there in G-FIZZ back in October we were treated to a tour of the museum and biplane aircraft. The club chairman insisted we put our aircraft in the hanger for the night.

Looking forward to returning.

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(no subject)

The runway is 03/21

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