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re: Crimea

Hi Bill35! In the current iteration of the database: neither Crimea nor Sevastopol are selectable as independent entities or as subdivisions of Russia, only as subdivisions of Ukraine. The United Nations continues to consider Crimea and Sevastopol as Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. There are instances where OurAirports diverges from strict UN interpretation (ie. Taiwan, Kosovo) and note that the islands of the southern Kuril chain are reckoned as strictly Russian and not Japanese (mirroring decades of de facto control), but for the most part, I believe this site adheres to UN and IATA policy.

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This airport is in "Region": Autonomous Republic of Crimea(ะะฒั‚ะพะฝะพะผะฝะฐั ะ ะตัะฟัƒะฑะปะธะบะฐ ะšั€ั‹ะผ) ISO code UA-43.

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Remanded to Website Owner

I am too busy adding unlisted airports and heliports throughout the world to continue to deal with this regional spat. I have remanded this to the OurAirports administrator for an official decision. If he decides to add Crimea and Sevastopol as subdivisions of the Russian Republic, then that's up to him.

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Please stop considering Crimea as part of Ukraine

The sooner everyone in good faith accept the reality, the better it will be for the aviation safety

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Please stop moving this airport to Russia.

Unless and until the UN recognizes the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia, we should continue to list all airports in Crimea as being in Ukraine. There is no subdivision for Crimea or Sebastopol under the Russia heading. This is not the time or place for nationalistic sentiment -- this is simply abiding by the good-faith standards of database maintenance.

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To be reopened by 2023

Apparently under (re)construction as Vlorรซ International Airport.

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Great airport

Small but extremely efficient. Have used dozens of times and rarely been disappointed.

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Semaine 7

Terrain rรฉservรฉ aux appareils basรฉs du 16 au 22 fรฉvrier 2021 : terrain gras et abรฎmรฉ.

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Please update

Remove old ESKS (strรคngnรคs AB) as it is interfering with some programs using this database. Also this airport now has airliner service after a big expansion, ref wikipedia.

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New airport

Could this old please be removed as it is not existing anymore.

Please add the new ESKS instead. Scandinavian Mountains airport (IATA: SCR)

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This airport has an NDB:

BR -... .-. 388 kHz

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fast baggage handling

Your baggage is usually in the moment available you enter the arrivals area.

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(no subject)

You may cross the runway when hiking the beautiful coastline. An alarm sounds to announce air traffic.

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Re: Camรญ Heliport

This name was incorrect. Camรญ in Catalan means path, and therefore Camรญ Heliport is "Heliport Path", the name of the adjacent road. The correct name (Terra Guindaldes) has been applied to this heliport.

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re: Sint-Truiden is a much bigger airfield than Goetsenhoven

Reply to @DirkHaverals: Correction : the color of the icons switch also when a took a look again and I don't know why. Guess I am new here . . .

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Sint-Truiden is a much bigger airfield than Goetsenhoven

The icons (purple and green plane on the map) of the airfields EBTN and EBST should be switched. EBTN (Goetsenhoven) is a small private airfield, EBST is much larger and has much more facilities.

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(no subject)


- a Drop Zone with C-182 (up to 12000 ft) on weekends,

- active club offers sightseeing on Cessna 172, paramotor tandems, motor kite...

- active pilot school SRB.ATO-017 with SPL, LAPL(A) AND PPL(A) training.

- also pilot rating courses for Flight instructors FI(S) and FI(A); Aerobatic rating ARB(A); sailplane&banner towing rating STR

Temporary border-crossing for non-commercial international flights

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De Voorst ICAO code

Glider Field De Voorst has been allocated ICAO code EHDV

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Salento helicopters

the tourist helicopter activity operated from 2016 to 2018. today salento helicopters the activity closed but the helipad is on site

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(no subject)

yes for me yor i loock only one whit a signage on the asphalt

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Helipad for tourist

the tourist helicopter is used to visit the island of Sant Andrea on this map the heliport is not visible because it is covered by the boats.

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Helipad masseria del cardinale

Masseria Relais del Cardinale, built in the 15th century, formerly the seat of the Knights of Malta and still today the Baliaggio d'Italia of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulcher, is today a splendid five-star luxury hotel.

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Helipad turistic paretano

Valle D'itria place

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(no subject)

Surely this is only a helipad at our already known Aviosuperficie Aerotre?

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eliporto militare otranto

i report this

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Eliporto di Supersano

i report this heliport

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Heliport hotel costa Brada

i report this eliport in gallipoli

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Heliport gallipoli

i report this heliport in the port of gallipoli

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Heliport of Melendugno

i report this on melendugno

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Eliporto Militare galatina

i report this military heliport of italy air force

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Eliporto sant'anna

i report this heliport

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Heliport leonardo spa

Italian company that builds helicopters

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Heliport for emergency

heliport ospital antonio perrino

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Heliport le dune

i report this elipad

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Heliport Military marines aviation

Heliport of italian aviation marine coorps

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Heliport of Gorttaglie

report this heliport

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Eiporto miilitare aviazione della marina

Heliport Italy marine corps

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Eliporto marina militare

Heliport Marine Mil.

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Heliport il Melograno

heliport of private receiving room il melograno.

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Eliporto di Castellana grotte

tourist area of โ€‹โ€‹the famous underground caves of limestone nature

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Eliporto ospedale di acquaviva

Emergency heliport hospital acquaviva

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Elipoirto E.I.

military Heliport Italian army

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Eliporto Ospedale di Bari

Heliport Emergency of Bari

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Eliporto marina guardiacostiera di Bari

Heliport of coast guard of Bari

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Eliporto Carabinieri di Bari

Heliport Carabineri Bari

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Eliporto Polizia di stato Bari

Heliport police departement Bari

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Eliporto dei vigili del fuoco bari

Heliport fire departement Bari

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Eliporto vigili del fuoco

heliport fire departement

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Eliporto Guardia di Finanza

heliport of Guradia di finanza

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Eliporto di emergenza

Emercency heliport Hospital Altamura

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