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Well kept and relatively cheap gas, at 30SEK/litre for 91/96UL

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Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is an international airport located in the Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden, near the town of Märsta, 37 kilometres north of Stockholm and nearly 40 kilometres south-east of Uppsala. The airport is located within Stockholm County and the province of Uppland. It is the largest airport in Sweden and the third-largest airport in the Nordic countries. The airport is the major gateway to international air travel for large parts of Sweden. Arlanda Airport was used by nearly 27 million passengers in 2017, with 21.2 million international passengers and 5.5 million domestic.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the larger of Stockholm's two airports. The other, Stockholm–Bromma, is located north-west of the city's centre but can be used only by a small number of smaller aircraft. The smaller airports Stockholm-Skavsta and Stockholm-Västerås are both located around 100 kilometres away from the Swedish capital. Stockholm Arlanda serves as a major hub for Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle.

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airport info update

RWY15/33, 1199 x 30 m, PCL, Jet A1 and 100LL 24hr VISA/ Mastercard.


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(no subject)

Why insist on removing it? This is a correct mention of a (no longer active) aerodrome, isn't it?

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Please update

Remove old ESKS (strängnäs AB) as it is interfering with some programs using this database. Also this airport now has airliner service after a big expansion, ref wikipedia.

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New airport

Could this old please be removed as it is not existing anymore.

Please add the new ESKS instead. Scandinavian Mountains airport (IATA: SCR)

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Rundway Info

Runway 18-36 600 x 20 meter GRASS/GRAVEL

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(no subject)


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(no subject)

Here Soniagandhi all her families located at all airports fake calls on taking airport s into control false police with

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IFR operations ceased

This airport is now only VFR.

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Dear Sir / Madam,

we would like to fly to your airfield - beginning of June with a P28A.

Would you happen to have either AVGAS or Mogas ?

Best regards,

-Udo Floeter-

e-mail: udo.floeter@yahoo.com

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AD 1.1-27

OSKARSHAMN ESMO 572107N 0162954E NNE 5.4 NM from Oskarshamn 96 ft 01/19 1504x30 ASPH Yes 100LL O/R 123.350 Non-Licensed AD Municipal +46 (0)725 62 19 86 Weekdays 0600- 1500 (0500-1400) +46 (0)746 35 44 04 +46 (0)704 30 42 12 Fuel PPR NOV-MAR PCL on freq 123.350 MHz, 10 sec duration. Other activities may occur on RWY, TWY and apron. servicecenter@oskarshamn.se www.oskarshamn.se/flygplatsen

WARNING The frequency to be used is 123.350 nothing else!!!!!

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The airport is open for VFR flights. New frequency 123.350 MHz. TIA and TIZ and Tower is withdrawn.




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Why is there no public transport to/from the airport ? Surely one bus service per day would be possible ? Taxis are very expensive.

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Swedavia hates general aviation, there is no 100LL etc.

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Super Airport

Lovely airport,easy to navigate through and quickly through customs and passport control...long walk from terminal to exit..but hey thats nothing to serious..also easy service links outside to Stockholm Central

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from the official information site

www oskarshamnairport.se/en/

From Wednesday 2014-05-25, time 18:40 (16:40 UTC) Oskarshamn airport is shutting down ATS (AFIS, tower) rescue and firefighting- and fuelservices. Thus making it impossible for commercial traffic and/or other traffic needing these services. For information we, primarily, refer to NOTAM, and secondarily to telephone +46 (0)491 76 48 71.

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Airport Closed as of 01 May 2014

Airport was closed down for ever 01 May 2014. Will be reused for housing or other purposes.

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The airfield is used mainly by Varbergs Aeroclub.

webpage: varbergsflyg.se

560m grass strip, no runway lights. The 06/24 strip is closed, but do have runway lights that can be lit up from the tower.

Here is some information about the airfield, although in Swedish:



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Aerial map

I post in my website this satellite view of Arlanda Airport http://www.satelliteview.org/satellite/Stockholm-Arlanda_Airport

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ESMS Malmö Airport NDBs withdrawn

The two NDBs at Malmö Airport (NS and SS) have permanently been withdrawn.

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ESTO Tomelilla Airport is Closed

Airport owner has decided to close the airport. Too much effort to maintain it (owner is retired) was the reason for the decision.

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First time to visit here.

I had no trouble landing and departing Sovde. The grass strip was in good condition and plenty of room for my Cessna 310. Man named Jan came to see what was my trouble, and he was very nice. We enjoyed the 45 minutes we spent talking to him. I will visit there again on my next vacation to Europe.

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Airports I have been to.

Torsby Airport

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re: Closed

That's bad news. Thanks for the update.

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This airport is closed.

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Viared Airfield

Viared is open all year, but for a few days, mostly holidays. Check out local info on this site: http://www.borasflygplats.se/

After take-off RWY 22, and when you are stabilized in climb, make a slight left turn to a southerly heading to avoid complaints from nearby neighbors.

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re: Closed for public use

Reply to @fferm: that's bad news -- I hate to see yet another airport close.

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Closed for public use

Unfortunately this airport is now closed for public use and will be fully closed in the spring of 2010

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re: Not in use

Thanks. I've marked it as closed, and linked to an historical military field site as the home page.

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Not in use

This airport is not in use

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Decommissioned 747 hostel planned

Stockholm Arlanda Airport has approved plans for converting a decommissioned Boeing 747 into a hostel with 80 beds and a suite in the cockpit:


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I connected here on my way from Heathrow (LHR) to Vaasa, Finland (VAA) in the mid-to-late 1990s. My strongest memory from the time is that the phones were unbelievably expensive and difficult to use (I couldn't get to the toll-free Canada Direct number). Finland was a huge contrast at the time, since they'd already deregulated, and phone calls were even cheaper and easier than in Canada.

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