Kalmar län, Sweden

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airport info update

RWY15/33, 1199 x 30 m, PCL, Jet A1 and 100LL 24hr VISA/ Mastercard.


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AD 1.1-27

OSKARSHAMN ESMO 572107N 0162954E NNE 5.4 NM from Oskarshamn 96 ft 01/19 1504x30 ASPH Yes 100LL O/R 123.350 Non-Licensed AD Municipal +46 (0)725 62 19 86 Weekdays 0600- 1500 (0500-1400) +46 (0)746 35 44 04 +46 (0)704 30 42 12 Fuel PPR NOV-MAR PCL on freq 123.350 MHz, 10 sec duration. Other activities may occur on RWY, TWY and apron. servicecenter@oskarshamn.se www.oskarshamn.se/flygplatsen

WARNING The frequency to be used is 123.350 nothing else!!!!!

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The airport is open for VFR flights. New frequency 123.350 MHz. TIA and TIZ and Tower is withdrawn.




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from the official information site

www oskarshamnairport.se/en/

From Wednesday 2014-05-25, time 18:40 (16:40 UTC) Oskarshamn airport is shutting down ATS (AFIS, tower) rescue and firefighting- and fuelservices. Thus making it impossible for commercial traffic and/or other traffic needing these services. For information we, primarily, refer to NOTAM, and secondarily to telephone +46 (0)491 76 48 71.

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Airport Closed as of 01 May 2014

Airport was closed down for ever 01 May 2014. Will be reused for housing or other purposes.

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