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Russian control

This airport is in Crimea, still internationally recognised as part of Ukraine but under Russian military control. Due to international sanctions, only Russian flights are using the airport.

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Closed Airport

Do you see those crosses on runway? They're mean "That's closed airport!"

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re: Another Ukraien International Airport!

I assume it at least has customs for private aircraft.

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I took Yanair from Kiev to Tbilisi in October 2016.

Long time I did not experience such a lovely airport.... a dream!

Bravo for the Staff, for the maintenance.

I took a very nice breakfast in the cafรฉ.

I had a very nice and friendly flight.


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Information required

Could you notify me what flights are there to your airport from Kiev and how I can get to Ludansk from there..Is it safe to travel and what are the return costs likely to be? My email is My phone is +447841664428..many thanks Brian Johnson.

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Be ready to wait

Takes too much time to get in from custom

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Landing taxes

What are the cost of visiting Lviv with a light aircraft?

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Limanske Tower 118.150 MHz.

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Another Ukraien International Airport!

Like most International Airports in Ukraine this one also has no scheduled airline routes.

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International Airport!

Like CWC, no flights. A Ukraine Inetrnational Airport!

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International Airport!

This is a Ukrainian International Airport! As of now there are no - zero - scheduled flights in to this airport. Not International, not domestic. This is not a consequence of the revolution; there have not been any flights for months. [12MAR2014]

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I have asked them to message me back and have not hear from the poor customer service. They can not get there stuff straight and when did customs start asking to see or show money from ukrainian people to fly out of ukraine

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I am traveling from munich to mariupol many times a year, and would like to fly from kiev or doneskts instead of the taxi route, Can anyone supply flight information. It seems this airport is off radar!

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what to expect at Simferopol Airport

By the standards of a former Soviet county, the airport is not bad, clean, with OK toilets, and little cafe, a very basic duty free. It could be so much more, but staff are fairly friendly, at least functional and obliging. Really nothing to do there though, no where to spend your money

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Official name of airport

Official name for this airport is Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport

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Official website

Official website of the airport is

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re: construction/renovation

From what Company do you guys get the tickets to vinnitsa airport from? I've tried for the last couples of months and I couldn't find any, I'll have to go to kiev. which sites do you go? plus I think they renovated the airport to airfield airport which is too small for international flights.

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ะ—ะดั€ะฐะฒัั‚ะฒัƒะนั‚ะต ั ะทะดะตััŒ ะฝะพะฒะตะฝัŒะบะธะน!

ะ’ัะตะผ ะฟั€ะธะฒะตั‚! ะฅะพั‚ะตะป ะฟะพั…ะฒะฐะปะธั‚ัŒ ะ’ะฐัˆ ัะฐะนั‚. ะœะฝะต ะทะดะตััŒ ะพั‡ะตะฝัŒ ะฟะพะฝั€ะฐะฒะธะปะพััŒ.

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FLY IN July 2012

Flugtage, Fly-ins, Meetings, Wettbewerbe โ€ข 12.07.2012 - 16.07.2012

AOPA Summer Fly-in


Ort: Uzhhorod Airport (UKLU), UKR

The event incorporates flying displays and motorcycle stunt riding, visits to extraordinary local castles and much indulgence in traditional Carpathian delicacies and drinks.

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EAD data

My latest dataset from Eurocontrol shows the airport as still being open. They also list the name as "Vinnytsia/Gravryshivka".

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re: construction/renovation

Last time I visited vinnitsa was in winter 2011. the aiport was in decay and closed by then. As far as I know many small ukraine aiports has closed, this includes the airport of Vinnitsa

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Brand New OLD Airport

I think Kyiv did a crummy job on the airport remodel. It is like you have a "brand new" "OLD" airport. What is this deal with buses to airplanes, rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc?

There are so few seats around that it is pitiful. Having generic checkin-counters may seem like a good idea, but is worthless if you are trying to find a specific flight/airline, for example, to just check your bag a little early.

The only good thing I can see is the international departure area, more chairs, and a few resturants that charge in Grivinuias, which are cheap.

Overall, I would only give KBP a 2 or 3 out of 10. It is pitiful compared to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Minneapolis, and so on.

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Poor runway condition (rwy 16) in 2010

I landed in ODS in May 2010 on board a LOT E75 coming in from Warsaw. We used runway 16 which was in relatively poor condition, with lots of summarily repaired cracks.

I saw a few parked (for maintenance ?) aircraft including Yak-42 UR-CER in Fars Air Qeshm (Iran) color scheme.

The terminal building was outdated and not sized to handle significant traffic.

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re: Review

Reply to @trozanov:

Shame the custom officers behave like they must rob every traveller, creating their own rules as they go.

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Avoid this place!

The most disorganized & chaotic place I ever came across! The custom officers believe they have God given right to create their own rules & simply rob the travellers by using their official position. A lot of disrespect & shoking behaviour, especially from teenage custom officers- Forostovez & Gerasimov on the international departures. What a way to present the country! Shame on you!!!

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Good High Quality Runway and more european facilities good atc and nice friendly ground services. We flew from UKFK were it was a complete disaster and we expected the same here. However i was wrong. Expensive services however still much cheaper than in the states or europe.

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Very dull airport old abandoned. Most planes aren't used and are just standing there. Small parking space very very very bad facilities and ATC. Runway is visible however ILS is messed up and concrete needs repair. Mainly used for nothing really some people keep their cessna's there however again the facilities are very bad. Had to refuel but i chose to fly to UKFF (simferopol) and refuel there. Again i want to emphasis that no flights or airlines exist or fly from this airport. However it used to operate in soviet union, now it is abandoned and has 3 people working on it. No equipment and no fire fighters! My client ( i am a pilot of a buissness jet) didnt even get his passport checked by customs i wont even mention security.

But on the otherhand the parking space and ATC and landing fees were ridiculously cheap. Its like heaven for pilots if only their were good facilities...

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Chu bude sze dijuzum Air Base Kornych ??...

Chu e v plani stvorennja novogo aviapolka v Kornuzi ??..

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has the airport in Vinnitsa been renovated or upgraded from the time I visited the city 3 years ago?

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Temporarily closed

This is Kiev's original, smaller airport (Boryspil, further out of town, is the main one).

As of 2009-01-22, the airport is still temporarily closed for repairs and upgrades (with all scheduled flights shifted to Boryspil), but is scheduled to reopen on 1 February.

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