Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine

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Russian missile strikes

Reports of multiple missile strikes on the airport on 6 March while displaced people were taking refuge there.

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re: construction/renovation

From what Company do you guys get the tickets to vinnitsa airport from? I've tried for the last couples of months and I couldn't find any, I'll have to go to kiev. which sites do you go? plus I think they renovated the airport to airfield airport which is too small for international flights.

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EAD data

My latest dataset from Eurocontrol shows the airport as still being open. They also list the name as "Vinnytsia/Gravryshivka".

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re: construction/renovation

Last time I visited vinnitsa was in winter 2011. the aiport was in decay and closed by then. As far as I know many small ukraine aiports has closed, this includes the airport of Vinnitsa

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has the airport in Vinnitsa been renovated or upgraded from the time I visited the city 3 years ago?

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