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Closed Airport

Do you see those crosses on runway? They're mean "That's closed airport!"

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I took Yanair from Kiev to Tbilisi in October 2016.

Long time I did not experience such a lovely airport.... a dream!

Bravo for the Staff, for the maintenance.

I took a very nice breakfast in the café.

I had a very nice and friendly flight.


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Be ready to wait

Takes too much time to get in from custom

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I have asked them to message me back and have not hear from the poor customer service. They can not get there stuff straight and when did customs start asking to see or show money from ukrainian people to fly out of ukraine

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Brand New OLD Airport

I think Kyiv did a crummy job on the airport remodel. It is like you have a "brand new" "OLD" airport. What is this deal with buses to airplanes, rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc?

There are so few seats around that it is pitiful. Having generic checkin-counters may seem like a good idea, but is worthless if you are trying to find a specific flight/airline, for example, to just check your bag a little early.

The only good thing I can see is the international departure area, more chairs, and a few resturants that charge in Grivinuias, which are cheap.

Overall, I would only give KBP a 2 or 3 out of 10. It is pitiful compared to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Minneapolis, and so on.

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Avoid this place!

The most disorganized & chaotic place I ever came across! The custom officers believe they have God given right to create their own rules & simply rob the travellers by using their official position. A lot of disrespect & shoking behaviour, especially from teenage custom officers- Forostovez & Gerasimov on the international departures. What a way to present the country! Shame on you!!!

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Temporarily closed

This is Kiev's original, smaller airport (Boryspil, further out of town, is the main one).

As of 2009-01-22, the airport is still temporarily closed for repairs and upgrades (with all scheduled flights shifted to Boryspil), but is scheduled to reopen on 1 February.

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