Crimea, Ukraine

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Very dull airport old abandoned. Most planes aren't used and are just standing there. Small parking space very very very bad facilities and ATC. Runway is visible however ILS is messed up and concrete needs repair. Mainly used for nothing really some people keep their cessna's there however again the facilities are very bad. Had to refuel but i chose to fly to UKFF (simferopol) and refuel there. Again i want to emphasis that no flights or airlines exist or fly from this airport. However it used to operate in soviet union, now it is abandoned and has 3 people working on it. No equipment and no fire fighters! My client ( i am a pilot of a buissness jet) didnt even get his passport checked by customs i wont even mention security.

But on the otherhand the parking space and ATC and landing fees were ridiculously cheap. Its like heaven for pilots if only their were good facilities...

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