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re: site


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re: Forests, desert and savannah

Reply to @poltava: i can introduce your company to chad

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re: Runway length is estimated

Reply to @david: used by military out of the inspection

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re: Runway length is estimated

Reply to @david: ok

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re: Re: Placename Translation

Reply to @animebirder: I totally disagree, some other places airports in the same country have their aiports names translated and not transliterated like: Port Said, in the local accent people pronounce the name as "porsaid" and another airport western cairo ( It is name is "Sphinx Airport" not "Abu El Hol Airport" - the first name is popular -), so, translation - when it is possible - is better than transliteration.

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FADD Flight plan identifier

Dundee identifier FADD is no longer recognised for ATC flight planning purposes.

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Runway identifiers

Runway identifiers changed from 11R/29L, 17R/35L to 11/29, 17/35 as these are not parallel pairs. However the circuit directions are 11 RH / 29 LH, 17 RH / 35 LH.

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re: Runway length is estimated

Reply to @david: There does not seem to be any information available online. I wonder if the airport is military.

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re: Runway length is estimated

Reply to @david: pls can i get the control Tower frequency

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(no subject)

Pls I need full information and plates about this airport ( D'AMDJARASS )

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Runway data

Updated from SkyDemon 24 March 2023

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Abu Gharadig Airport, Khalda Petroleum Company


This is an oil company airfield, Abu Gharadig Airport, Khalda Petroleum Company

I used to work their long ago.

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Cape2Pole Start

I choose this airfield to start my Cape to North Pole MSFS2020 VR adventure. Next stop: FAWC

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Warm welcome

Great little airport with the friendliest police you have ever seen

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When hand baggage being checked be aware, that some might want to put a hand in your purse. Be loud in protesting because the officers around then will not let it happen.

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Lost luggage

Not the airport's fault and it arrived the next day! Due to the crisis in Zimbabwe the officer had do hand write all the details, not very efficient but very friendly and helpful

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re: airport staff

Actually quite friendly now (and punctual)

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re: New Name

Reply to @Christian_Maclen_77:

Consultation of eAIPs

Explicative note


Page 2 of 17

Distributing an AIP in electronic format (eAIP) is one way to achieve compliance with the

Regulation (EU) 2017/373 amended by RUE 2020/469 (Annex VI-Part AIS - point AIS.TR.305).

The eAIP is produced by the NOPIA tool of the SIA: it is based on the Eurocontrol specifications but configured

to adapt to the French context. It follows the standard structure GEN (General), ENR (EN Route) and

AD (AΓ©roDromes) of an AIP.

The eAIP Metropolitan France, CAR-SAM-NAM (Antilles, Guyana and St Pierre and Miquelon), PAC-N

(New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna), PAC-P (French Polynesia) and RUN (RΓ©union, Mayotte and Iles

sparse) can be consulted in the online store, and on the home page of the SIA website as presented


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(no subject)

Here is the link.

"AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION PUBLICATION FRANCE contains aeronautical information concerning the territory of metropolitan France." Mayotte = Indian Ocean

Thank you for creating OurAirports that I am discovering.

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Home to the greatest heavens on earth!

Fly-In Offer

Land on our Airstrip and stay over at Rogge Cloof.

View our website for more details

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A rare 10000+ ft runway in Central Africa

This airport was built to serve the hometown of then-Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko, who had a palace here and would charter an Air France Concorde so his family could go shopping in Paris. Yes, you read that correctly.

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Split between two Governorates

Part of this facility is in Suez Governorate, but most of it lies in Ismailia Governorate.

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Re: Placename Translation

Putting these name convention notes here in lieu of a wiki.

Best practices when listing placenames and names of airports that are based on location are to leave those place names listed in the original language (for example, Puerto Vallarta and not "Port Vallarta", Ras Sedr and not "Cape Sedr", Kuala Lumpur and certainly not "Muddy Confluence").

Military ranks and titles used in the names of airports should be translated where feasible (ie. Colonel rather than Coronel, Marshal and not Marechal etc, but preserve culturally distinctive titles such as Chhatrapati or Shahid). Likewise, the words for airport, heliport, etc. should always be translated and written out (ie. "matar, kuukou, aerodromio, flyplats" etc should be translated); likewise, words like hospital, factory, etc should be translated unless the word is a brand name and familiar in English.

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Visible in newer maps

Not visible in sat maps prior to 2022, newer sat maps show a three-slot heliport in this location adjacent to a new factory for Elsewedy Electric.

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Small regional airport

It's not exciting, but it's not meant to be. Has about 2-3 departures per day for Dar and Comoros. Never really had any issues there - tiny, straightforward, does what it says on the tin. I think there was a small stand where you could buy water/crisps/cashew nuts after security, and some loos. As it's small you more or less see your plane land, the previous lot of passengers get off and their luggage, then watch your suitcase be put into the cargo hold and are shortly called to board. If you fly into this airport you'll be through baggage reclaim and outside in no time. Nice chilled out vibes. No bother no fuss.

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Decent regional airport

If you arrive fairly early for your flight you may be sent to the waiting area, which is a sort of hangar in a separate building to the check-in building with the gates, etc. The waiting area has no loos but does have a stand selling local chocolate products and a food stand that does meat pies, drinks, ice cream, etc. The pies were quite nice but my colleague's croissant had mould on and the ice creams were a bit melted. Plenty of seating though.

When you get called through to clear security you're shown into the gate area, where there is a small and fascinatingly eclectic shop, selling everything from Monopoly games to history books and t-shirts, and there are loos. I think there was also wifi there. It only holds one plane-load of passengers and you don't spend long there before boarding.

As is fairly typical of small airports like this, you can pretty much see your plane arrive and watch your suitcase going onboard. On arrival, once you've collected your baggage you are basically on the tarmac outside in seconds. There is a small currency exchange but rates and staffing were...unclear. It's within Kumasi city though so not a long drive to in-city hotels.

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re: New Name

Reply to @Christian_Maclen_77: Can you provide a link? I cannot find any confirmation of a new name. The latest French AIP still lists it as "Dzaoudzi Pamandzi," and the airport's website link is broken.

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New Name

Since 29-3-2022, new name is "Mayotte - Marcel Henry" airport

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Runway length is estimated

I've added runway numbers and estimated length based on the satellite imagery. Unfortunately, this airport isn't covered by the ASECNA AIP, so I can't get exact numbers.

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(no subject)

Best Tuna Melt in the Congo. Simply kengetastic!

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Subantarctic research station

This research station is administratively part of Cape Town, despite the fact that it's over 2,100 km away.

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Found it!

Evidently disused, but it exists.

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Gravel runway for the 'I am Gold' Goldmine in Burkina Faso

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re: Not GMAR

Reply to @PapaOscar:

I will fly there next november

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re: Not GMAR

Reply to @PapaOscar

I am supposed to fly at GMAR next november ifor the occasion of Rallye La Marche Verte organized by the royal aero club of Agadir:

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I removed the GMAR ICAO code from this strip, and created the real GMAR a couple of kilometers north.

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Reply to @kazanova001: Thank you very much. I wish you the best of health and joy as well. If there is any new information you'd like to share about the airport, we'd be happy to add it to the website.

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Reply to @kazanova001:

Your reply sir after 8 years since my comment.

Many things changed

God help you , give you health and joy

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Reply to @kazanova001: I assume that's an autocorrect for "build new warehouses".

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Permanently Closed


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re: The Chileka Club

Maria, this is a very long shot as you left your blog a long time ago, but here name is Amit Som and I went to school with you in St Andrews in 1975. I would be so happy if you could make contact at I have a school photo dating from 1975 that has you in it, I remember you with great fondness and hope you get in touch, or some kind soul puts us in touch. All the best, Amit Som St Andrews Blantyre 1975. ps. I have just met our art teacher John Harris here in England! Fond memories of HE The Life President going by in his motorcade and waiting hours for him...great fun. Please get in touch Maria.

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Runway 03 and 33 Right Hand Circuits

Stay to Northern/Eastern sides while Flying circuits.

Power lines on approach to RWY 03 and 33

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re: Not yet visible in satellite imagery (2020-08-28)

Reply to @david: It is visible now.

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re: Mistake in the airport position

Now correct.

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Thanks for adding this, @Mrb13676

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Opened in 2017

This airport opened in December 2017, and scheduled airline service moved here from LΓ©opold SΓ©dar Senghor International Airport inside the city.

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No more airline service

This was formerly Dakar's principal airport, but in December 2017, scheduled airline service moved to the newly-constructed Blaise Diagne International Airport, 43 km outside the city.

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El Gamil

This appears to be the same airport that was involved in the 1956 Suez Crisis (as "El Gamil Airfield").

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No runway visible

I'm assuming the road doubles as a landing strip, but with the curve, it would be challenging.

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re: Need to delete rwy 10/28

Reply to @amirfl: Done.

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