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A rare 10000+ ft runway in Central Africa

This airport was built to serve the hometown of then-Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko, who had a palace here and would charter an Air France Concorde so his family could go shopping in Paris. Yes, you read that correctly.

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(no subject)

Best Tuna Melt in the Congo. Simply kengetastic!

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My name is Steven Johnson. I got my haircut there in 2003 and haven't brushed it since.

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Wrong coordinates

The right coordinates are:

-2.975450, 27.868981

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Wrong coordinates

The right coordinates are:

-2.317386, 27.527138

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Wrong coordinates

The right coordinates are:

-2.574215, 27.990074

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Wrong place

The right coordinates are:

-1.637368, 27.086440

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I have to agree with the other bengers who have posted on here. The swenge is particularly genge at Kenge. I had a pint of piss (which I didn't) with Gary Swenge (who doesn't exist) in the Lenge Lounge (which also doesn't exist).

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Duty Free contact details

Please can someone help with the tel no. of the duty free shop at Bangoka and Lumbumbashi Airports?

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Kenge is still spange. We swenged there last penge and slunged some stunge. It was lenge.

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Wrong position and ICAO

The correct ICAO for Bolongonkele is FZBR. It is located here: -2.490665, 20.006125

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Lukala airport

I was there for 1 week, but I am not a pilot, I don´t know what can be usefull for you.

I have just souvenirs and several pictures.

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Fuel (AvGas) Availability

Could anyone help with a current number or email address for fuel companies in DRC (for AvGas specifically)?


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This was my first time to Kenge, even though the airport was spectacularly spunge not one person said flenge, genge or henge! I must admit I was looking for more menge mixed with some tenge sprinkled with some wenge..

Having said that, Basten Twange was on hand to offer ample amounts of lenge and he even had a pint of senge with me.

Does any of this make sense to anyonge?


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Dear directeur de l'aëport,je suis né à tshikapa en mars 1954(1953) d'une mère s'appelant bernadette njiba & d'un père s'appelant emmanuel mpetemba ( de l'ancien forêts & minières );ces derniers sont déjà défunts et je désire obtenir une copie archive de mon acte de naissance & baptème près de la paroisse saint André de tshikapa...j'espère,que par ces ouvertures, vos services me renseigneront d'avantage et d'avance merci...signé:Boniface Kazadi Mpatemba (ua-bios111111 & mobile:0032/0479.669476)

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re: Kenge

Kenge is the Dengest Airpenge I have even flenged to.

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My Point of view on Bangboka Airport

This airport could be good if DRC could ensure the Bushes at arround the runway are cut down. Since aproach is always a problem mainly when visibility if low. This makes difficult approach to crew in terms of the hight of trees and bamboos...

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re: Fuel Availability

Reply to @larry: the fuel companies operating in Lubumbashi are SEP Congo and CONGO PETROL. Congo Petrol is reachable at +243816558334 and +243999523889.

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re: Fuel Availability

yes there are at least 2 fuel company providing refueling service to aircrafts.

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Mayor of Kenge

Dear Sqongers,

I'm glad people have finally discovered Kenge and realised what a truly benge place this is. My name is Royston Spengeworthy and I am the Mayor of Kenge. I would like to share a little of our Kenge-tastic culture with you. Here is an extract from our town anthem. It is the chorus and, coincidentally, is sung to the same tune as your Western 'Silent Night'

"Silent Kenge

Holy Kenge,

All is munge

All is tunge,

Round yon spenger

Tarken and flark

Flunge in heavenly me-ee-enge.....

Flunge in heavenly Kenge"

I hope to welcome you all to Kenge in the near future.

Happy spengeing!

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Kenge is mint. I skenged there last month. They must have read the feedback as there was plenty of mengebrau, and even some penge. When I asked about flunge they said Basten was on the case. He is mint too.

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Dear squengers,

I had a penge time at Kenge Airport! It is full of spenge people and the airplengers were pure luxury. When I arrived, I was greeted by Basten Twange who gave me a guided tour of the airport.

All in all Kenge airport is denge, with ample twenge.

Splenge, fenge, genge!

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Kenge airport is spengetastic!

I had a flarking good time in the Duty Frenge section and the

securitenge guards were really monge.

Only area of slight criticism is I would have liked to have seen

some more flunge available. I like flunge.

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Mauvaise position

La bonne position est à 7 kilomètres au sud de celle indiquée la piste est orientée 330 degrés et 150 degrés la longueur utilisable entre les deux croix était de 1000 mètres

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Korongo Airlines

Since April 2012, Korongo Airlines, based in Lubumbashi, started operations. At this moment, two destinations are served: Kinshasa and Johannesburg. More are to follow in the coming months.

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re: This placement is incorrect.

Thank you - I've moved the marker to the closest runway-like thing to the coordinates you specified.

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Full runway length is available now

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Kisenge airport

Runway is kept in good condition by owner. Avoid landing at tresholds due to soil degradation around numbers. Avoid turning pad at treshold 28. Water pond standing due to heavy rains.

nov 23,2011

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Fuel Availability

Is JET A fuel available at Lubumbashi? Any contacts for the fuel at airport?

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re: Likasi airfield

The position indicated by the marker is incorrect. The airfield is closer to town. Every year it deteriorates further and until recently there were abandoned aeroplanes in the hangars. The hangars now have no roofs. Some four aircraft were at Likasi - all are now derelict as the old flying club returns to mother nature.

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Likasi airfield

Airfield is overgrown and disused for many years.

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This placement is incorrect.

Tandala Airport is actually at N2.975636 and E 19.352405.

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re: Is this plane stranded?

According to Wikipedia, the plane is a DC-8 that has been stranded since the eruption.

All the best,


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Is this plane stranded?

There doesn't appear to be a taxiway to the south that could get it to the runway.

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re: Runway shortened by Lava

In the satellite picture, it looks like there is a very large airplane with no way to get to the runway. I wonder if it's really cut off, or if they taxi it over the lava flow?

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Runway shortened by Lava

A 2002 volcanic eruption nearby sent a lava stream over the north portion of the runway. The south portion of 18/26 is still operational.

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April 15 market crash

On 15 April 2008, a Hew Bora Airways DC-9 lost power to an engine during its takeoff roll, attempted to abort, and overran the end of the runway into a crowded market immediately to the south of the airport:

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First 800 metres Rwy 07 u/s

ILS okay

August 2007

K Watkins Safair C-130

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Kamina Base

In use 13R / 31L

Viz quite poor Aug/Sept

K Watkins Safair C-130

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Kinshasa's other airport

According to an interesting article in Vanity Fair's July 2007 issue ("Congo from the Cockpit" by pilot/writer William Langewiesche) this aiport lies in the centre of town. When he lands, there are people walking across the runway, carrying items on their heads, apparently oblivious to the plane landing. People grow vegetables in the grass near the runway, soldiers have taken over some of the empty hangars, and their children play among the moving airplanes, unconcerned about the danger. A very interesting article.

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Designated Emergency Landing for US Space Shuttle

According to an article in Vanity Fair's July 2007 issue ("Congo from the Cockpit" by pilot/writer William Langewiesche) the single, 15,420-foot runway, is designated by the US as an emergency landing strip for the space shuttle. According to Langewiesche, the ramp is crowded with "decrepit jets that are too fragile for the country's dirt strips, but can manage the paved runways of eastern and southern Congo." Interesting article to read.

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Runway full of potholes

An interesting article in Vanity Fair's July 2007 issue called "Congo from the Cockpit" by pilot/writer William Langewiesche describes the runway as asphalt, but "jarring", as pilots have to "pick our holes". The article is definitely worth reading, as the conditions some of these pilots fly under are pretty extreme.

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