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Health screening during the 2014-15 Ebola crisis

When I visited in 2015 during the Ebola crisis, there was fairly strict health screening in place. We had our temperatures taken before we entered the terminal building by local authorities (common at all public buildings), then again before we boarded the Air France flight, by a security team from France. On arrival at CDG, we were checked again exiting the plane, then those of us who had started our trips in Ebola-affected countries were pulled off the Paris-Montreal flight first, while all other passengers were forced to remain seated, and given a checkup by a public health nurse.

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Mainly for Rio Tinto?

This airport appears to serve mainly Rio Tinto's Simandou iron ore project; at least, it was Rio Tinto who funded the development of its instrument approaches.

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Guinea's first GNSS approach

Beyla got Guinea's first certified GPS instrument approach back in 2009:

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I moved the airport to where my Eurocontrol data says it should be, at 8.489667N, 9.5255W, but that didn't look like an airport either, so I dragged the marker down to something that looks like a runway.

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wrong coordinates

wrong coordinates I guess


Macenta airport 8°28'54.15"N 9°31'33.08"W

E - NE end 8°29'3.68"N 9°31'13.39"W

W - SW end 8°28'40.19"N 9°31'56.59"W

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Where is it?

cant locate any runway, in the neibourhood neither

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Roberts Control will handle you inbound (and outbound) and I believe that frequency was 128.1 Roberts Control was efficient and, therefore, our descent planning was without delay. Handed-off to Conakry Approach 119.7 if memory serves otherwise published on Jepps for our clearance to fly the 10 DME ARC to the VOR DME to RW 06. Approaches are as follows: ILS 06, VOR DME 06, VOR 06 and a published visual approach to RW 24 taking you on a right-traffic course to RW 24. The ILS 06 was as per notams, out of service. As you will see from the airport diagram, expect to back-taxi on the runway for lack of taxiways. Fuel was available without delay.

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