Nzérékoré Region, Guinea

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Mainly for Rio Tinto?

This airport appears to serve mainly Rio Tinto's Simandou iron ore project; at least, it was Rio Tinto who funded the development of its instrument approaches.

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Guinea's first GNSS approach

Beyla got Guinea's first certified GPS instrument approach back in 2009:

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I moved the airport to where my Eurocontrol data says it should be, at 8.489667N, 9.5255W, but that didn't look like an airport either, so I dragged the marker down to something that looks like a runway.

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wrong coordinates

wrong coordinates I guess


Macenta airport 8°28'54.15"N 9°31'33.08"W

E - NE end 8°29'3.68"N 9°31'13.39"W

W - SW end 8°28'40.19"N 9°31'56.59"W

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Where is it?

cant locate any runway, in the neibourhood neither

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