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Decent regional airport

If you arrive fairly early for your flight you may be sent to the waiting area, which is a sort of hangar in a separate building to the check-in building with the gates, etc. The waiting area has no loos but does have a stand selling local chocolate products and a food stand that does meat pies, drinks, ice cream, etc. The pies were quite nice but my colleague's croissant had mould on and the ice creams were a bit melted. Plenty of seating though.

When you get called through to clear security you're shown into the gate area, where there is a small and fascinatingly eclectic shop, selling everything from Monopoly games to history books and t-shirts, and there are loos. I think there was also wifi there. It only holds one plane-load of passengers and you don't spend long there before boarding.

As is fairly typical of small airports like this, you can pretty much see your plane arrive and watch your suitcase going onboard. On arrival, once you've collected your baggage you are basically on the tarmac outside in seconds. There is a small currency exchange but rates and staffing were...unclear. It's within Kumasi city though so not a long drive to in-city hotels.

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crime at kotoka airport

becareful about your luggage when travelling to ghana , my dad travelled from Australia to Ghana in June 2016 they stole his 7 phones and clothes as well beware of criminal airport authorities in Ghana. im ghanaian but will hide this

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I just left Ghana yesterday 05/29/2016

my father had a stroke so i went to see him, when i was returning i bought just about 10 dashiki dresses and 2 purses, they stole half of everything ! even my jewelry

my bag weighted 17 kg when leaving, once i landed in Amsterdam and had to check the bag in again it weighed only 11 kg

Dear Ghanaian baggage handlers, please understand that what you did was very very wrong and thanks to you, your economy will be spoiled because good people like me will not come and spend their money only to have their goods stolen !! shame on you and shame on kotoka airport for not having any cameras knowing full well that they employ thieves !

I will be reporting this to the highest of authorities ! i have now installed a spy CAM in my luggage and will ensure whomever does this again is prosecuted to the fullest. Shame !

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Limited food options

There are limited food options inside airport security. There's a small snack bar with pastries (Danish, croissant, etc.) and meat pies (that will be microwaved), but not a lot else.

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Accra Mall

The Accra Mall (the biggest mall in West Africa, though small by North American/European standards) is only 2 km away, and getting there should cost about 10 cedi (~USD 3.00) in taxi fare. As always in Accra, negotiate the fare *before* you get in the cab β€” there are no metres β€” and don't feel bad if you end up paying a bit extra because you're obviously not local.

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Travel from Mwalimu Nyerere International Airport - Kotoka I

I am in Tanzania i want travel cost from Dar to Accra

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RUNWAY 21---109.90---211ΒΊ

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