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Latest comments about airports in Mozambique

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(no subject)

No taxis at the airport. The ATM did not work.

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Can anyone tell me if Chimoio has avgas

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Useless ppl

Maputo airport staff and airline staff they bloody don't know about any single thing about customer service even though they don't even know from which gate their flight is going

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General staff very help full. Unfriendly immigration officers. Bring small change. Landing fees a bit heavy. Jet A1 always available, Avgas 99% of the time.

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1 km walk via a sand road to the SW of the field to get to the hotel, airport tax's payable before departure. Arrange that the attendand be there, or you could be in for a long wait.

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Air nav

Have a habit of using obscure routing/reporting points

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Friendly Airport and Nice City

This is my first time in Africa and Pemba make me feel like the second home. Friendly dispatcher, people and nice town. Airport is small but warm welcome to everyone.

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