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Small regional airport

It's not exciting, but it's not meant to be. Has about 2-3 departures per day for Dar and Comoros. Never really had any issues there - tiny, straightforward, does what it says on the tin. I think there was a small stand where you could buy water/crisps/cashew nuts after security, and some loos. As it's small you more or less see your plane land, the previous lot of passengers get off and their luggage, then watch your suitcase be put into the cargo hold and are shortly called to board. If you fly into this airport you'll be through baggage reclaim and outside in no time. Nice chilled out vibes. No bother no fuss.

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This airstrip is not currently usable

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This is actually an old airstrip called Limai. Lamai is a different strip further north, near the Kenyan border

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departures flights coastal aviation

coastal aviation departure to dar es salaam today

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Visa on arrival is slow

The good news is that you can get your tourist visa on arrival for USD 50 (cash; Americans have to pay USD 100). KLM handed out the application form on the inbound flight from Amsterdam.

The bad news is that it takes a long, long timeβ€”maybe 45 minutes. You line up to have you application reviewed, then line up to pay the cashier and hand over your passport, then wait (and wait, and wait) to have your name called, as they bring out small batches of passports every 5–10 minutes with the visa added. Then you line up for customs and immigration, and finally put your bags througj another x-ray machine before leaving the terminal.

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Lots of checkpoints, but short lines

I lost count of the number of times I had to fill in forms and/or line up to have my passport and bags checked on departure, but on the bright side, none of the lines was long.

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Duplicate of HTSY

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The design leaves a lot of room for improvement

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Flight information

Waiting for plane from Presision Air to Dar s Salam we heard informal that a plane to the airport was crashed. We heard Nothing from airport people, no annoncements of delays or cancellings. Bad information. Many passengers were waiting and missed connections. Poor communications of the airport !!!

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Is Mbeya airport operational?

Do you have flights from Mbeya to Dares saalam airport??

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Flights to Dares salaam airport


Are there any flights to Dares salaam airport from Chunya Airport?

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airfield layout? wind-direction plse?


Please can you tell me the direction of prevailing wind and the actual lay-out of the Utete airfiled? Thank-you

Rgds Brian

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Uwanja wa ndege Mpanda

Uwanja ni mzuri saana,

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Since when is there a airport? Kama lini kuna aurport uko malya?

sijaona ndege moja imefika malya.

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uwanja ukikamilika utakuwa mzuri.mmejitahidi.

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RUNWAY 18---VFR---180ΒΊ

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RUNWAY 09---110.90---088ΒΊ

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re: website

I agree, Bill. They do have a web site, but it doesn't appear to have live arrivals/departure info on it. The Wikipedia article (linked under the map) does list the airlines and destinations, though.

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It would be quite useful if, like any normal International Airport, this one had a website showing the very usual information like destinations and air lines using it

Bill Fahy (Ireland)

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