Dar-es-Salaam Region, Tanzania

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Visa on arrival is slow

The good news is that you can get your tourist visa on arrival for USD 50 (cash; Americans have to pay USD 100). KLM handed out the application form on the inbound flight from Amsterdam.

The bad news is that it takes a long, long timeβ€”maybe 45 minutes. You line up to have you application reviewed, then line up to pay the cashier and hand over your passport, then wait (and wait, and wait) to have your name called, as they bring out small batches of passports every 5–10 minutes with the visa added. Then you line up for customs and immigration, and finally put your bags througj another x-ray machine before leaving the terminal.

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Lots of checkpoints, but short lines

I lost count of the number of times I had to fill in forms and/or line up to have my passport and bags checked on departure, but on the bright side, none of the lines was long.

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re: website

I agree, Bill. They do have a web site, but it doesn't appear to have live arrivals/departure info on it. The Wikipedia article (linked under the map) does list the airlines and destinations, though.

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It would be quite useful if, like any normal International Airport, this one had a website showing the very usual information like destinations and air lines using it

Bill Fahy (Ireland)

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