Al Mahbes Airstrip

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I removed the GMAR ICAO code from this strip, and created the real GMAR a couple of kilometers north.

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re: Not GMAR

Reply to @PapaOscar

I am supposed to fly at GMAR next november ifor the occasion of Rallye La Marche Verte organized by the royal aero club of Agadir:

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re: Not GMAR

Reply to @PapaOscar:

I will fly there next november

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Any verification on the ICAO ID?

I flagged this airport listed with ICAO ID GMAR as it is a duplicate to this original record. All changes should be made to this one.

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re: Any verification on the ICAO ID?

Reply to @mforte: yes, it's problematic, because GMAR is a Moroccan ICAO code, and this airport is not within Morocco's internationally recognized borders (though they occupy and administer the territory).

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(no subject)

ICAO Code for the airport is GMAR

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re: (no subject)

Reply to @Mohsen: Thanks for the info -- I've made it into a problem report. Because this airport is in a disputed territory, I'd like to confirm the ICAO code before changing it. Do you have a link to a source?

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Others airstrips nearby Mahbas...

You can get the UN airstrip a few kilometers west, along the track to Farsia, Tifariti and Smara. (27.4182267,0 N and 9.1684492 W ). This one is daily checked by UN MINURSO Peace Keepers Officers, used weekly by UN flights landing back or to Tindouf from Laayoune...

One another is close the Moroccan Forces' Brigade Command Post at Farsia (27°14' 41.83'' N and 09° 28' 28.92'' W)...

The whole North-Western area along the Moroccan "Berm" is a military one, over 30 km....

Take care, be safe !

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