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Well, I like MSFS2020 VR, but have trouble to decide what/where to fly. So, a few days ago (Jan 10, 2023) I had this idea. Why not fly from Cape Town to the North Pole? Then I wouldn't have to worry about the above question. I would have a target, a goal, an objective ... It felt good. And when I took off at Struisbaai and turned away from the ocean I felt shivers. Shivers of 'a great adventure to start'. It's weird, and it's magic ... VR ... And the sense of arriving at the next airfield feels good. Actually being happy that I have made it to the next stop. In VR you 'are there' ... so, now I'm not only there but I have a 'real' thing to do. Thanks to VR, thanks to MSFS2020 and its marvel streamed world map and live weather. Cheers On flight 5 I used for the first time the Beechcraft G58 Baron. And, it's a keeper.

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Kariba, Zimbabwe

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Kariba, Zimbabwe

Struisbaai, South Africa

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