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Wikimapia has the correct location for Robe Airport

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Bgbgbdgb Yuma leceso Dibba yeleme

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I love it

I am a Ethiopian and i love the airport

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Asossa has a ground frequency for the apron that the UN uses as a normal ground to air frequency when they arrive and depart.

It is unmanned and should be called upon on 125,9 as for all unmanned airports in Ethiopia.

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my phone number

my no is (0923791581)

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air techenicians

am a foreigner, n some 2 men by names of FITSUM ALEHEGN and the friend called NABIYU took ma bag and claimed to be air technicians at bole international airport. Now its a month. When i call them they promise to give me my thing and then they switch off their phones. please i need your help. thank you.

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Is this airport functional

is this airport functional & if so

where can we find the flight running details

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