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learned to fly here

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Republic Aviation

I grew up there. When I was a little girl, 6 or so, I asked my mother what Daddy did at work. She said: ask him when he gets home. After dinner, I did. He asked me if I wanted to go to work with him on Saturday. He had to go in on Saturday for 3 hours in the morning. So, I went with him. Even though he was in meetings "up the street" as they called it, (Conklin Street), I stayed in his office, in the main hanger above the assembly line and watched them build the F-105. I used to sit on the 3 foot wide cat walk, 4 stories in the air with my feet dangling over the side. We did this for years. Then we would pick up his dry cleaning in Farmingdale and do the food shopping at the A& P on Broadway in Hicksville and go home. 1957, we started this. The truth is that had my father and many of the middle management people not fought to keep the plant open, Fairchild would have closed it as fast as Northrup closed Grumman. But Republic stayed open till 1988. 20 plus more years.

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re: Republic Aviation

I also joined the Air Force. Learned to fly. Got to sit in the cockpit of a F-105 as a kid.

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Former site of Republic Aviation factory

This mall is built on the site of the former the Republic Aviation Corporation. During World War II, it built over 9,000 P-47 Thunderbolts together with several other aircraft. Fairchild bought out the company in 1965, and the plant closed in 1988. The last building was demolished in 1997 to make way for a mall expansion.

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re: Former site of Republic Aviation factory

Reply to @david: The original tower as well as 2 of the hangers remain on the east side of the field. One of which houses the American Airpower Muesum. They have a nice collection of war birds. Memorial day, and Labor day, they usually have airshows, with a few nice fly-ins.

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Easy Manhattan Access

Yes, the FBO will drive you to the LIRR station, and it's only an hour or so into Penn Station. Allows you to ease into the craziness of NYC. And who can resist taking a picture of the "Hicksville, USA" sign when the train stops there???

If I recall, the landing fee was something ridiculously low. $2 US or so.

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Ground Transportation

The FBO will give you a lift to the Long Island Railroad station in Farmingdale (a couple of miles away), and you can take a train right to Penn Station in Manhattan for a few dollars.

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