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Add the new Air port in Marib City ,in the north part

Add the new Air port in Marib City ,in the north part

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Immigration Escort Pls

Offloaded sa NAIA. Complete sa required na docs naman na po pero lipat ng airport since mas malapit at mura ticket. Contact me po pls: 09062976940

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Scratch that

New heading coming up for Beijing Nanjiao.

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Reopened as military airport

This is evidently now known as Beijing Nanjiao Airport, and has reopened but strictly for military use as of 2021.

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Looking for escrt

Recently Offloaded twice bound to dubai. Tourist visa, first time and solo traveler. Need legit escrt to help me exit the airport. Please contact me

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Got offloaded from my flight to dubai last February 13, 2021.

I have a job waiting for me

Work visa on hold in sharjah because priority is managerial position.

Can anyone for me to get there fast with escort?

Please need help ASAP.

Contact no. 09052574341

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August 2021 evacuations

This airport was the site of desperate evacuations from Kabul in August 2021:

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Did you got your problem solved i have the same inquiry maybe u can help po

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(no subject)

Since April 2019, it replaced Istanbul Ataturk Airport as Turkey's largest airport. Check out arrivals and departures time tables from İstanbul Airport (IST, LTFM):

İstanbul Airport (IST, LTFM) - Arrivals

İstanbul Airport (IST, LTFM) - Departures

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Escort pls

Can anyone help me to get out of the country going to a not popular tourist destination. Escort pls

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re: Willing to pay

Replying to @Gelly: pm me gelly at 09473899186 hope i can help

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Willing to pay

Hi who can help me para makalabas ppuntang dubai. I was offloaded yesterday. Willing to pay po. Name your price

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UYEM HELIPORT belongs to Turkish GDF, used as a base to Fire Management B429s, it has 11 landing locations and 1 hangar.


UYEM HELİKOPTER PiSTİ, OGM tarafından B429 yangın yönetim helikopterleri için bir üs işlevindedir, heliportta 11 iniş noktası ve 1 hangar bulunmaktadır.

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(no subject)

Alanya/Keşefli'de bulunan bu helikopter pisti Orman Genel Müdürlüğüne aittir ve sezon boyunca bu pistte konuşlu yangın söndürme helikopteri bulunmaktadır.


This helipad belongs to Turkish General Directorate of Forestry and there is a helicopter located at the helipad at the fire season, helipad is at Alanya/Keşefli

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Gyrofield, you say?

Per this exceptional decade-long blog featuring WW2 Japanese installations (the link for this particular location is here but is in Japanese), this was the staging area for the use of Kayaba Ka-1 (reverse-engineered Kellett KD-1) observation autogyros which were used here primarily for submarine spotting.

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re: Baka po may ka kilala ka yan

Reply to @ms.jhaye2012: pls pm me 09473899186

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tree of neem

is good in and around of jharkhand west bangal bihar

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eilat is

closed :(

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Bka po pwde mg escort bound to dubai

Anyone that can escort for the flight to dubai to avoid offloading po.

Meron na po ako history travel to dubai pero ngayon wala akong affidavit of support ksi wala akong pamilya doon.

Anyone that can help po pls email me @

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(no subject)

This is wonderful but it will be nice if you checkout updates trending now and here is one AND WITH THE

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(no subject)

How did that airframe in the satellite image arrive there?

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Repurposing duplicate

This was previously a duplicate heading for Mestia Airport -- it's been repurposed for a heliport near Tbilisi.

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Baka po may ka kilala ka yan

EX-OFW po ako, I planned to travel Maldives kaso may Travel Agent po akong naka usap na high chances daw na ma ooffload ako. I need help po baka may kakilala kayo dyan para mabilis makalabas. Salamat po.

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Hi duane

Pls dm me at 094738991866

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Hi shanetj

Please dm me at 09473899186

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re: offload escort service

Reply to @xtian1990: pls pm me

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(no subject)

Sometimes HEMS helicopters land there, usually there are stupid car drifters are at the helipad, drifting and chilling...

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Future star

Ludhaina is a business hub shortly ludhaina International Airport became number 1 airport in this area

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(no subject)

Falabisahaya Airport (MAL, WAPE) the correct ICAO code is WAEO

WAEO/MAL - MANGOLE, INDONESIA Effective Date: 2015-09-17

Updated: 2016-03-16 15:58:02



Kel. Mangoli, Kec. Mangoli Tengah, Kab. Kepulauan Sula, Maluku Utara, 97793


Air Navigation Management :





ARP coordinate: S 1 46.93 E 125 28.88

(1°46'56"S 125°28'53"E)

Elevation: 9.8 ft (3 m)

Temperature: 0°C (32°F)

Magnetic Var.: 0.89° (2015)

Traffic type: VFR

Dist. from city: 0

Time region: UTC +8.00

Operation hours: HS & OR




NDB ME 240 KH S 1 47 0 E 125 27 0

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(no subject)

Sorry ICAO code is as reported in AIP WAGG and not as i wrongly report (WAAG).


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(no subject)

According to AIP Indonesia the ICAO code for Tjilik Riwut Airport is: WAAG

IATA code is unchanged.

Below copy of AIP Indonesia

WAGG/PKY - PALANGKA RAYA, INDONESIA Effective Date: 2020-09-10

Updated: 2021-02-18 10:52:45




Best Regards


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still hot

its still hot as balls

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No longer in use

Clipped by the border and no longer even entirely in Iraq!

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The Lowest Airport in the World

Between 1240 and 1266 ft below sea level, Bar Yehuda Airfield is the lowest altitude airport on the planet.

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Geographical quirk!

Despite being less than two miles from the sea, Madha Airport is in a landlocked exclave of Oman, completely surrounded by the UAE. There's also a smaller enclave of UAE land within the Madha territory. There are no border crossings in any case, as the relationship between the UAE and Oman in modern times is sufficiently cordial as to make this largely a non-issue.

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Repurposing duplicate

Since I am unable to merge, I'm repurposing this heading for a different aviation facility in India.

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Panu po makalusot sa immigration... Please email me poh for tips and req .... Thank u and Godbless

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Hello,any tips poh how to avoid offloading... Im going to sri lanka to attend my friends wedding... Natry q na kc maoffload last 2018 going to thailand... Please email me kng anu bah dpat gwin... Thank u...

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I am looking for escort

Hello, baka may kills kayong nag escort im going to Dubai to visit auntie but I offloaded twice so if anyone knows in immigration contact me here +639270039404

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Pano po kayo naka labas?ako kasi i just need to travel kahit 7 days lang

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@petunia have you travelled again po?

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Hi, whoever here been offloaded as tourist and make it in second time around? How did you do that pls email me

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(no subject)

Guys if ever offloaded, can we make another try ?

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Great airport but beware the taxi driver!

Nice and efficient.

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A very busy airport. Make sure you plan time for getting through immigration when booking any ferry boats.

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One if not the best airport

A great airport. Korean efficiency and service at its best.

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Nice place

Spent longer than planned here while waiting for the typhoon to pass. Everthing I need was there.

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Rounded coordinates for runways

While trying to fix VNLK runway location, I noticed that lat/lon coordinates were rounded to 4 decimals which, at the equator, gives a precision of about 11meters. I would think that an extra digit or two would not hurt in terms of DB size and would greatly enhance runway localization.

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My mga IO talagang mga piste! As in piste! Gusto sigiro padulas or what. Barumbado pa kong magtanong. Dress appropriately kasi ngmamata ang mga yan.

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I was offloaded 2x byaheng europe. Sa mga nagbabalak po na umalis kong wala kang capacity meaning sarili mo mahirapan ka talagang maka alis. 2nd po. Kapag may sponsor kayo dapat ang sponsor ay mismo taga roon sa pupuntahan ninyo. Di ibig sabihin na lumad taga doon. Kahit kamag anak ninyo na taga doon.

Sa mga papaalis pa lang at hindi po alam ang mga req. Maglapag kayo ng email add. Email ko sa inyo.

Hindi po ito escort ah. Wag po tayong sumugal sa ganyan.

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