Ioto (Iwo Jima) Airbase

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Ioto (Iwo Jima) Airbase is not the home base for any OurAirports members. It has had 2 visitors.

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Picture of mikeiaka

Name of the airport.

Wasen’t the name supposed to be Iwo Jima Airbase or somthin? idk.

Picture of animebirder

re: Name of the airport.

Iwo Jima originates from an English language misreading of the Japanese 硫黄島 Iōtō ("Sulfur Island") as "iwo shima" prior to World War II. This name has been immortalized in name of the battle fought here in 1945, but the proper and official name of the island is indeed Iōtō (or in older transliterations "Iwo To" or "Iwautau") with "Iojima" being a persistent but incorrect reading that is protested by the descendants of the people who lived here before evacuation during the war (and the subsequent and continuing use of the island as an air base).

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(no subject)

The name itself is pretty weird, Idk why.

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