Tōkyō Prefecture, Japan

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I like this airport for.

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THE best airport!

Haneda is THE best airport that I know. Super efficient airport, and reasonably short ways for both domestic and international terminals. Haneda is situated in Tokyo’s Ota district, which is in South Tokyo (between Tokyo and Yokohama) and is therefore much closer to Tokyo than Narita, which is technically not even in Tokyo, but the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. If you are lucky and both wind and weather conditions align, you can get some really nice views of the city from above during ascend/descent with Fuji-san kn the background.

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re: Name of the airport.

Iwo Jima originates from an English language misreading of the Japanese 硫黄島 Iōtō ("Sulfur Island") as "iwo shima" prior to World War II. This name has been immortalized in name of the battle fought here in 1945, but the proper and official name of the island is indeed Iōtō (or in older transliterations "Iwo To" or "Iwautau") with "Iojima" being a persistent but incorrect reading that is protested by the descendants of the people who lived here before evacuation during the war (and the subsequent and continuing use of the island as an air base).

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Name of the airport.

Wasen’t the name supposed to be Iwo Jima Airbase or somthin? idk.

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(no subject)

The name itself is pretty weird, Idk why.

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Dual-use facility

JMSDF Chichijima Airfield has both a seaplane ramp (ShinMaywa US-2 patrol flying boats) and a heliport.

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Nice place

Spent longer than planned here while waiting for the typhoon to pass. Everthing I need was there.

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I adore the airport, very clean, organize and quick service, everyone knows what they are doing, I am assisted politely and nicely by the immigration officer at the airport when I forgot to get re-entry visa because of busy schedule at work. I miss Japan, I love everything about Japan.

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I used to fly Coast Guard resupply flights into this island

It is a really pretty island with super clear blue water.

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My Home for Three Years

I was the communications planner/program manager at Yokota for the years 1996 through 1999. Among the neat aviation-related things I got to do were the installation and commissioning of the runway 18 ILS ... a ssytem we physically removed from Minot AFB Montana, shipped across the pacific and put back to good use at Yokota. Mnay civilian plots have been through Yokota as a significant part of its traffic is contract passenger and cargo flights and I recall a number of times when I was there that Northwest used it to land when weather gave them a problem at Narita

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