Kōchi Prefecture, Japan

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Transliteration notes

This is labeled as "Ogyokaidozoino Helipad" in Google Maps. This is extremely incorrect.

The adjacent road is actually "Osakana-kaido", NOT "Ogyo-kaido" (literally "fish road"), and the "zoino" is a misreading of "zoi no" meaning "along", and not part of the helipad's name. Basically, the Japanese is transliterated as "o-sakana-kaido zoi no heliport", or translated as "the heliport along Fish Road". Without the actual name, I'm using the name of the adjacent road (Osakana-kaido) which shouldn't be translated literally in this case.

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re: Kochi Airport (高知空港)

Reply to @TIBC1: Thank you for the comment. I have merged the two airports, so this is now the correct entry.

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Kochi Airport (高知空港)

Delete. Duplicate entry. Did show up in search box or map until I added this duplicate.

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