Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

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Onomichi Floating Port vs Onomichi Seaplane Base

The actual name of this facility transliterates directly from katakana as "Onomichi Floating Port", but this is a "Japanese English" turn of phrase that does not work well for native English speakers (since "port" by itself is used for nautical and not aeronautical purposes), so I've taken the liberty of translating this to Onomichi Seaplane Base per our usual listing convention elsewhere. The literal transliteration is included in keywords.

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RJBH now helicopter only.

All fixed-wing operations ceased here in 2013. Helicopters only since 2014. Now has alternate name of Hiroshima Heliport.

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First to comment on RJOA!

Now that Hiroshima-Nishi is closed to all but limited helicopter traffic, this is the closest airport to Hiroshima. Pretty nice back in 2005 last time I was here (on my 2017 and 2019 visits we took the Shinkansen instead).

It's in the mountains so you definitely don't want to overrun ...

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