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I like this airport for.

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THE best airport!

Haneda is THE best airport that I know. Super efficient airport, and reasonably short ways for both domestic and international terminals. Haneda is situated in Tokyoโ€™s Ota district, which is in South Tokyo (between Tokyo and Yokohama) and is therefore much closer to Tokyo than Narita, which is technically not even in Tokyo, but the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. If you are lucky and both wind and weather conditions align, you can get some really nice views of the city from above during ascend/descent with Fuji-san kn the background.

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re: Name of the airport.

Iwo Jima originates from an English language misreading of the Japanese ็กซ้ป„ๅณถ Iลtล ("Sulfur Island") as "iwo shima" prior to World War II. This name has been immortalized in name of the battle fought here in 1945, but the proper and official name of the island is indeed Iลtล (or in older transliterations "Iwo To" or "Iwautau") with "Iojima" being a persistent but incorrect reading that is protested by the descendants of the people who lived here before evacuation during the war (and the subsequent and continuing use of the island as an air base).

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Name of the airport.

Wasenโ€™t the name supposed to be Iwo Jima Airbase or somthin? idk.

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(no subject)

The name itself is pretty weird, Idk why.

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Confirmed closed 2000


Per this excellent Japanese airfield blog, Moriya (MFOC) Airfield was closed in 2020 due to damage from the previous year's Typhoon No 19.

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Article from Asahi (2019)


to paraphrase:

Moriya (Ultralight) Airstrip was evidently founded in 1985 on the floodplain of the Tone River, on land leased from private owners. Primary users were the Moriya Flying Users Club (about 40 general aviation enthusiasts), as well as helicopter operators Asahi Koyo and Japan Flight Safety for training purposes. However, the land was purchased from the previous owners by the Tone River Office (Kuki, Saitama) for use as a flood easement - Inatoi Reservoir (which is now visible adjacent to the remaining N-S runway).

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Onomichi Floating Port vs Onomichi Seaplane Base

The actual name of this facility transliterates directly from katakana as "Onomichi Floating Port", but this is a "Japanese English" turn of phrase that does not work well for native English speakers (since "port" by itself is used for nautical and not aeronautical purposes), so I've taken the liberty of translating this to Onomichi Seaplane Base per our usual listing convention elsewhere. The literal transliteration is included in keywords.

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2022 Update

Unlike its twin to the east-southeast, this ultralight airport continues to thrive for now.

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Update 2022

N/S runway still appears intact, but hangar structures appear to have been demolished.

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Dual-use facility

JMSDF Chichijima Airfield has both a seaplane ramp (ShinMaywa US-2 patrol flying boats) and a heliport.

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Area being redeveloped. E-W runway already mostly destroyed in recent sat maps, N-S runway remains.

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Gyrofield, you say?

Per this exceptional decade-long blog featuring WW2 Japanese installations (the link for this particular location is here https://airport1111.blog.ss-blog.jp/matsunami-airstrip but is in Japanese), this was the staging area for the use of Kayaba Ka-1 (reverse-engineered Kellett KD-1) observation autogyros which were used here primarily for submarine spotting.

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Nice place

Spent longer than planned here while waiting for the typhoon to pass. Everthing I need was there.

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Crisis averted!

I've repurposed this duplicate to cover a different airfield.

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Transliteration notes

This is labeled as "Ogyokaidozoino Helipad" in Google Maps. This is extremely incorrect.

The adjacent road is actually "Osakana-kaido", NOT "Ogyo-kaido" (literally "fish road"), and the "zoino" is a misreading of "zoi no" meaning "along", and not part of the helipad's name. Basically, the Japanese is transliterated as "o-sakana-kaido zoi no heliport", or translated as "the heliport along Fish Road". Without the actual name, I'm using the name of the adjacent road (Osakana-kaido) which shouldn't be translated literally in this case.

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re: Kochi Airport (้ซ˜็Ÿฅ็ฉบๆธฏ)

Reply to @TIBC1: Thank you for the comment. I have merged the two airports, so this is now the correct entry.

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Mixed R/C - glider airport

Primarily an R/C airport but listed due to powered glider activity.

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Miho Airfield

Set aside for emergency use by the Japanese government; no GA or commercial flights allowed.

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RJBH now helicopter only.

All fixed-wing operations ceased here in 2013. Helicopters only since 2014. Now has alternate name of Hiroshima Heliport.

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First to comment on RJOA!

Now that Hiroshima-Nishi is closed to all but limited helicopter traffic, this is the closest airport to Hiroshima. Pretty nice back in 2005 last time I was here (on my 2017 and 2019 visits we took the Shinkansen instead).

It's in the mountains so you definitely don't want to overrun ...

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(no subject)

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(no subject)

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Kochi Airport (้ซ˜็Ÿฅ็ฉบๆธฏ)

Delete. Duplicate entry. Did show up in search box or map until I added this duplicate.

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Delete duplicate.

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Camp Shimamatsu JGSDF Heliport

It would appear that the "H" marker has been moved or obliterated.

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Toubetsu Sub Base Delete - duplicate entry

This is not an airport. It is a heliport.

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(no subject)


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Hello friends,Pilots,and Simmers!

Firstly I use this program,it is well thought out and extremely accurate, thank you to ourairports!

I use X-10, this morning flying a supberb Aircraft, A321 Neo Airbus from RJCW to RJSA, I use Skyvector for planning,and map all flights and navaids onto Googlearth.Using two computers, 4 HD monitors, it's been my hobby for 15 years, I am British and live in the Province near Cebu, Philippines, if the net is good I use real weather and live ATC, 15 years of flying, thank you for this marvelous hobby, Martin.

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I adore the airport, very clean, organize and quick service, everyone knows what they are doing, I am assisted politely and nicely by the immigration officer at the airport when I forgot to get re-entry visa because of busy schedule at work. I miss Japan, I love everything about Japan.

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re: Ishigaki Airport was moved.

Reply to @Hayato: Somebody should create the new airport here. I don't have pilot information, but I do have the new name is "New Ishigaki Airport" and the location is 24.396389, 124.245. Elevation is 93ft. Same ICAO id as the old one.

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Ishigaki Airport was moved.

On March 7, 2013, Ishigaki airport, transfer, and became a New Ishigaki Airport.

Along with this, the old Ishigaki Airport has been closed.

For more information, see the following link.

Airport homepage:http://www.ishigaki-airport.co.jp/en/index.html


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This location is no longer an airport and is being redeveloped

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R/W 18/36

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ใ‚ฐใƒฉใ‚คใƒ€ใƒผใฎ็ทด็ฟ’ใ‚’ใ•ใ›ใฆ้ ‚ใ„ใฆใ„ใพใ™ใ€‚

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airport webcAM


I like watching naha airport webcam, but most of the time the cam is on the city which is boring and one cannot see anything except traffic. the aiport webcam is only for an hour or two which is very inconvenient for me, i like to see planes land and take off. Do you have intention of putting webcams at the aiport only covering both terminals.

Thank you


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I used to fly Coast Guard resupply flights into this island

It is a really pretty island with super clear blue water.

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Iwakuni Airport reopening

Iwakuni Airport was reopened in Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station and the same place on December 13, 2012, and the airline of 4 coming and going a day was established between Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) by All Nippon Airways.

It in this way becomes the airport of the soldier common use.

In addition, the nickname of the airport is "Iwakuni Kintai-kyo Airport".

Website of the airportใ€€๏ผˆJapanese only) โ†’http://iwakuni-airport.jp/index.php

Wikipedia's home page โ†’http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_Corps_Air_Station_Iwakuni

PS:Dear administrator of our airport

Iwakuni is Yamaguchiใ€€Prefecture not Hiroshimaใ€€Prefecture. Please revise it.

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re: Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

Added. http://www.ourairports.com/airports/rjns/

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re: Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

Reply to @Hayato: Additional information: Airport information by Wikipedia


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re: Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

Reply to @Hayato: IATA code ๏ผš FSZ ICAO code ๏ผš RJNS

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Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

The Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport opened to Makinohara city Shizuoka Prefecture near the Shizuhama airport.

The establishment day is June 4, 2009.

Please refer to the website in the airport for details.


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re: Name During WW2?

According to the Japanese-language Wikipedia article, this base was opened in 1942 for the Empire of Japan's Naval Air Corps, seized by US forces in 1945, and handed back over to the Japanese military in 1954 (where it later became the home of the JADF's "Blue Impulse" aerobatic team). There is no mention of what name the US might have used for the base during the occupation.

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Name During WW2?

What was the name of this airport during ww@? I spent time ehere with the 11th Airborne, It would be intresting to see it now and talk about it, cfowler26@kc.rr.com

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RUNWAY 24---110.70---238ยบ

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One of Northwest's Frequent Stopovers

I've been here several times going to and from the Philippines. Northwest likes to use it rather than Narita because of traffic and economic reasons. (Sometimes known by the alternative nickname of "Route 66) See some of my acerbic comments on inadequate southern California airports. When the Japanese don't have a good place for an airport, they make one ... in the US we wring our hands for years on end and often do nothing.

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