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still hot

its still hot as balls

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Behaviour of Staff

A very rude group of staff..I can even name some but I won't...Dnt understand what makes them reply so rudely to an international traveller...The information desk is better not approached...This airport can not match The International standards of Mumbai and Dubai.

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excellent and outstanding information on the internet

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airport quality

* The terminals stink of numerous foul odors at all times. (You can even see the military security agents smoking while standing under signs that forbid it.)

* Gate changes occur more than 75% of the time and delayed flights a higher percentage.

* The air traffic controllers "double stack" the flights to make their breaks longer. Double stacking is an illegal and unsafe practice where the runway isn't cleared before the next plane begins its final approach. If there were an equipment malfunction with a plan which has already landed that would keep it from being moved from the runway, a collision would be likely.

* Visas are a nightmare. There is no line/queue despite the illusion set forth by the digital signs. The visa agents will leave while processing a visa if it is time for a break or shift change, leaving the passenger in limbo.

* All alcohol is strictly forbidden (for non-Kuwaitis). Even bringing a small wine bottle off the plane can land an unsuspecting passenger in prison. At best, it will be confiscated (to later be sold or consumed by the arresting officer).

My advice... avoid Kuwait at all costs! Don't even land for a connecting flight unless there is no possible way to avoid it.

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old data

Wataniya Airways is now defunct after the group of Kuwaiti "business" men left travelers stranded all over the world without a minute's notice and then refused to refund any portion of the fares already collected by the airline.

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hot as balls

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Kuwait's Naval Base

This heliport is part of the Kuwaiti Navy's only significant base, which was also a major staging area for U.S. forces during the invasion of Iraq.

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