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re: Used by web infrastructure company CloudFlare

Reply to @anonym: Updated the location as I was able to properly pinpoint this facility on sat maps.

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Used by web infrastructure company CloudFlare

I added this airport as it is used by CloudFlare (web infrastructure and website security company) as an indication of where their data centres are located. Additional source: .

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(no subject)

The IATA code GHK is for Gahcho Kue Aerodrome (IATA: GHK, TC LID: CGK2) in Canada.

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(no subject)

No IATA code for this Airport

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Not open for long

This airport opened in 1998 in the wake of the Oslo Peace Accords, but Israel shut it down by bombing the control tower and radar in 2001, then bulldozing the runway in 2002. The Palestinian Authority continued to staff the airport, including ticket counters, until 2006, though it was not operational. It had been the home base for Palestinian Airlines, which moved across the border to Egypt after the airport closed.

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Probably closed

This airport was adjacent to the Israeli Gush Katif settlements in the Gaza Strip, which were evacuated in 2005 as part of the handover to the Palestinian authority. You can still see the runway in the satellite shot, though there is a building now right near one of the runway thresholds.

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Not currently in use

While this airport isn't officially closed, it hasn't been used since 1995, and has been controlled by the Israeli Defense Force since 2001. The airport has two ICAO codes: OJJR for Jordan (who originally controlled the territory), and LLJR for Israel.

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