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re: Highway Airstrips in Cuba

Please note that there is no separate heading for military-use airports in OurAirports, and that the inclusion of any aviation facility on this site does not imply permission to land there, given the thousands of private-use airstrips and heliports in the United States alone.

Moreover, many airports throughout the world are dual-use military-civilian, including my closest major airport (Austin Bergstrom International) which hosts a National Guard unit. So having a separate "military" category would make this very difficult as the same facility cannot be listed multiple times with the same ICAO code under different categories.

Airports on OuAirports are categorized by size and frequency of use, so "Small Airport" would be the most salient category for highway airstrips due to their infrequency of employment.

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re: NDB URV Frequency Change to 390 kHz

Updated to 390 KHz:

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Varadero's original airport

This was once the main airport for Varadero, but MUVR (VRA) has largely supplanted it.

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(no subject)

Telugu mom serious at Geneva newportleylan.London. newwales.another at Columbus airport USA.

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What a rubbish tracker

Get a better on linre tracker

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Antonio Maceo is closed for ever. It's over.

I will build another airport so you can com provided that Antonio Maceo is completely destroyed.

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Highway Airstrips in Cuba

All highway airstrips in Cuba are DAAFAR (Cuban Air and air defense forces) alternate airfields, and should be categorized as Military alternate airfields. These are established for wartime use, a practice adopted from the Soviet Union, and lesson of the "Bay Pigs" invasion attempt. They are stretches of roadways (usually national highways) that are long straightaways that can be used by military aircraft. The runway of the closed Cayo Coco airport was incorporated into a new national highway for just this reason. Landing at these alternate airfields is a regular part of DAAFAR pilot training. Civilian use of these roadway alternate airfields is strictly prohibited.

Jon R. Chasse

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Pay the extra for the lounge

Good airport, well set up for what it does. If you are able, spend the CUC$20 per person to go into the lounge area. Air conditioned, unlimited drinks, light snacks and hot sandwiches included in the price.

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NDB URV Frequency Change to 390 kHz

A1915/13 NOTAMN

Q) MUFH/QNBCF/IV/BO/AE/000/999/2301N08127W050

A) MUVR B) 1306122000 C) PERM


PAG GEN 2.5-1, GEN 2.5-2 EFF 03 MAY 12, GEN 3.2-5, GEN 3.2-9, GEN

3.2-10 30 APR 13, ENR 6-1 EFF 15 DEC 11, ENR 6-3 EFF 26 JUL 12,

MUHA AD 2-16 EFF 15 DEC 11, MUVR AD 2-6 30 APR 12, MUVR AD 2-28,

MUVR AD 2-29 EFF 18 OCT 12 AND WAC 2586 EFF 21 JAN 05. INFO WILL


CREATED: 14 May 2013 14:34:00


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NDB UBA Moved 11/13

New location is at the airport: 20 21 26 N, 074 30 16 W

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Airport Website

Cuba have excellent Web design. Why you don't do it a better an more informative Website? This really mediocre an no professional web.

Improve this guys , you can do it!!!

Thank you.

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re: IATA Airport Code

Reply to @david:

From what I understand, "UPB" is for VTUU. Use of "UPB" for "Habana/Playa Baracoa" is tolerated for local use having been used by the Cuban military before civil use was permitted. The abreviation came from the ICAO code "MUPB", with pilots dropping the M, much like dropping the K from US mainland ICAO codes to get most US IATA codes. I hope this makes sense, I'm sure others could clarify this further.

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Hurricane Sandy damage

I understand that Antonio Maceo airport had some severe damage from the hurricane and was not accepting flights. Have all flight schedules resumed? If not, when will that happen?

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NDB Ident Changed

NDB UHG 353 kHz ident changed to UGH Dec 2011

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NDB HG Decommissioned

NDB HG 220 kHz decommissioned - unknown date.

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NDB decommissioned

Varder NDB VA 430 kHz was decommissioned April 2009

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NDB ident changed

Varder NDB 420 kHz is now URV ex-V Dec 2011

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re: Re -JosΓ© MartΓ­ International Airport

Im sorry but this airport is a chaos

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Pobreza y desamparo

La impresion que causa este aeropuerto a los que llegan por primera vez a el es la de quien llega a un campo de batalla, la mugre abunda por todos los rincones, el mal olor es imperante, la falta de cortesia y profecionalismo del personal es contrastante con la intencion de convertirse en el destino preferido de los turistas en el Caribe, se persibe un ambiente de hostilidad y cohexion desde que desiendes de la escalerilla del avion, el personal militar y represivo que te resive te observa amenazadoramente en busca de alguna respuesta a su lista de interrogantes e inquietudes silenciosas, luego de una larga espera sales fuera de la terminal y te resive el verdadero pueblo Cubano, deceoso de compartir contigo lo poco que tienen y un calor sofocante que te recuerda que estas en el tropico. "Bienvenido a Cuba, tierra de libertad".(deseada)

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Re -JosΓ© MartΓ­ International Airport

Excellent airport..easy in and out - only a 20 dollar taxi fare to anywhere in Havana and civilized the departures area, while you're waiting for your flight, there's even a 'smoking lounge' for smokers.

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Hello please update de code for this airport.Now is only OACI code [MUCO] and the IATA CODE [CCC]is for Jardines Del Rey [MUCC] that is locared in the same KEY.

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Aerogaviota airlines services

Aerogaviota airlines is the only company that flight two times a week to Cayo las Brujas with ATR-42's [TU & SA] from Playa Baracoa [UPB]in Havana

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Pilon Airport

This airport is totally closed for aviation business.

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Airlines Services

Cubana Airlines,AIRTRANSAT,AIR CANADA,WESTJET and SUNWINGS to and from Canada.

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Airport update

This airport in actually closed for aviation business[the runway now is part of a road].Please read my note on "Jardines del Rey" [CCC][MUCC] Cayo Coco's "NEW" airport.

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Airport Name and IATA CODE update.

The oficial name is "Jardines Del Rey" /Cayo Coco [ NEW ]International airport and the IATA code is [CCC]/[MUCC] Transfered from the old airport with ICAO CODE [MUCO].

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re: Punta de Maisi Airport name

Reply to @david:The Cuban gov comunist oficial newspaper "Granma"

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re: IATA Airport Code

Reply to @david: Airport belongs to the Cuban gov.




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re: IATA Airport Code

Thanks for the comment. We already have "UBP" in the database for - do you know of a source to confirm which airport it actually belongs to?

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re: Airport IATA CODE

Thanks - updated.

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re: Punta de Maisi Airport name

Thanks for the information. Google Maps still shows this as "Punta de Maisi" airport. Is there an official source where we can confirm the other name?

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re: Stolen items from luggage

You're an absolute idiot for putting those types of items in your checked baggage anyway, so you have no one to blame but yourself. Firstly - why would you even bring that type of jewellry with you in the first place ( do you really need to flash your baubles on the beach ) and secondly, if they're so precious to you - why aren't you WEARING your engagement/wedding rings??

I wouldn't even put expensive/sentimental items in my checked baggage if I was flying through Heathrow/Frankfurt/Dulles let alone a country like Cuba. If I had something precious and didn't want anything to happen to it, it wouldn't leave my side - so once again, it's your own stupid fault for leaving it in your checked baggage.

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Airport name changed

The actual name of this small airport is "Guardalavaca" and is a Heliport for Aerogaviota Airlines

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IATA Airport Code

The IATA code or this airport is:[UPB] and is a small hub for AEROGAVIOTA AIRLINES. flts to:SCU,VRA,CYO,TND[CHARTER],BWW,HOG,BCA and CCC[CHARTER].

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Airport Name

The oficial Airport name is "Joaquin de Aguero"

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Punta de Maisi Airport name

The airport oficial name is " ALFREDO NOA DIAZ".[IATA CODE:UMA/ICAO CODE:MUMA].Inagurated by Fidel Castro on July-10-1970.The operation of this small airport is by AN-2 three times x week from Baracoa,Guantanamo[BCA/MUBA].pls UPDATE your info.

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Stolen items from luggage

I flew from this airport to the Uk on 03/06/2010 and the padlocks were broken on my luggage, items stolen included my engagement ring, wedding ring, 2 pairs of gold earings, 1 pair of silver earings and perfum..... be very careful!!!!

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Julio Gonzalez

The truth will set you free ;)

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Now Mariel is closed and used as a container terminal.

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Under U.S. control

While this former airfield is in Cuba, it's part of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, which is under U.S. control.

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American naval base

Although this base is located in Cuba, it's under American control due to a long-term lease signed -- its the U.S.'s oldest overseas base, and the only one in a hostile country. It has received a lot of news coverage recently because of its use as a prison camp during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

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Nice! Many thanks, easy to find helpful information. Good work.

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