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ohare has cargo planes

ohare has

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ohare is the bussy airport

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Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD)

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Operated by Aero Applications Inc.

High volume agricultural flying during growing season

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Former YFZ Ranch (FLDS)

This dirt airstrip serves ETG Ranch (aka Eldorado Training Grounds), a military and law enforcement training facility on the former YFZ (Yearning for Zion) Ranch owned and operated by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) polygamist sect. This is newer aviation facility that did not exist during the YFZ era.

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Yeager Airport

West Virginia International Yeager Airport is a public airport 3 miles east of downtown Charleston, in unincorporated Kanawha County, West Virginia, United States. It is owned by the Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority. The airport hosts McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, home to eight C-130 Hercules aircraft of the West Virginia Air National Guard's 130th Airlift Wing, an Air Mobility Command-gained unit of the West Virginia Air National Guard.

The airport sits on a hilltop over 300 feet above the valleys of the Elk and Kanawha Rivers, and the hill drops off sharply on all sides. Arriving passengers enjoy a view of downtown Charleston or the rolling hills north and east of the field.

Federal Aviation Administration records show 225,150 passenger enplanements in calendar year 2015, a decrease of 6.8% from the 241,566 enplanements in 2014. The Federal Aviation Administration National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021 categorized it as a non-hub primary commercial service facility.

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Willow Run Airport

Willow Run Airport is an airport in Van Buren Charter Township and Ypsilanti Township, near Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States, that serves freight, corporate, and general aviation. Due to its very close proximity to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, no major airlines schedule passenger flights to or from Willow Run.

It is included in the Federal Aviation Administration National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021, in which it is categorized as a national reliever airport facility.

Opened in 1942, "Willow Run" was synonymous with the American industrial effort that contributed so much to Allied victory in World War II. Operated by the Ford Motor Company, the Willow Run manufacturing plant produced a total of 8,685 B-24 Liberator heavy bombers, completed and in kit form, before closure in April 1945; Willow Run produced more Liberators than either plant owned by the plane's designer, Consolidated Aircraft.

Today the Yankee Air Museum, located in one of the airport's hangars, has a large collection of vintage aircraft.

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Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is a major international airport in the United States covering 4,850 acres in Romulus, Michigan. It is the primary international airport serving Detroit and is Michigan's busiest airport. The Federal Aviation Administration National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021 categorized it as a large hub primary commercial service facility.

The airport is a major hub for Delta Air Lines and is also a base for Spirit Airlines. Detroit serves as Delta's main gateway to Asia for the Eastern United States. The airport has service to 30 international destinations and service to 39 states across the United States. Operated by the Wayne County Airport Authority, the airport has six runways, two terminals, and 129 in-service gates. Detroit Metropolitan Airport has maintenance facilities capable of servicing and repairing aircraft as large as the Boeing 747-400.

Metro Airport serves the Metropolitan Detroit area; the Toledo, Ohio area about 40 miles south; the Ann Arbor area to the west; Windsor, Ontario; and Southwestern Ontario in Canada. The airport serves over 140 destinations and was named the best large U.S. airport in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates in 2010 and 2019.

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Coleman A. Young International Airport

Coleman A. Young International Airport is six miles northeast of downtown Detroit, in Wayne County, Michigan. It is owned by the City of Detroit. The Federal Aviation Administration National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021 categorized it as a regional general aviation facility. In 2003, it was given its current name in honor of the late former mayor of Detroit.

From July 1988 through September 1993, Southwest Airlines served the airport with 10 to 13 daily flights. Chautauqua Airlines served the airport but ceased service less than a year later. Spirit Airlines planned to fly McDonnell-Douglas DC-9s to DET in 1995, but never began service. Pro Air, a scheduled passenger airline, was based at the airport and grounded by the FAA due to poor maintenance performance after less than a year. The airport now has no scheduled passenger airline service.

The airport's passenger terminal also houses facilities for Customs and Border Protection, which serves private and cargo airplanes.

The 53,000-square-foot passenger terminal includes space for restaurants, retail concessions, car rental facilities, airline offices, baggage pick-up and claim areas, boarding areas and passenger lounges. The airport has three 1,000 space parking lots.

The city of Detroit says that the facility has staff and is operational. It is listed as an asset of the city, but its future plans are in doubt.

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Berz-Macomb Airport

Berz Macomb Airport eventually succumbed to the pressures that have become increasingly common to privately-owned airports surrounded by increasingly dense suburban development. An article by Mary Owen in the 12/26/02 issue of the Detroit Free Press was entitled "Berz Macomb Airport hangs in there". "While developers, courts & planners settle the details of a proposed luxury subdivision on his land, Milton Berz Jr. is doing business as usual at the Berz Macomb Airport in Macomb Township. Business is slower now because some customers assume the airport is preparing to close. For the first time in years, there are empty hangars, and people have been flying elsewhere. But flying lessons & aircraft hangar space are still available, and the small office looking onto the runway is full of activity. Despite plans for 495 luxury homes on the airport's site, members of the Berz family contend that they're not closing their business any time soon." "Until the check is in our hands, we're going to be doing business as usual", said 3rd-generation pilot Jeff Berz.

The article continued, "For 4 years, Farmington Hills-based developer Grand Sakwa has had an option on the family's 330 acres, which are between 22 Mile & 23 Mile & Hayes & Romeo Plank. That means Grand Sakwa has the first option to buy the land. In exchange, Grand Sakwa pays a yearly fee & pays the airport's property taxes." The township assessed the land at about $9 million. The Berz family said Grand Sakwa offered more than that."

"It's one of those situations where property values have increased to the levels where it doesn't make any sense to run an airport," said Milton Berz Jr. "To see something you worked at for 30 years ultimately destroyed is not going to be easy."

The article continued, "A court battle between Macomb Township & Grand Sakwa began in 1999 after the township denied the developer's request to rezone the area from industrial to residential. The township contends that a residential development on the site of the airport goes against its 30-year-old master plan, even though there's a subdivision opposite the entrance to the airport. Two years ago, a judge ruled in favor of the developer's request for rezoning. However, the courts haven't determined whether Grand Sakwa is entitled to several million dollars in damages as a result of the delay in the project. Grand Sakwa plans a 190-acre development that would have about 2.6 lots per acre." "When - and if - the airport does close, it will leave only 2 Macomb County airports: Romeo State Airport & Macomb Airport in New Haven. Berz had about 68,200 take-offs & landings in 2001. Among Berz customers is the Warren Police Department, which stations 2 helicopters there. Company executives & celebrities such as Bill Cosby & Cindy Crawford have used the airport when flying into the Detroit area on private jets. Medical teams transporting organs from St. Joseph's Mercy of Macomb in Clinton Township also have taken advantage of the nearby facility." "I think the county is really going to miss this airport," said Jeff Berz. "They don't realize what they have here."

The article continued, "Jeff Berz, whose wife is working on her pilot's license, said that after the airport is sold, it will stay open for an additional 90 days to help customers find space elsewhere. He said people taking flying lessons can transfer their hours. With a hint of regret, Jeff Berz, who had planned to take over the family business, says he wishes that the family had developed the land around the airport with restaurants, homes or a golf course. He said the added revenue could have subsidized the airport." "I grew up out here," he said. "My father flew me out here when they were bulldozing for the runway."

In 2003, their last year, the Berz Macomb Airport web site described their operation as such: "Berz Flying Service operates as a full service FBO, offering flight training, storage, fuel sales, and the maintenance of Piper Airplanes. The flight department, operating Piper Cherokees, has a unique curriculum, offering one-to-one training for both ground & flight training." "Berz-Macomb Airport has a 4,200' paved & lighted runway. There are both VOR, NDB and GPS instrument approaches, the NDB utilizing a radio beacon on the airport. There are available most of the amenities to assist you when coming to the Macomb County area. These include transient hangars & tiedowns, heater service, rental cars, waiting rooms, nearby restaurants & motels, and both 100 octane & jet A fuel."

Fred Kaluza reported in 2003, "The Berz Macomb Airport was just sold for a reported $15 million because it lies smack in the middle of southeast Michigan's fastest sprawling area. The number one cash crop among area farmers is 'subdivisions'. It's getting to the point that flying over southeast Michigan is just as hazardous as if you were over the middle of the Pacific. There's nowhere left to land if you have trouble!" Russ Shreve recalled, "I took my private check ride with Milt Berz Jr, and I bought Milt Berz Sr's house when he retired to Florida. Their flight operation has now moved to Oakland Troy airport, which oddly enough, formerly was the original Berz Airport the family sold to Rockwell."

A 2005 aerial view showed that sadly, all signs of this well-built modern airport had been erased, replaced by streets for a new housing development.

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re: Airport?!

The clearing just north of that field looks like a more deliberate runway but appears fiercely overgrown. How odd.

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Great airport! Great people!

I’ve been based here for years. Scott, the airport manager, and his crew do a fantastic job. There are 2 full time a&p’s on site. Flight training , fuel, or service on your plane - they can take care of it.

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Converted to heliport.

Recent satellite imagery has the main runway 10/28 covered in prefab housing, as indicated in the current AirNav entry (closed indefinitely). The former apron has a heliport indicator and appears to remain in use.

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Always close to my heart

Good to buy rum, chocolate and jerk seasoning. Honestly, their jerk seasoning is the most delicious I've encountered and when my packet runs out I will miss it dearly.

Immigration can be a bit abrupt in their manner but are not unreasonable if you have your documentation in order. Smallish airport so easy to navigate, and various car rental options available.

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Nice place.

Brought out an elderly person for her Sibling Christmas 2.5 hrs by air beat a 7 hr road trip.

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Airport closing

De Havilland Canada ceased operations at the airport in June 2022, but as of the 3 November 2022 Canada Flight Supplement, it's still listed as open (with prior permission required). There is a plan to develop it into a "15-minute community".

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Unsanctioned airfield

John Toole Jr., the owner of Toole's Training Center, used this horse race track as an airfield for a J5 Cub in 2015, which prompted the Davie city council to ban private airfields in the city. The pilot attempted a campaign for city council as a result. Toole ultimately lost his life in a 2020 crash near Orange Springs while trying to land an Aero Commander 100 Darter Commander on an unlit grass strip (FD02 Patch o Blue) at night.

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Amazing airport for spotting small planes and flying

Very friendly staff, free snacks and coffe

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Report from personal visit

I was able to access this field via ground transportation during a previous visit to Bastrop in 2017-2019; it's a pretty rudimentary and obviously private grass strip, little more than a mowed patch of grass beaten down by plane tires. But it's definitely there.

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EVB NDB decommissioned

There is no way for me as a user to delete NAVAIDs or mark them as decommissioned. Many NAVAIDs on the site are out of date as a result. Please open editing of NAVAID to the users, including access to delete or mark as decommisioned.

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Disused WW2 Facility

Built in 1940 as a training field, this was adjacent to the Japanese-American internment camp (whose remains are still visible on the map to the southwest across US-395). The airfield remained open until 1956, and in intermittent use until at least 1975.

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Reopened as a UAS strip 2022

In newer imagery, this is now marked as an active UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) airstrip.

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Remains open

There is literally a C208 on FlightAware bound here from Miami as I type this.

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Closed 2022

This airport closed very recently. Wonder if they've gotten the skydiving King Air out of there since I last visited in February.

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re: Sad that this is now slated to be closed soon!

Reply to @shumphries: Seems like a tough time for Texas country airports. I saw this happen to Luling Carter Field last year.

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Don't land here yourself, multiple times

Ignore the spammer. This is very much a private airport, and this is a gentle reminder that inclusion on this website does not imply that any facility is open to public access or safe for landing. Please check with local authorities or the property owner (if applicable) before attempting to land anywhere that is not a known public airport.

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re: Highway Airstrips in Cuba

Please note that there is no separate heading for military-use airports in OurAirports, and that the inclusion of any aviation facility on this site does not imply permission to land there, given the thousands of private-use airstrips and heliports in the United States alone.

Moreover, many airports throughout the world are dual-use military-civilian, including my closest major airport (Austin Bergstrom International) which hosts a National Guard unit. So having a separate "military" category would make this very difficult as the same facility cannot be listed multiple times with the same ICAO code under different categories.

Airports on OuAirports are categorized by size and frequency of use, so "Small Airport" would be the most salient category for highway airstrips due to their infrequency of employment.

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re: closed?

Reply to @feitidede: Still listed as Active on AirNav as of 10/20/2022, owner: State of Nevada Department of Energy.

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Confirmed per YouTube video

Private airstrip X marking visible at south end of grass runway in this 2018 YouTube video of N503AM taking off from here.

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LSA Fly-Ins

Attended the small light sport aircraft fly-in here in March 2022, their website lists this as twice a year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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re: This may be defunct

Reply to @AdventureAviator: It's pretty long since defunct and has been marked as closed.

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1970 is more than 22 years before 2018.

Looks like this airport did exist ... 40 to 50 years ago.

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looked like a really nice airpark community has been recently built here

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stunning approach

great views over the water and of the canal when landing 18

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re: Pilot

Reply to @Glastar1995: that's awesome!

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re: Frenchy's Cassette Tape - The Art of Flying

I still have the 8 track tape.

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Formerly Pendleton Airpark

Used to be Pendleton Airpark, 77NY. Note the unusual runway designation, E-W rather than 09-27.

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Inspiration for the musical Come from Away

A former transatlantic crossroads before the jet era, Gander was one of the airports that housed stranded travelers when American airspace was closed due to the events of September 11, 2001; Gander International received 7000 passengers from thirty-eight planes. The incredible hospitality of the Newfoundlanders inspired the musical Come from Away, which ran on Broadway from 2017 to 2022, and continues to spark interest from innumerable "Come-from-Aways" in the people and culture of the island.

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Great airpark!

Flew in today for an open house for a couple of the properties on the field. Nice place!

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re: Please fix

Reply to @emes: Done