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Snow Runway

Research facility, wait that should be "facility" as it's pretty basic for core drilling only and not much else out there. Runway is visible past the peaks and since drilling is done in summer there is lots of light to see by.

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Charter flights

Flew in to Nord on a charter flight in the summer of 2003, the landing strip was well kept in the frozen land and even in summer it was quite cold there. Research and military personnel, no sun from mid-Nov to end of January, charters have to fly in daylight, military I heard was allowed to fly in at night..

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Expensive but efficient

Handling here is quick and friendly, if a bit expensive. But then again where else are you going to go in the area!

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RUNWAY 8---109.50---142ΒΊ

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re: Heliport

Thanks for the link -- I've updated the heliport using the information in it.

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According to the following document, this is a heliport.

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