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Always close to my heart

Good to buy rum, chocolate and jerk seasoning. Honestly, their jerk seasoning is the most delicious I've encountered and when my packet runs out I will miss it dearly.

Immigration can be a bit abrupt in their manner but are not unreasonable if you have your documentation in order. Smallish airport so easy to navigate, and various car rental options available.

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Tiny Rude Airport

This airport's employees are so rude unless your a female. Be ready to have the baggage helpers check you out and assist (sometimes a good thing!) It is small and intimate with cramped Duty Free shops which are sometimes more expensive than normal stores...I don't get it. Easy lay out and usually quick to get through. Its so tiny!

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BW521 30-Oct-13

Good day,

Your flight arrival status was not updated nor did it show the late arrival of this flight.

The effort to provide users with flight information is welcomed; however accurate information on the flight's status is welcomed as this would be helpful to persons who are dropping off and picking up passengers.

Thank you.

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Most expensive airport in the world

Why so expensive?

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Tobago Airport

Never been there, but my wife has!

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