Chris Hadfield Airport

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Picture of berk

Updated runway ids to match NavCanada data.

Updated runway ids from 5/23 and 14/32 to 6/24 and 15/33 to match with NavCanada data.

Picture of viennatech

Great airport

Very friendly staff at the local flight school. Make sure that you land and taxi out on Alpha. I tried to back taxi to Bravo and was told to turn around! Otherwise was a great visit and the last stop on my 300 NM CPL cross country flight. They have 100LL pumped with a smile.

Picture of david

re: Great airport

Reply to @viennatech: "I tried to back taxi to Bravo and was told to turn around!"

"Told", or "respectfully requested"? CYZR doesn't have a tower, so there's no ATC to boss you around. :)

Picture of david

FBO information

The FBO is Huron Flight Centre, 519-542-6599. I was unable to reach anyone by phone on a Saturday afternoon, despite several tries.

Picture of Tony

Cleared Canadian Customs Here

Landed here after dark in Oct 04 to clear customs. Taxiways were very rough and ramp lighting was not very effective. The ramp attendant heard us fly in and drove over to let the Customs agent in the back gate and let us out after we were cleared. He drove us to our hotel afterward fuelling us - great service after a long day of flying.

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