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Possible reactivation

The provincial governor had promised reconstruction of this airport at least as far back as 2018 and progress is being made on reopening it despite COVID related delays.

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Name should be changed

The ICAO name is MPCL and the local three letter name used is CLZ

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Well-maintained but not a great experience

I connected in PTY twice in the last week and both times I found the satellite with gates around #30 full of people and very hot as though the A/C wasn’t working, while the other areas of the terminal were at a good temperature. Both gifts and food are significantly overpriced, which came as a surprise. $4 - $6 for a bottle of water, nearly $30 for a soft toy. The first time, my connecting flight changed gates and I couldn’t find it on the screens, nor was it announced. I couldn’t reach airline staff at a nearby gate because of a security blockade and security staff told me to speak to airline staff at another gate because they simply didn’t know anything. At another gate, airline staff did help, but blamed the airport, and told us the new gate, though incremented by one, was at the other side of the terminal and I should hurry because the flight is already boarding. Certainly not the best airport experience I’ve had in 20 years of travelling by air.

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re: Ultralight

hallo toni

bin selber auf der suche nach hobbyfliegerei in panama

ich besuche panama öfters weil ich da hinziehen werde

werde dir noch mailen



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I am a German pilot and journalist. I have to visit Panama because I have an order to report about private flying there. Are you able to make contacts to English speaking pilots?

Please contact me via email:

Many thanks for a short reply


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Ultralight AD

Home to ultralight club, good condition RWY, whatch for people crossing the RWY and RC planes flying in the vicinity and over the RWY.

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Mpce has trees at both runway sides. Be aware of them.

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Open for Bsiness

Aug 2014- Now fully operational as an official International Airport. Almost no traffic. Just a few Charters on the odd ocassion. Panamas white elephant?

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re: ICAO identifier

Reply to @ptomblin: It is "Panama Pacifico"; I'm sure 100% because just on this month.... I'm flying daily in this airport. Actually I don't know how we could update the name in this website. Ciao ciao.

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re: ICAO identifier

Reply to @antongervax: Is it "Howard Airport", or is it "Panama Pacifico" as my Eurocontrol data has it?

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ICAO identifier

ICAO identifier of this airport now is "MPPA".

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re: Runway closed

Thank you for the information. Does anyone have a source for the airport move? I can't see the new airport in Google sat imagery (probably because it's too new), so I'm looking for some type of confirmation. The Panamanian civil aviation authority web site at wasn't helpful.

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Runway closed

This runway was closed yesterday. These are the coordinates for the new location of this airport:

073205N 0800235W





HORARIO. HJ (Daylight)


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I have a GDB, KML or GPX file with precise coodinates of Panama's airports. Very usefull if you have a regular Garmin handheld GPS. If someone wants it, please send me an email to

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re: Question

No, you can nopt. You have to depart from Gelabert MPMG, Tocumen MPTO or David MPDA.

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can you fly from ONX to Bocas Del Torro

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re: Question

No you can't, there's no customs/inmigration office, you nave to depart from MPMG.

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re: Wrong data

I find it highly moronic for someone to expect such "correctness" from a user-driven website. I suggest you search for official sources if such accuracy is required. However, should you wish to contribute to this website with more than useless blathering, start by clicking "about" at the bottom of this page and learn what this website has to offer. Then sign up and be constructive by picking up all those littered "airfields" and putting them in their place.

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Wrong data

I find it highly irresponsible to simply publish data without verifying its correctness even if it is a public site. I was looking for Rio Sidra and found this page littered with "airfields" in San Blas and they are ALL terribly misplaced. Rather than providing highly inaccurate data it is better not to provide any. These airports are shown way inland when in fact they are all located on the coast.

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Can I flight to Cartagena Colombia from Enrique Adolfo Jimenez Airport?

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Not Finished!

As of January 24, 2012 the airport - new airport facilities - has just begun. A drive by scheduled in the next few days will confirm if the tunnel for the road traffic has been started. Noise or not this airport will be a benifit for everyone! Hell maybe even my Mom can convince my stuck in the mud father to get on the plane for a visit now that the drive will be shortened to 35mins to Penonome!

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