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A few of the runway lights are out. Reported to the airport manager on 10/6/23 and they will be working to fix them.

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Emergency use airfield.

While CGAS Casco Cove closed in 2010, runway 2/20 remains available for emergency use as of 2023 per AirNAV.

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Amazing approach

Incredible views coming and out of this airport. Very tight canyon

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Great gas stop

Nice airport with reasonable Alaskan gas prices

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Never ending sunset

I landed here at 2am on 7/30 after landing at Deadhorse around midnight. Night may not be the right word since it was basically a 4 hour long sunset/rise. Absolutely incredible

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First gravel strip

Landed here in a bonanza v35. Amazing park and service in McCarthy. Runway was fine and we had a great time exploring the glacier

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Friendly line service

Stopped here for gas on my way to norther AK. Staff came out to pump my gas and even gave us two homemade cookies!

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Seward is a work in progress for me.

I am close to having a working airport here, with some known problems that when I post it up anyone with more knowledge on msfs2020 design is welcome to my source and can edit and fix anything they like. Most of the problems i am having are related to terraforming. I have managed to get a relatively flat airport with a couple of bumps at the edges of the apron. However the airport altitude is wrong as I couldn't figure out how to change it in the polygon. I comes in at the default of around 10' and should be 27' . I will post a comment here when I get the first version posted somewhere. with instructions on contacting me for the files to edit.

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wrong location and data

relocated in 2017 2.5 miles N/NW of current airport.

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Alaska 2018

Returned to Alaska after 45 years. Spernack aviation is a great FBO.

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Nice gravel strip Alaska Trip 2018

Owner of Hotel in town drove us back out to the strip. Beautiful hotel right on the water. We will go back.

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Great strip

Had a Great time...sunshine the all week. Sun always shining @18AA

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(no subject)


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Gold Mine 1969

4 summers

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PAWD - Where mountains meet ocean

Very scenic location. Fabulous little town.

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Going to C/T mine

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1968,69,70 and 71

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I flew in via Canada. Northway didn't wish to send anyone down late so I flew direct here from TOK (precleared for a technical stop) and Canada. Customs is around by gate 6 at the main terminal.

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Fuel and a store

Fuel and a small grocery store. A dump!

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re: IATA and ICAO Codes

Reply to @ptomblin: You are, of course, quite correct. My balls up!

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re: IATA and ICAO Codes

Reply to @trasher: No, PAPN is the ICAO code for Pilot Point Airport, not Pilot Station.

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IATA and ICAO Codes

Pilot Station Codes are PIP and PAPN

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Walker Pre-Flight.

Was the Best place in the world to learn how to fly and instruct. We lost a lot of pilots in the old days and things have changed a bit, 100LL was $1.15 and I remember complaining to Suburban fuel in Mountain View. Been flying and instructing ever since.

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re: Probable incorrect location for base

Reply to @prattsoplenty: The Wikipedia link goes to a Wikimapia article about the Navy base, not the seaplane base. Not sure if I'd trust that. Skyvector shows the point pretty close to where we already had it.,-167.5519&chart=301&zoom=3

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re: Probable incorrect location for base

I found another mention of Chernofski Harbor (link in the pilot info under Wikipedia page) and moved the location to that area.

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Probable incorrect location for base

The symbol is atop a hill beside Mailboat Cove, Chernofski, AK. There's nothing up on that hill except grass and crowberry. The ranch buildings can be seen in bottom of aerial photo if one pans cursor that way. The ruins of US military WWII infrastructure is to right, in the northern part of Mutton Cove, an appendix (if you will) of Mailboat Cove with together with Mailboat Cove comprise Chernofski Bay or Harbor. On the hillside above NE corner of Mutton Cove are a hydrant and other remains of US Military presence. There's also a pier and slaughterhouse in that corner and, finally, a little bit left of the coal pile the military put there to heat the place.

I spent January 2010 up there and became quite familiar with the layout.

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re: Name Change

Reply to @Desert185: Somebody needs to send an update to the FAA then, because the official location is a bit off, and they still have the runway as 12/30. They do have the name change, however.

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Name Change

It is now called Castle Mountain with the same 48AK identifier (Private). Freq is 122.95. Slight downhill landing west. The runway is actually 10/28 instead of the 12/30 listed. Grass in good condition.

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I was there for 365 days ' June 1961-June 1962 M/sgt James m

It was a long year

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Northway, AK (PAOR)

As of summer 2011, no more fuel and the restaurant is closed. Customs and an FSS is about it. Nearest fuel, motel or restaurant is Tok.

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Memorial for what?

As I did not know him personally, I did fly on his plane. Can someone please tell me why this airport should bare his name?

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Local info

It doesn't seem to be widely known but, you can get lunch here at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel, a half-mile walk from the gravel transient parking area!

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re: Talkeetna Airport Noise Pollution and Invation of Privac

Talkeetna airport opened in 1949. Unless you're over 60 years old, the airport got there before you did.

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Talkeetna Airport Noise Pollution and Invation of Privacy

The Talkeetna Airport and the massive amount of summer tourist flights (mostly going to Denali) is a major contributor to noise pollution and invasion of privacy in the small town of Talkeetna and the surrounding area. The local residents who live here all year and don't make money off tourism should have the right to enjoy their summers also without having to wear ear plugs just to get some piece and quiet. The small planes constantly going over our homes sometimes too low is also an invasion of our privacy and a major annoyance. The only locals who are for tourism are the ones making money off them. Tourism has ruined Talkeetna it has become a town of tourist whores.

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re: What is it actually called?

This airport is called "Denali Airport", but it's private. I suspect you're looking for the nearby "McKinley National Park Airport" (PAIN) that belongs to the Park Service:

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What is it actually called?

What is the specific name of the Denali Airport. Im doing a project on the Denali National Park and need the name of it.

My email is

and my phone number is 760 238 2754

Thank you

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FAA again

The FAA has this airport at (58.9320583333333,-158.901897222222), but that location doesn't look like an airport and this one does.

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The FAA has this at (61.899,-161.778183333333), but this location looks more like an airport, and more like the aerial photo at the airnav site.

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Wrong ID?

The FAA uses '41AK' for Settlers Bay Airstrip.

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FAA data still only shows a 18/36 turf runway, but that sure looks like a paved runway in the satellite photo.

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Northway Airport

We stayed overnight in the trailers that the Alaska Highway workers used. Rustic! The restaurant had closed for the evening, but the bartender said just go fix your own. We had steak, baked potato and apple pie. Left the money and did the dishes. Great way to live!

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Other runway at Chevak?

Is that another runway NW of the airport, or some kind of resource-based industry?

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farthest west i've flown

nice airport, no bathroom

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First landing North of the Arctic Circle

Not much here except a lodge and guide service - which is fine. Just a thrill for my first landing North of the Arctic Circle!

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re: OK

Take it up with Google.

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Good Graphics at long-range not up to my expectations

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This is one of the most interesting places. Definitely worth the trip from Fairbanks to Barrow on a 737 Combi - the cargo and the passengers are together! A ceremonious crossing of the arctic circle by the pilot as well as a certificate from Alaska Airlines when you land!

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fall 2007

It is very difficult to work with the Alaska Airlines customer service counter within the secured area. It's understaffed, usually with uninterested employees.

This airport has a nursery on the B concourse. It's a great little private room with two leather couches, a coffee table, a crib (bring your own sheet/blanket), rollercoaster beads, toddler-size chairs, and its own private bathroom. The only downfall is it doesn't have a monitor for arrivals/departures. Oh, and the room kind of stinks.

Departures are routinely delayed. Most aggravating.

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