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Refueled here before going to Mexico

Excellent FBO

Good fuel prices

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Very Nice FBO

I would use this airport for a stopover again

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Future Chennault Field

This is the original 1970s crop dusting airport whose footprint would later be reused as the basis for 2020s Chennault Field.

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Active air force base...

... but inactive aviation facilities.

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Repurposed duplicate heading

Repurposed duplicate to cover a different aviation facility in central Texas.

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Heath canyon

I flew in here in about 1994 doing a CAP border recce. I have to say it was the scariest thing I'd ever been a part of in civil aviation. The PIC "Dave" had been there multiple times before. The brush along the sides of the runway was so high that a low wing plane would not have been able to land there. They said it was 30 feet wide,but it was more like 10-15 feet wide. We landed to the NW, uphill. After landing we taxied back and shut down. The treat about this place was that the owner had a one table "restaurant" at the bottom. He came out and fixed us lunch.The owner apparently used to work as a geologist right across the border.

The takeoff was rather interesting. It took almost full power to taxi up to the top of the hill. We prepped for a SE departure, Short Field flaps (C-172/180hp) held the brakes, full power. The upper portion of the runway (RY11 I think) was flat, with what seemed like a precipitous drop off after about 500'. The C172 basically just flew off the edge and kept flying. A sharp left to stay inside US airspace and we were off!

I never went back, but I will also never forget it. All the rest of the airports we landed at that trip were easy in comparison.

Im sorry to see it closed, now with 4000 more hours than I had then (150 hours then) I'd definitely try it again.The food was pretty good too.

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DFW is terrible, every time I go my bags either get lost or stuck at the airport. My flights always get delayed at least 2 hours 0/10

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Mystery solved

The FAA and AirNav coordinates placed this incorrectly well to the north, but a chance spot of N7802K (private Cessna 180J Skywagon) observed taking off from there on 17 Feb 2023 finally solved this mystery

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Turns out this is the actual location of TA55 Del Valle, whose FAA coordinates were way too far north.

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Not a typo

While autocorrect and my own instincts tell me this should be "Remembrance", this is indeed the spelling used in AirNav, AOPA, and all other sources.

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Provisional name for unnamed airstrip

N7802K (private Cessna 180J Skywagon) was observed taking off from this previously unlisted and unnamed airstrip on 17 Feb 2023.

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Former YFZ Ranch (FLDS)

This dirt airstrip serves ETG Ranch (aka Eldorado Training Grounds), a military and law enforcement training facility on the former YFZ (Yearning for Zion) Ranch owned and operated by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) polygamist sect. This is newer aviation facility that did not exist during the YFZ era.

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Report from personal visit

I was able to access this field via ground transportation during a previous visit to Bastrop in 2017-2019; it's a pretty rudimentary and obviously private grass strip, little more than a mowed patch of grass beaten down by plane tires. But it's definitely there.

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Closed 2022

This airport closed very recently. Wonder if they've gotten the skydiving King Air out of there since I last visited in February.

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re: Sad that this is now slated to be closed soon!

Reply to @shumphries: Seems like a tough time for Texas country airports. I saw this happen to Luling Carter Field last year.

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LSA Fly-Ins

Attended the small light sport aircraft fly-in here in March 2022, their website lists this as twice a year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Great airpark!

Flew in today for an open house for a couple of the properties on the field. Nice place!

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re: Please fix

Reply to @emes: Done

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Please fix

@david could you please edit

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It is an AOE but you need to obtain an Overflight Permission to use it as an AOE

Took us about 20 minutes to clear custom

Very friendly

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Runway Cafe

I've never seen an airport diner that served pad thai before. Or mariscos. On the same menu as your classic burgers and steaks, and all excellent!

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Misplaced all along.

The FAA had this misplaced the whole time.

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Sad that this is now slated to be closed soon!

Sad that this is now slated to be closed! I visited 11-19-21 so I could have it in my logbook before it's gone...

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Currently known as Moonbow...


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Airnav and FAA now list this as CLOSED INDEFINITELY so there we go.

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Army National Guard Helicopter LZ

Used for landings in support of frequent Texas ANG helicopter operations at this lake.

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It only took a decade ... but yeah, we're all good here now.

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Signed as closed and for sale. Gliderport field is overgrown and now dotted with bushes. Checked in-person 15 May 2021.

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Repurposing duplicate

Reusing Snyder Airport duplicate to cover nearby hospital heliport.

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Great AIrport

Quick fuel turnaround

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Great Ranch!

Highly recommend, permission required to land but definitely a great place to visit! Go on a safari and shoot a flamethrower!

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(no subject)

Recently paved and painted as of 20 Dec 2020. No perimeter fence, directly adjacent to FM 1470 to the south, private residences to the north.

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well that's a tight fit

Lots of signage warning pedestrians and motorists going into the adjacent parking garage of the "Helicopter Landing Zone". Rotor wash here must be all sorts of fun.

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Utley Field Located.

I've moved the GPS coordinates to the location of this private strip.

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re: NDB HRD 524 to be dcommissioned

Reply to @KPC6NDB: removed -- thanks.

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Great spot!

Landed here for the first time today, despite having flown around Houston for 20 years. Cozy spot. Nice drop-in over the trees onto 17. Will return!

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Smoothest asphalt around!

Landed here tonight just to see what this airport was all about. Name probably comes in part from the golf course just to the north of the field. Smoothest runway ever.

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Listed owner deceased 2000, no sign of aviation activity here in the last 20 years.

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Great airport - Fantastic Service

I had to stay unexpectedly here waiting out thunderstorms

Great people

Very helpful and CHEAP fuel

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Loved this place!

Lover the air strip and the accomodations. Took a photo there that's the home page of my web site, www.humphriesaviation.com

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Sad to see it go!

This was one of the first cross-countries I made after earning my license in 1992. Looks like it closed shortly thereafter. You can read about it here: http://airfields-freeman.com/TX/Airfields_TX_FtWorth_SW.htm#luck

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NDB HRD 524 to be dcommissioned

TEXAS NFDD 025 - 173 02/06/2020




LAT 30-20-10.767 N

LONG 094-15-37.287 W



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Best kept secret

9X1 is the best kept secret! A great place to learn and practice at. Jay Yeagar at Right Stuff Flight School is an amazing instructor. The taxiways are a little beaten up but the runway is decent.

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Nice spot to drop in

Dropped in on a Sunday afternoon and basically had the field to ourselves. Nice FBO, friendly people, took the courtesy car into town for a burger at Willys Burger... a pretty darn good burger and only about a 9 minute drive from the field. Fuel prices were reasonable.

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Name Change

Wrong name, should be : Alderman Farm Airport

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Alpine County NDB Decommissioned

NDB BWR 412 kHz decommissioned May 2018.

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Wonderful country. Airport with cheap fuel and now an AOE.

They roll out the red carpet

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Good airport

Landed here June 2017 and again April 2018... nice facility, clean restrooms and lounge. Drinks in the fridge and Chase is a friendly and professional airport manager. They have a courtesy car and can also arrange rental vehicles... ask Chase about that. Decent fuel prices and nice folks... I'll be back!

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Nice strip, tie downs and great bunkhouse accomodations

Landed here in April 2018 and found the strip in good shape with solid tie downs. No fbo/fuel, etc., but the Park Ranger will come pick you up and take you over to the visitor center and bunkhouse. Just make a low pass near the visitor center about 1/2 mile west of the strip, then land... the will come pick you up in about 15 minutes. They were very nice, helpful and accommodating. The bunkhouse is quite nice... full cooking facilities, comfortable mens and women's bunks, hot showers and restroom, refrigerators and freezers, etc. No restaurants so you have to bring your own food and drinks. They do sell ice, a few snacks and some drinks at the visitor center.

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