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Army National Guard Helicopter LZ

Used for landings in support of frequent Texas ANG helicopter operations at this lake.

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It only took a decade ... but yeah, we're all good here now.

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Signed as closed and for sale. Gliderport field is overgrown and now dotted with bushes. Checked in-person 15 May 2021.

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Repurposing duplicate

Reusing Snyder Airport duplicate to cover nearby hospital heliport.

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Great AIrport

Quick fuel turnaround

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Great Ranch!

Highly recommend, permission required to land but definitely a great place to visit! Go on a safari and shoot a flamethrower!

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(no subject)

Recently paved and painted as of 20 Dec 2020. No perimeter fence, directly adjacent to FM 1470 to the south, private residences to the north.

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well that's a tight fit

Lots of signage warning pedestrians and motorists going into the adjacent parking garage of the "Helicopter Landing Zone". Rotor wash here must be all sorts of fun.

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Utley Field Located.

I've moved the GPS coordinates to the location of this private strip.

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re: NDB HRD 524 to be dcommissioned

Reply to @KPC6NDB: removed -- thanks.

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Great spot!

Landed here for the first time today, despite having flown around Houston for 20 years. Cozy spot. Nice drop-in over the trees onto 17. Will return!

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Smoothest asphalt around!

Landed here tonight just to see what this airport was all about. Name probably comes in part from the golf course just to the north of the field. Smoothest runway ever.

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Listed owner deceased 2000, no sign of aviation activity here in the last 20 years.

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Great airport - Fantastic Service

I had to stay unexpectedly here waiting out thunderstorms

Great people

Very helpful and CHEAP fuel

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Loved this place!

Lover the air strip and the accomodations. Took a photo there that's the home page of my web site, www.humphriesaviation.com

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Sad to see it go!

This was one of the first cross-countries I made after earning my license in 1992. Looks like it closed shortly thereafter. You can read about it here: http://airfields-freeman.com/TX/Airfields_TX_FtWorth_SW.htm#luck

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NDB HRD 524 to be dcommissioned

TEXAS NFDD 025 - 173 02/06/2020




LAT 30-20-10.767 N

LONG 094-15-37.287 W



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Best kept secret

9X1 is the best kept secret! A great place to learn and practice at. Jay Yeagar at Right Stuff Flight School is an amazing instructor. The taxiways are a little beaten up but the runway is decent.

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Nice spot to drop in

Dropped in on a Sunday afternoon and basically had the field to ourselves. Nice FBO, friendly people, took the courtesy car into town for a burger at Willys Burger... a pretty darn good burger and only about a 9 minute drive from the field. Fuel prices were reasonable.

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Name Change

Wrong name, should be : Alderman Farm Airport

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Alpine County NDB Decommissioned

NDB BWR 412 kHz decommissioned May 2018.

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Wonderful country. Airport with cheap fuel and now an AOE.

They roll out the red carpet

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Good airport

Landed here June 2017 and again April 2018... nice facility, clean restrooms and lounge. Drinks in the fridge and Chase is a friendly and professional airport manager. They have a courtesy car and can also arrange rental vehicles... ask Chase about that. Decent fuel prices and nice folks... I'll be back!

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Nice strip, tie downs and great bunkhouse accomodations

Landed here in April 2018 and found the strip in good shape with solid tie downs. No fbo/fuel, etc., but the Park Ranger will come pick you up and take you over to the visitor center and bunkhouse. Just make a low pass near the visitor center about 1/2 mile west of the strip, then land... the will come pick you up in about 15 minutes. They were very nice, helpful and accommodating. The bunkhouse is quite nice... full cooking facilities, comfortable mens and women's bunks, hot showers and restroom, refrigerators and freezers, etc. No restaurants so you have to bring your own food and drinks. They do sell ice, a few snacks and some drinks at the visitor center.

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Business Jet Center

One of my favorite FBOs to stop at.

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(no subject)

Not the smoothest or flattest runway ever.

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Beacon Cafe

A great place to fly- or drive-in for food. Not your typical airport cafe.

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can you fly into this airport

Does the flight from SeaTac airport in Washington State fly directly into Sugar

Land Regional airport using Alaska airlines?

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Why is there no NOTAMs link for F44?

Why is there no NOTAMs link for F44?

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I just purchased an old baron 55 that was owned by them. Anyone have info on this bird?

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Beautiful Airport

I rent the corner hanger space right on the lake. I can watch people fish and they can watch me fly.

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(no subject)


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Spacey and pleasant airport

This is surprisingky the better of the US international airports. Plenty of space nice restaurants, good music.

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Please try to throw luggage a bit more roughly.

Transferring from an international flight to a domestic is refreshingly easy at DFW, but the brutes that take luggage from the SmartCart and "transfer" it to domestic flights appear to take great pleasure in throwing luggage as roughly as possible. Rather than move luggage to the conveyer to transfer to domestic terminals, the guys tossed even the lightest luggage. This is truly unacceptable and requires some oversight (and a few folks seeking jobs).

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(no subject)

Do you all have a rental car company at this airport? Is American Airlines the only one that flies into this airport?

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(no subject)


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Great Airport

New runway great FBO

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Grass Strip

Lincoln, Landon and Logan.

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Gas run

Lincoln, Landon and Logan with Mac.

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Don't ever stop here for fuel

Locked and unable to contact anyone by phone for help

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Wonderful little airport and great repair facility

Jerry Parker is a wonderful person and a great mechanic

Thanks for the emergency help

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Great Aviation Museum

Excellent pilot lounge

Great rental car service

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Runway 09/27

Runway 09/27 has been closed for more than three years and the city as no plans to reopen it. In fact, they will begin to build new hangers and taxiways east of Kilo taxiway sometime in 2017.

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Brooks AFB

Strange that Brooks AFB, just accross the river from this field, is not mentioned on the map ( with a cross ).

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More NDB Errors

MF 388 kHz moved to 330 kHz Oct 2010

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There is was a private NDB here

Used to be NDB SNE 260 kHz here. Now reported to be SD same frequency Aug 2016 (miskeying? I've heard it as well as another in TX).

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BarK, Rusry Alken, Lago Vista

Many of trips ferrying airplanes for repairs at Lakeview Aviation. Good airport for flying around the lake but watch out for those tricky winds and lots of deer around.

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Despite it's beautiful name I always feel like an outsider when I land here.

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This was a really narrow short runway in the old days. Wondered sometimes if we were going to make it over the power lines on those hot summer days

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