Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

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OurAirports members at DFW

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the home base for 37 OurAirports members. It has had 873 visitors.

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I read all the moaning , it's a pity JFK didn't land here instead of "Love Field"

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DFW is terrible, every time I go my bags either get lost or stuck at the airport. My flights always get delayed at least 2 hours 0/10

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Please try to throw luggage a bit more roughly.

Transferring from an international flight to a domestic is refreshingly easy at DFW, but the brutes that take luggage from the SmartCart and "transfer" it to domestic flights appear to take great pleasure in throwing luggage as roughly as possible. Rather than move luggage to the conveyer to transfer to domestic terminals, the guys tossed even the lightest luggage. This is truly unacceptable and requires some oversight (and a few folks seeking jobs).

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Hassle Free

For a large airport, this one is easy to get in and out of and I'm proud to call it my home airport. I've never had any problems at DFW.

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