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Very Disappointing !!

We stopped at this airport for fuel BUT they just received a delivery of fuel and "had to settle" for 1.5 hours before being dispensed.

Unfortunate landing that could have been avoided if the FBO responded to our unicom calls as we approached the airport. There were no responses as we called out our positions. They did not communicate the fuel issue until we taxied to the fuel farm. Pretty sad lack of communication.

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(no subject)

Very nice airport for a quick turn fuel stop

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Yeager Airport

West Virginia International Yeager Airport is a public airport 3 miles east of downtown Charleston, in unincorporated Kanawha County, West Virginia, United States. It is owned by the Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority. The airport hosts McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, home to eight C-130 Hercules aircraft of the West Virginia Air National Guard's 130th Airlift Wing, an Air Mobility Command-gained unit of the West Virginia Air National Guard.

The airport sits on a hilltop over 300 feet above the valleys of the Elk and Kanawha Rivers, and the hill drops off sharply on all sides. Arriving passengers enjoy a view of downtown Charleston or the rolling hills north and east of the field.

Federal Aviation Administration records show 225,150 passenger enplanements in calendar year 2015, a decrease of 6.8% from the 241,566 enplanements in 2014. The Federal Aviation Administration National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2017–2021 categorized it as a non-hub primary commercial service facility.

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Beutiful New Airport BUT

Not maned no office no bathroom beware

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Friendly ATC

As a newish pilot, I always appreciate a non-class B personality in the controllers.

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FBO Services

It was very cold, but FBO crew was helpful in arranging our rental car and hangar storage.

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DJ's 50's and 60's Diner

Exit the back of the FBO and walk down to the road, hang a left and just on the other side of John Deere is a cool little diner called DJ's 50's and 60's Diner. Great diner destination! Very nice flight in, highly recommend!

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Great place for learning to fly

Four airports with 25 miles. Definatly a place for power off landings.

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re: My Hometown Airport

Very interesting post, as I too watched aircraft as a young child right here. It saddened me to see this airport dwindle in the 90's. I now run Appalachian Inspection and Maintenance on this airfield, along side Elkins Aviation (flight school) and Advanced Avionics. This airport is once again coming alive!

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Flew here again a couple weeks ago. Nothing has changed really - great terminal is still deserted. What a waste of $$. Maybe they should have spent some of the cash on signage. Noticed this time - there is not ONE runway or taxi sign on the airport. Even with a map from the AOPA database in Foreflight it was confusing finding runway 5 start. Paint is worn off as well so watch out crossing runways with no signs or markings.

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Good lunch run

Great restaurant. Friendly staff.

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Executive Air

These folks were really great. they made my hotel and car reservations for me. Car was brought up front - ground crew was right there tying plane down and topping off. Nice place andI would definitely come back.

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Worth a trip

really nice terminal. Empty and a shame. Nice folks - very helpful - rental car was there waiting for me - fueled me right up. Interesting mountain departure

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My Hometown Airport

I looked up in the sky from here as a young boy and learned how to identify aircraft using GOC and CAP manuals. American Airlines served here through my childhood and finally Lake Central Airlines who hired me in 1963 for a 35 & 1/2 year ride through USAIRWAYS where I retired in 1999.

I thought when LCA hired me that I would get to work in my hometown, but it was not to be. My career was to start at KPMH and end at KCMH. Most of my time was at KCVG.

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