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re: Education in very important

explain well because I personally didn't understand shit I'm Italian, and your phrases of philosophy have nothing to do with what you show us.

what is it? is it an airport or a university?

and if it is a university what kind of university is it? is it a study academy for those who want to start studying aeronatic sciences? and a pilot school? in short what the heck is it?

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Education in very important

University and essay are closely interconnected in the realm of education. A University is an institution where students engage in learning and receive formal education. An essay, on the other hand, is a written piece of work that allows students to demonstrate their understanding of various subjects, topics, or concepts. Essays are often assigned as tasks by teachers to assess students' knowledge, critical thinking skills, and ability to communicate effectively through written expression.

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An Empty Place.

I went from my home airport of DCA to DAY, it is amazing how it there are direct flights. We were on a CRJ-900 that was 3/4s Full but when we walked to the baggage claim it was long but nobody was there, like nobody. Even the people on our plane, the place was deserted but eventually we got to baggage claim.

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re: Better get it right

Reply to @Randallksparks: It is quite short and narrow. The trees were a bit unnerving but I got it right and stuck it down on my first flight as a PPL.y CFI was great.

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re: Closed

Reply to @ND8D: thanks, I aready made it closed.

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Runway basically destroyed. No aircraft operations in years.

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Homes built along runway, part of the runway surface removed.

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no after hours restrooms

doors lock at 5

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Good gas stop

Must have been an old military base. Massive runway. ForeFlight said fair condition but I would say it was good

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good gas stop

TWO avgas pumps!!

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poor shape

this airport is in poor condition, not sure if its really even open as there were small X's on the runway

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(no subject)

What a fun approach! Met family there and when the attendant saw kids come into the airport, he gave them all rubber band balsa gliders.

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Nice FBO

Nice pilot lounge and common area. Great building. Nice folks who work there and are very helpful.

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re: bad runway

Reply to @flopp: Great catch -- thanks! Fixed.

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Nice airport Great Service

TAS is the FBO

Great facility

Very accommodating with crew car and great repair facility

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Private Security Contractors

Well maintained, private use, very exclusive discreet and secure. Pay to play and invited guests only.

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Great airport

Nice pilot lounge and a good gas stop!

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Nice small airport

Great island with two resturants and bars. Also campground.

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(no subject)

Nice FBO and great folks who are extremely helpful

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First Grass landing

Instructor took me here during training for soft field landings

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Flight Test

Took my flight test here with Dottie on President's Day, 2000.

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Truck Stop!

Great little grass runway airport. Park next to the semi's at the north end of the runway and walkin to the country diner truck stop. Great food!

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Great Airport Destination!

Love the diner, and the museum, and my wife's air medical "CareFlight" base. the place I fly to the most. Love Urbana Grimes!

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Almost gone...

Nothing left but the runway. Pretty sad, grew up about a mile off the end of the runway, used to be very busy with well over a hundred based planes... sigh

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First Time visit

Landed here for first time yesterday. Beautiful little airport, picnic area, I'll be back.

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Where I learned to fly and Jane and Jean Miller owned it. Great little airport!

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Nice country airport!

Landed here for the first time yesterday,

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Great Little Airstrip!

My Home Airport! Love flying here.

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Easy in and out

Great fuel prices although advertised as self service lineboy helped us

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Better get it right

It's kind of short and narrow. The trees on the east end can be a bit unnerving for a low time pilot.

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It's an airpot

Only did a T&G. I'm just adding airports to my list of airports

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is this really an airport

We were flying from Huntington to Indiana last week and stopped at Vinton County for the first time since Manyak took care of the place. I used to fly into this airport a lot and was shocked at what I found. There are people, as far as I can tell, actually living at the airport. There's garbage and dirty clothes everywhere and it looks like a clubhouse or something. Part of the ceiling had collapsed. My wife said it was actually frightening to go into what is left of the terminal. And don't even ask about the smell.

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Pilots 'n Paws

This airport is very PnP friendly and can board animals overnight if necessary. Also give fuel discount on PnP flights.

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Airport is closed. Use KPCW.

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Neat location

One of the nicest all grass facilities I have ever seen. Recently visited for the Waco fly-in.

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Nice airport, got my class III here

John Schoettmer M.D. seems nice enough. He conducted my class III. He's also a retired AF F-16 pilot. Over-achiever if you ask me.

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re: I think the code is wrong. This is KPOV

Reply to @Randallksparks: You are correct. Updated.

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I think the code is wrong. This is KPOV

I landed here last week. It was coded as KPOV.

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Bad runway

The referenced runway 06/24 seems to belong to the 'Semnan New Airport' in Iran, see http://ourairports.com/airports/IR-OI21

The problem is probably the coinciding identifier US-OI21 vs. IR-OI21

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bad runway

The referenced runway 06/24 seems to belong to the 'Gonbad Ghabus Airport' (FAA-Code OI24) in Iran, see http://ourairports.com/airports/IR-OI24

The problem is probably the coinciding identifier OI24 vs. IR-OI24

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The NDB at Hamilton/Hogan field is no longer working. It has been silent for two years.

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Great restaurant!

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Priebe was where I remember flying out of as a kid in the 1980's and early 1990's. Sometime around 2010 the airport was sold to the county sanitation and the landfill is very nearby. However, you can still see remnants of the runway (cut in half with a road dissecting it and in very poor shape) as well as the aircraft tiedowns just west of the former runway. The old prop shop (which operated as an event space prior to being sold) has been torn down, but the hangar that Jim Priebe built in the late 1980's is still in use by the landfill for storing equipment.

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re: Your marker is off.

You should notify the FAA then, because this site has it the same place the FAA puts it - 41.2667N, 80.76645W

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Your marker is off.

It needs to be moved about 2 inches to the right in this image.

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re: Not the most friendly airport ever...

Reply to @lauridsd:


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Good Eats!

Check out the Skyline Family Restaurant! What a great diner destination!!!

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