The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott Field

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The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott Field is the home base for 8 OurAirports members. It has had 46 visitors.

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Education in very important

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re: Education in very important

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what is it? is it an airport or a university?

and if it is a university what kind of university is it? is it a study academy for those who want to start studying aeronatic sciences? and a pilot school? in short what the heck is it?

Picture of lauridsd

My old home base.

I first went up in a single engine 172 here back in 7th grade for career day, flown by none other than Ohio aviation legend Norm Crabtree. I learned to fly many years later at the same airport. OSU (Don Scott to us locals,) has everything you need in an airport: lots of ground and maintenance facilities, a well operated tower, and runways that point in almost any direction you want. There used to be a restaurant on the field, but that has changed hands enough times since I flew out of there that I don't know if it's still around. Lots of flying clubs and private owners are still based here along with some impressive corporate traffic including the WCMH4 helicopter, Wendy's International, Cardinal Health, etc. OSU can be a busy airport at times with all the student traffic, corporate traffic, locals and transients, but it a great learning environment and a great place to call home.

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