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Yes. D. Gould was Don Gould and I recall his Cherokee. Lost track of him in the early 1980s. He learned to fly same time as me. Good to know his airplane is still doin' its thing all these years later. Hope Don is too!

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Maple Airport designator

Yes, the designator was N3G; rather obscure but as I recall it was in the Canada Air Pilot. Used to instruct there in the late 1970s. Wonderful memories of a great airport and a great bunch of guys!

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Maple Airport CA-0010

An old Aircraft Journey Log I have for Piper Cherokee C-FYSZ says that D Gould landed at Maple on April 25, 2001 at 12:14hrs. It must have been on a dirt strip. The airplane seems to have been based there for quite some time. Does anyone remember what the previous ICAO designator for Maple was? It was probably CN... something.

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gone 1989 . bin on it TWICE (there, back)

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maple airport i think i was there twice(leaving/arriving/the

buttonville 4 times ( leaving/arriving/leaving/arriving). toronto centre island billy bishop ( not SEATON HOUSE centre island and not OWEN SOUND billy bishop airport that i know of and billy bishop big flap hero/not hero never . Owen sound billy bishop NEVER . they were hiring 'dispatchers' air traffic controllers porter airlines larry tanenbaum paul 'god' godfrey's (grandfather changed name from greenberg or something) friend. the 'maple syrup'=baloney.

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MAPLE airport.

gone in 87 (wikipedia) .

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oshawa and markham airports.

next. or ALREADY .

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cadillac-fairview (as in EATON centre for example) got it .

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