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FRom an active pilot based at this field

Length 1,950', width 120', elevation 820'. Runway well maintained, very smooth and grass is kept short. Clear approaches on both ends, wires on west end buried. Be aware of the road on west end, it is active and frequented by semis.

Glider club active dawn till dusk weekends during summer months. Usually we are running the running the power circuit opposite to the glider circuit. Procedure call 123.20 to announce arrival and check traffic. website greatlakesgliding dot com

happy to have visitors :-D

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Private Airstrip

This is a private airstrip which belongs to an ex- Air Canada captain, as I was told. Runway about 2000 ft long was in a good shape in October 2010, there were glider trailers and a tug parked on the adjacent taxiway. Approach from the East is "hooked" as the neighbour does not permit to fly over his barn (seen about two thousand feet following the runway heading eastwards). Procedure known to me was to fly a curved final around the barn before aligning with the runway. Electric line at the Western threshold was buried, as far as I can remember. Also, airport call on the radio is "Great Lakes", not "Colgan".

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