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Reply to @AraBoqueron: does the strip have an aerodrome code? Trying to find it in the CFS. Have you used the strip?

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In early November 2023, a north-south landing strip with markers on both sides, was observed south of Herb's Plaza, along Tannery Road.

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Seems closed now though there are still some (shells of?) planes by the parking lot.

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re: Cost of landing

In Canada and the U.S., most small airports don't have landing fees, though it's still a good idea to call and check.

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Cost of landing

Hello to all flyers,

I sort of got fascinated by the idea of private flying when I saw those Cessnas next to Herb's and a friend showed me the mechanic; and I wanted to find out about the history of that airport; would you know the year it was opened?

And a question for CL 1960: how much does it cost to land in the grass in an informal airport such as this one?

Thank you for your time!

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Landing at Herb's

Landing going West on the grass strip.

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re: Neato!

Reply to @david:

I have landed on the grass strip at Herb's on numerous occasions. The grass strip is about 500' long, with the Hwy. 34 overpass as an obstacle to the west.

The paved strip has cars and trailers parked approximately half way down the runway. They are parked there to prevent any mishaps between the incoming car / truck traffic and landing / departing airplanes.

Owners are friendly, good food, friendly staff!

BTW, I fly a Challenger II Ultralight.

Do not attempt unless you're absolutely sure you can safely get in and out of the grass strip.

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re: No good!

Reply to @viennatech: According to this article, it's still operational, and has an informal fly-in every weekend, as well as occasional air-ambulance traffic:

The paved runway is closed, but there's a grass strip operating (I think it may be just to the right in the satellite photo).

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No good!

The aircraft parked here are so overgrown their landing gear is now part of the landscape. It looks like this was once a field with a Cessna population that is long gone. The runway is no longer a runway and is simply a road into the gas station. Too bad, it would have been fun!

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re: Neato!

Reply to @bcrosby: I haven't tried Herb's yet (not sure about permissions and runway length), but it seems that there are now two easy fast-food stops in the area -- this service centre, with its own runway, and Les Cèdres Airport (CSS3 -- "Cedars" to anglophone pilots) a bit to the south, which has a truck stop right across the highway from the airport last I was there.

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Wow.. that's pretty cool. Handy if your airplane uses mogas ;)

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Private airstrip

This is a private, paved airstrip attached to a service centre (rest stop) near Vankleek Hill, Ontario, at the junction of highways 417 and 34. I found out about it reading comments on the web, and verified its location (and some parked planes) using Google satellite view.

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